File Title
1 Reconfigurable Antenna Merges Mechanical Engineering and Electromagnetics for Next-Generation Technology
2 Far-Reaching Implications: Scientists Shed Light on the "Original Antigenic Sin"
3 Scientists Identify the Origins of Sulfuric Acid Responsible for Creating Stunning and Distinctive Cave Systems
4 Sudden Spin-Down Event Illuminates Magnetar Mystery
5 Hubble Space Telescope Directly Measures the Mass of the Surviving Core of a Burned-Out Sunlike Star
6 Dangerously Powerful Laser Experiment Sets Record in University Hallway
7 Feeling Optimistic or Happy as a Teen May Lead to Better Health in Adulthood
8 Quantum Breakthrough: A New Method for On-Chip Generation of Single Photon
9 New Models Help Unveil the Mystery of Life's Origins on Earth
10 The Surprising Link Between Sexual Orientation and Stroke Risk
11 Unlocking the Mystery of Super-Earths: Caltech Scientists Unveil a New Unified Theory
12 Wood-Wide Web: Do Forest Trees Really "Talk" Through Underground Fungi?
13 Researchers Have Identified the Cause of Alarmingly Common Penis Birth-Defect
14 A Special Diet--Combined with Medicine--May Significantly Reduce Seizures
15 Juice's Odyssey of Exploration: To Uncover the Hidden Secrets of Mysterious Worlds
16 NASA Prepares for Future Artemis Missions Using Data from the First SLS Flight
17 Planetary Defense: Asteroid Racing Toward Earth Discovered Just Hours Before Impact
18 Researchers Identify a New Hallmark of Aging
19 Saving Lives: Novel Microneedle Bandage Can Immediately Stop Bleeding Following an Injury
20 Golden Boy--Researchers Digitally Unwrap 2,300-Year-Old Undisturbed Mummy
21 Secret to Maximum Fat Burn: How Time of Day May Impact Exercise Results
22 Scientists Warn of Irreversible Loss of the West Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheets and Rapid Acceleration of Sea Level Rise
23 Researchers in China Use Radiomics to Predict Heart Attacks
24 A Unique New Method to Study Specific Changes in DNA After Replication
25 Hubble Spots Enigmatic "Spokes" in Saturn's Rings
26 Scientists Discover Common Brain Network for Psychiatric Illnesses
27 Scientists Discover Vast Diversity of Organic Compounds in Martian Meteorite
28 New Blood Test Detects Alzheimer's Disease 3.5 Years Before Clinical Diagnosis
29 New Brain Map Reveals Secrets of Camouflage
30 New Study Uncovers a Surprising Health Benefit of Education: It Protects Your Gut
31 Scientists Discover Enzyme that Can Turn Poison into Food
32 Amateur Astronomers Help Identify a Staggering 240,000 Galaxies
33 Neoadjuvant Nivolumab Shows Long-Term Benefit in Lung Cancer Patients
34 Why Do Obese People Have a Higher Risk of Diabetes? New Study Provides Clues
35 Experts Warn that Public Awareness of "Nuclear Winter" Too Low Given Current Risks
36 NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover Shows Off Collection of Martian Samples in Stunning Panorama
37 Cedars-Sinai Confirms Pancreatic Cancer Rates Rising Faster in Women than Men
38 A Drug that Cures Autism? Neuroscience Study Yields Promising Results
39 Scientists Solve 200-Year-Old Biodiversity Mystery Through Analysis of Over 400,000 Fossils
40 Global Temperature Conundrum: Was the Earth Cooling Down or Heating Up Before Global Warming?
41 Just an Ordinary Material? The Last Mysteries of Mica
42 A Cosmic Feast: Supermassive Black Holes Devour Intergalactic Gas
43 Increasing Lifespan by 10%: Scientists Identify a New Promising Anti-Aging Drug
44 MIT Physicists Discover Way to Switch Superconductivity On and Off in "Magic-Angle" Graphene
45 Genetic Contamination: Domesticated Chicken DNA Is Tainting Genomes of Wild Red Junglefowl
46 Unraveling the Origins of the Building Blocks of Life: The Role of Interstellar Clouds
47 Cosmological Coupling--New Evidence Points to Black Holes as Source of Dark Energy
48 Researchers Reveal New Genetic Risk Factors for Blindness
49 Experts on the Future of Planetary Defense 10 Years After the Chelyabinsk Asteroid Impact's 440 Kiloton Explosion
50 Good News: Significant Reductions in Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Still Possible
51 Doomsday Glacier Is "In Trouble"--Surprising Results from Underwater Robot Close-Up View of Melting
52 Scientists Prove that There Is No "Second Law of Entanglement"
53 Roscosmos Mission Control Evaluating New Spacecraft Coolant Leak--Launch Date of Replacement Spacecraft Under Review
54 Preventing Dementia and Cognitive Impairment: The Powerful Benefits of More Steps and Moderate Exercise
55 Unnecessary Disaster: Thousands of People Needlessly Contracted Malaria Due to Policy Failure
56 Astrophysicists Discover a Mysterious Perfect Explosion in Space--"It Makes No Sense"
57 Accelerating Prime Editing: Machine Learning Helps Design the Best Fix for a Given Genetic Flaw
58 A New, Ecofriendly Way to Convert Blue Light to High-Energy Ultraviolet B Light
59 Remarkable Similarities--New Analysis Reveals Links Between Galaxies Near and Far
60 Youth Suicide Rates Surged During COVID-19 Pandemic--Especially Among Certain Subgroups
61 Why Do Some People Get ADHD? Researchers Link 27 Genetic Variants
62 A Growing Threat: New Insight into Deadly Fungal Invasion of the Lungs
63 Augmented Reality GPS Navigation in a Smart Contact Lens--Made with 3D Printer!
64 Startling Discovery: Worst Impacts of Sea Level Rise Will Hit Earlier than Expected
65 The Future of Error Correction: Taking Advantage of Quantum Scrambling
66 Researchers Discover How Cannabidiol (CBD) Counters Epileptic Seizures
67 Progress Underway on NASA Space Launch System (SLS) Moon Rockets for Artemis II, III, and IV
68 Best-Personalized Treatment: AI Can Predict the Effectiveness of Breast Cancer Chemotherapy
69 NASA's CAPSTONE Spacecraft to Test Technologies After Recovery from Communications Issue
70 Astronomers Astounded by Intricate Networks of Gas and Dust in Nearby Galaxies Revealed by NASA's Webb Space Telescope
71 Unlocking the Mystery of Asthma: Study Identifies a Long-Term Treatment Target
72 Surprising Findings: Our Memory for Objects Might Be Better than We Think
73 We Asked a NASA Scientist: Are There Rivers and Lakes on Other Worlds?
74 Game-Changer Male Contraceptive--Experimental Drug Stops Sperm in Their Tracks and Prevents Pregnancies
75 Dark Energy Experiment Reveals Galaxy Gold Mine in First Large Survey
76 Scientists Warn: Action Required on Many Dangerous Climate Feedback Loops
77 Incredible Image of NASA Astronaut Nicole Mann Refracted Through a Sphere of Water Flying Weightlessly in Microgravity
78 Startling News: Common Levels of Traffic Pollution Found to Rapidly Impair Brain Function
79 New Way for Extracting Thermal Energy from Low-Temperature Waste Heat Sources
80 Extracts from Two Common Wild Plants Block COVID-19 Virus from Entering Human Cells
81 125 Million-Year-Old Spinosaur Brains Revealed Through CT Scanning
82 Researchers Unlock the Evolutionary Secrets of a Cancer-Fighting Chinese Medical Herb
83 Cocaine Addiction Makes the Brain Age Faster--Could Be Caused by Inflammation or Cell Death
84 Groundbreaking Discovery: A Better Understanding of Cancer and Heart Disease
85 JPL and the Space Age: The Footsteps of Voyager (NASA Documentary)
86 Climate Trauma--New Study Demonstrates that It Has Real Impacts on Cognition and the Brain
87 Unintended Consequences: Medical Interventions Can Awaken Dormant, Hidden Bacteria
88 The Digital Divide--Why Technology Alone Can't Solve It
89 Transforming Industries--Light-Based Tech Could Inspire Moon Navigation and Next-Gen. Farming
90 Researchers Solve the Ancient "Water" Mystery of the First Large City in Southern Africa
91 Shocking Findings--Painstaking Study of 50-Plus Years of Seafloor Sediment Cores Has Surprise Payoff
92 Reversing the Clock--How Exercise Can Mimic the Effects of Youthful Cells
93 A Flip of a Genetic Switch: Stopping a Rare Childhood Cancer in Its Tracks
94 How Was the Solar System Formed? An Ancient Asteroid Is Helping Us Learn
95 A Universal Vaccine? New Computer Model of Flu Virus Shows Promise
96 Moon Mountain Named in Honor of NASA Mathematician and Computer Programmer
97 Scientists Discover a Simple Way to Reduce Feelings of Guilt
98 Study of Ancient Proteins Clarifies Mystery of Crocodiles' Unique Hemoglobin
99 A Lifeline for Corals: How Better Access to Sunlight Can Save the Reefs
100 Serial Dependence Bias: Guessing Coins' Value Quickly Demonstrates Cognitive Bias Mechanism
101 Scientists Warn that Fructose Could Drive Alzheimer's Disease
102 Cambridge Research Shows Potential for 80% Reduction in Carbon Emissions from Fertilizers by 2050
103 Closest Known Black Hole to Earth Identified Using ESA's Gaia Astrometry Mission
104 Quantum Physicists Make Nanoscopic Breakthrough of Colossal Significance
105 Unusually Low Ice Levels on Great Lakes Breaks Record
106 A New, Stronger and Recyclable Plastic
107 NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover Enters Third Year in Search for Signs of Life at Jezero Crater
108 New Drug Combination May Effectively Treat Deadly Childhood Brain Cancer
109 The Dark Side of Product Attachment: How Our Love for Possessions Impacts Sustainability
110 How Evolution Works--Scientists Develop a Novel Metric of Molecular Evolution
111 Unlocking Effective Weight Loss: Investigating the Impact of "Hyper-Palatable" Foods Across Four Diets
112 How Does Vitamin D Impact a Child's Development?
113 Surpassing All Existing Designs--Researchers Develop High-Voltage Microbattery with Exceptional Energy and Power Density
114 Plague Trackers: Uncovering the Elusive Origins of the Black Death
115 Hypermetabolism: An Unexpected Driver of Biological Aging
116 What Physicists Can Learn from the Unique Spiral Shape of Shark Intestines
117 The Sparkler--Astronomers Discover Distant Galaxy that Mirrors the Early Milky Way
118 A New Potential Approach to Treating Lupus
119 Playing the Reproduction Lottery: How Squirrels Gamble for a Better Future
120 How COVID-19 Can Impact the Heart: Inflammation, Oxidative Stress and Calcium Changes