File Title
1 Groundbreaking New Treatment Developed for Alzheimer's Disease
2 Instant Improvement in Arm Mobility Following Stroke with Spinal Cord Stimulation
3 Cosmic Contortions--Hubble Views Massive Galaxy Cluster Warped by Gargantuan Magnifying Glass
4 How AI Can Help Create and Optimize Drugs to Treat Opioid Addiction
5 Actin: A Protein that Helps Drive Cancer Metastasis
6 Antidote Against Fire Gas Poisoning: Overcomes Simultaneous Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Cyanide Poisoning
7 The Dark Side of Keeping Up with Politics: A Toll on Our Mental Health
8 Oversensitive Sensory Neurons Can Cause Joint Deformities--But It Can Be Treated
9 Wearable Electronics Breakthrough: A Revolutionary Electrochemical Transistor
10 Mystery of Naked Mole-Rats' Exceptional Fertility Unlocked by New Research
11 Teenagers Beware: Poor Sleep Quality May Increase Risk of Multiple Sclerosis
12 A Perfect Little System--Physicists Isolate a Pair of Atoms to Observe P-Wave Interaction Strength for the First Time
13 Born into an Isolating World: Most Babies Born to Mothers with COVID-19 Separated After Birth
14 Researchers Solve 80-Year-Old Vitamin D Medical Mystery that Claimed Infant Lives
15 Exploring the Secrets of the Doomsday Glacier: Underwater Robot Reveals Novel Processes Behind its Rapid Retreat
16 Neuroimaging Study Finds the Brain Works like a Resonance Chamber
17 Nanoparticles Self-Assemble to Create Revolutionary Solar Energy Harvesting Solution
18 Surprising Research Reveals Rampant Violence in Early Farming Societies
19 Underlying Assumptions of Air Quality Need to Be Redefined
20 Earthly Applications of Cosmic Dust: Unveiling the Secrets of Interstellar Dust Grains
21 New Study Links Premature Birth to Worse School Grades
22 Outsmarting COVID-19: Weaponizing the Spike Protein Against Itself to Prevent Infection
23 Combe-Grenal Neanderthal Hunting Strategies Were Unaffected by Climate Change
24 Researchers Reveal How Pancreatic Cancer Defies Treatment
25 Life Mystery Solved: What Determines the Lifespan of a Tree Leaf?
26 Best Medications for Treating Acute Low Back Pain According to Scientific Analysis
27 NASA's Planetary Radar Captures Empire State Building-Sized Asteroid as It Flew Past Earth
28 Superior to Human Skin: Scientists Have Artificial Skin with Incredible Sensing Capabilities
29 Massive Webb Space Telescope Discovery Defies Prior Understanding of the Universe
30 97% of the Age of the Universe--Astronomers Confirm Age of Most Distant Galaxy with Oxygen
31 Just One Degree Can Have a Big Impact on a Species
32 Scientists Warn: Amplifying Feedback Loops Make Climate Action Even More Urgent
33 New Study Reveals Simple Way to Mitigate Screen Time's Negative Effects on Children
34 Dry Scooping: A Risky Dietary Practice Popular Among Boys and Young Men
35 Physicists Solve Quasicrystal Formation Mystery
36 Social Support: The Key to Mitigating Genetic Depression Risk?
37 New Study: Evolution of Uniquely Human DNA Was a Delicate Balancing Act
38 Conquering Space Weather--Study Successfully Overcomes Earth's Gravity to Replicate Planetary Conditions
39 New Investigational Drug Could Combat Brain Tumors
40 Mood Fluctuations: Do They Impact Your Ability to Make Confident Decisions?
41 Deep Earthquakes Reveal Shocking Secrets of the Inner Earth
42 Surprising Study Finds Infants Outperform AI in "Commonsense Psychology"
43 The Sun's Invisible Asteroids: Planetary Defense a Decade After Chelyabinsk
44 Harvard Researchers Discover Five New Deep-Sea Squat Lobster Species--Calling for a Revision of Current Systematics
45 In Massive Galactic Discovery, Webb Spots Super Old Galaxies that Shouldn't Exist--"It's Bananas!"
46 Roscosmos and SpaceX Crew Ships Near Launch as International Space Station Prepares
47 Breakthrough in Recording Brain Waves from Freely Moving Octopuses
48 Interacting Human Protein Map Prioritizes New Targets for Drug Discovery from Shared Basis of Diseases
49 Revolutionizing Mechanobiology: New Electromagnetic Device Sets New Standard for Tissue Testing
50 Closing the Carbon Cycle: Plastic Upcycling Converts Plastic Bags to Fuel
51 The Least Costly Yet: Scientists Unveil a New Carbon Capture System
52 Shocking Research Shows Changes in Children's Face Shapes Linked to Mothers' Alcohol Consumption Before and During Pregnancy
53 Reversed with a Single Drug--"Incurable" Liver Disease May Be Curable
54 Scientists Discover a Startling Potential Link Between Marijuana Legalization and Asthma
55 1000x Faster: World's Fastest Laser Camera Films Combustion in Real Time
56 NASA, SpaceX Crew-6 Flight Crew and Launch Teams Ready for Countdown Dress Rehearsal
57 Russia Launches "Rescue" Soyuz Spacecraft to the Space Station
58 Individuals with Extra X or Y Chromosome at Higher Risk of Life-Threatening Blood Clots
59 Why Do We Remember Emotional Events Better? Columbia Neuroscientists Identify Specific Neural Mechanism Responsible
60 Electronics Breakthrough: Scientists Generate Shortest Electron Burst Yet
61 A Five-Minute Fix for the Hazards of Prolonged Sitting
62 Deadly Waves: Plague Bacteria Was Reintroduced into the Population Again and Again
63 The Power of a Negative Mood: How It Enhances Analytical Thinking
64 Uncovering the Past: The Most Detailed Look Yet at Earth's Climatic History
65 Several Oceanic Bottom Circulation Collapses Discovered by Chinese Scientists
66 500,000 People Miss Out on Life-Saving Drugs, Sparking a Potential Surge of Heart Attacks and Strokes
67 Unexpected: Scientists Discover Secreted Protein Enhances Muscle Growth and Strength
68 Researchers Measure Size-Luminosity Relation of Galaxies Less than a Billion Years After Big Bang
69 Building a Better Opioid: Scientists Take Another Step Forward
70 New Study Confirms that Using the Internet Can Help You Lose Weight
71 An Unexpected Murderer--"Friend or Foe" Bacteria Kill Their Algal Hosts When Coexisting Is No Longer Beneficial
72 One of the Oldest Ever Found: New Ancient "Marine Crocodile" Discovered
73 Scientists Warn: Too Little Sodium Can Be Deadly to Heart Failure Patients
74 Revolutionizing Agriculture: The Next Frontier of Farming on the Moon
75 Limitless Possibilities--AI Technology Generates Original Proteins from Scratch
76 NASA's Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array Reveals Hidden Light Shows on the Sun
77 Earth's Structure Has a Fifth Layer: Bouncing Seismic Waves Reveal Secrets of the Planet's Inner Core
78 New Hope for Treatment of Rare Metabolic Brain Disease
79 The "Wrong Kind of Fire" Is Burning--Unprecedented Levels of High-Severity Fire Burn in Sierra Nevada
80 Unleashing the Power of Clay: Is It Key to Capturing Carbon Dioxide from the Air?
81 Breaking the Shackles of Anxiety and Depression: How Psychedelic Experiences May Improve Mental Health
82 Long-Puzzling Biologists: Cornell Study Reveals How Cells Prevent Harmful Extra DNA Copies
83 Putting Carbon Dioxide to Good--Scientists Use Electrochemistry to Convert Carbon to Useful Molecules
84 JPL and the Space Age: To the Rescue (NASA Documentary)
85 NASA's SpaceX Crew-6 "Go" for Launch
86 Russian Replacement Soyuz Spacecraft Docks to the Space Station
87 COVID-19 Vaccination Linked to Fewer Heart Attacks, Strokes, and Other Cardiovascular Issues
88 Revolutionizing the British Diet: Beans in Toast
89 Icefin Underwater Robot Provides Close-Up View of Melting Beneath "Doomsday Glacier"
90 Scientists Prove Validity of Key Physics Theorem in the Quantum World
91 Want to Live Longer? Getting Good Sleep Could Add Years to Your Life
92 New Surprising Benefits of Coffee: Reducing Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Severity for Type 2 Diabetics
93 Magnetic Mishaps: Disturbances in the Earth's Magnetic Field Could Lead Migrating Birds Astray
94 NASA's SpaceX Crew-6 Mission to the International Space Station (Official Trailer)
95 Bizarre Geologic Activity on Venus: "Squishy" Outer Shell May Be Resurfacing the Planet
96 How Your Facebook Friendships Could Impact Your Risk of Premature Death
97 A Hidden Hazard: Antibiotic Residues in Water Pose a Threat to Human Health
98 Astral Alchemy: Researchers Synthesize Mysterious Exotic Baryon
99 New Study Suggests Mayas Utilized Contemporary Market-Based Economics
100 Adding Just a Small Handful of Walnuts to Diet Can Have Important Benefits
101 Successful New First in Chronic Heart Failure Treatment Using Cell Therapy
102 Machine Learning Unveils Promising Smoking Cessation Medications
103 Astronomers Discover Rapidly Growing Black Hole in Extreme Galaxy in the Very Early Universe
104 A New Connection: Gut Bacteria May Play a Role in Diabetes
105 Breakthrough in Understanding Quark-Gluon Plasma, the Primordial Form of Matter in the Early Universe
106 Galactic Seascape: Hubble Captures Jellyfish Galaxy with Trailing Tentacles of Stars
107 MIT Breakthrough: How to Efficiently Remove Carbon Dioxide from the Ocean
108 Mature "Lab Grown" Neurons Hold Promise for Neurodegenerative Diseases like Alzheimer's
109 Stunning Aurora Over Wales as Coronal Mass Ejection Arrives at Earth
110 NASA Selects Director of Heliophysics Division as New Head of Science
111 New Type of Symbiotic Relationship Discovered Between Algae and Fungi
112 Giant Jurassic-Era Insect Discovered at Arkansas Walmart Sets Historic Record
113 Groundbreaking Biomaterial Heals Tissues from the Inside Out
114 Unlocking the Evolutionary Mystery: Scientists Unveil the Secret to Diverse Animal Life Cycles
115 Researchers Warn: Popular Sugar-Free Sweetener Linked to Higher Rates of Heart Attack and Stroke
116 Astronomers Show There Are Four Classes of Planetary Systems
117 Alarming Findings: Most U.S. Children Use Potentially Toxic Cosmetic and Body Products
118 New Harmful Effects of Vaping: Study Finds Lung Inflammation Worse in E-Cigarette Users than Smokers