File Title
1 Physics-guided machine-learning models will improve subsurface imaging
2 Microscopy images could lead to new ways to control excitons for quantum computing
3 Vermont's pioneering food waste laws are popular, but vexing issues remain
4 Here's Why Big Pharma Spends More on Ads Pushing Lower Benefit Drugs, Study Suggests
5 New insecticidal compounds remain effective against target species while reducing bee toxicity
6 Scientists call for use of practical wisdom in climate change actions
7 Author asserts bilingualism no burden to resolving stuttering
8 Study shows tropical reefs grow faster in cooler waters
9 Mathematician develops equations that seek to bridge the micro and macro realms
10 China's demand for Africa's donkeys is rising--why it's time to control the trade
11 A seismologist explains what has happened
12 Research shows surfers play a critical safety role at unpatrolled beaches
13 Chickadees, titmice and nuthatches flocking together benefit from a diversity bonus--so do humans
14 Mexico made criminal justice reforms in 2008--but they haven't done much to reduce crime
15 A bush food with business potential
16 Loopholes wide enough to 'drive a diesel truck through'--how to tell if a business is really net zero
17 New horizons for organoboron and organosilicon chemistry with triple elementalization
18 Forest management will have a stronger effect than climate change on the supply of ecosystem services, says study
19 Antarctica's ocean brightens clouds
20 A Psychologist Suggests 3 Ways to Cope with Mood Swings
21 WEAVE spectrograph begins study of galaxy formation and evolution
22 A Seismologist Explains What Has Happened
23 Peptide 3D-printing inks could advance regenerative medicine
24 Using environmental DNA for to survey the populations of endangered species
25 Position paper on ChatGPT outlines opportunities for schools and universities
26 Being a social broker at work leads to burnout and abuse, research finds
27 Biosensor could lead to new drugs, sensory organs on a chip
28 Deep learning for quantum sensing
29 How urban gardens are good for ecosystems and humans
30 Study finds public opinion on ivory in China shifts over two decades
31 Loss of tropical biomass due to climate change could lead to increased carbon emissions
32 PREX, CREX, and nuclear models: The plot thickens
33 Distortion-free structured light
34 How to reverse unknown quantum processes
35 Insights into the mechanism of diurnal variations in methane emission from the stem surfaces of Alnus japonica
36 All who can should pay, even for their basic greenhouse gas emissions, says political scientist
37 Understanding the mechanisms of underwater turning maneuvers in penguins
38 pH-activated nanocytokines based on IL-12 safely overcome cancer resistance to immunotherapy
39 Surprises in sea turtle genes could help them adapt to a rapidly changing world
40 We found the WA radioactive capsule. But in 1980, 2,200 kilograms of uranium oxide was stolen by a mine worker
41 More support needed for assistance animals, says researcher
42 Citizen scientists make 'surprising' coral find
43 QAnon is spreading outside the US. A conspiracy theory expert explains what that could mean
44 Codebreakers crack secrets of Mary Queen of Scots' lost letters
45 Peru reports hundreds of sea lion deaths due to bird flu
46 New study on Neanderthal diet shows they were more than just 'primitive cave dwellers'
47 New areas under threat as Chile fires rage and mercury rises
48 Prostate cancer: Scientists create 'impressive' new blood test that is 94% accurate
49 How did ancient extreme climate affect sand in the deep sea?
50 Saving whales can help reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change, shows study
51 Biosensors change the way water contamination is detected
52 In Spain, storks' trash diet driven by climate change
53 Some 'friendly' bacteria backstab their algal pals. Now we know why
54 This loofah-inspired, sun-driven gel could purify all the water you'll need in a day
55 Keeping SARS-CoV-2 closed for business with small molecules
56 The secret to seeking feedback for subscription boxes
57 Geometric model yields insights into the dynamics of evolutionary conflict
58 Diversity in bird traits has remained relatively stable over the past million years
59 Rustrela virus, a relative of rubella, identified as cause of dangerous feline disease
60 Researchers inspect a nearby pulsar wind nebula
61 Applications for a newly developed risk and resilience tool
62 Termite activity promotes phosphorous availability in rubber plantations
63 Quantum data conversion offers a path to scale up quantum technology architectures
64 New evolutionary insights from stepping outside the lab
65 Study reveals extent of pandemic-related hardship among Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders
66 Recognizing the ocean as a living being is increasingly important for global sustainability, claim researchers
67 Killer whale mothers 'pay high price' for raising sons, say researchers
68 Reducing pesticide pollution and harvesting intensity can increase crop yield and help in climate change mitigation
69 Spanish lagoon proposed as Mars 'astrobiological time-analog'
70 Sheep who experience the same shared stress event tend to bond over it
71 How people resolve dilemmas in online content moderation
72 The surprising benefits of group exercise for anxious dogs
73 How to Know if You Are 'Settling for Less' in Your Relationship
74 Uganda wildlife numbers soar due to enhanced protection
75 Decoding the special role of a biogenesis factor in the maturation of precursor ribosomes
76 How Black communities cope with trauma triggered by police brutality
77 Astonished Scientists Just Discovered Another New 'Ring World' in Our Solar System
78 Toward practical quantum optics: Multiphoton qubits from LNOI
79 Drought is mainly to blame
80 Experiment reveals why pundits can be unreliable
81 Rudeness between colleagues can lead to workplace bullying
82 A new measure of roughness could advance earthquake geophysics
83 Swiss native fish in troubled waters
84 Australian study reveals truth behind Indigenous female deaths in custody
85 Investors also suffer in unregulated competition for freely available resources, study finds
86 The world's largest radio telescope just scanned 33 exoplanets for a signal from aliens
87 Team incentives keep workers from leaving gig jobs, finds research
88 Researchers reveal how bacterial electrochemical energy powers antibiotic tolerance
89 'Plitschplatsch' is more credible than simply wet: Researching iconic German words
90 New discovery dramatically reduces time it takes to build molecules
91 Relationships matter more than emotion when it comes to 'likes' on Instagram
92 Roads, pet dogs and more may pose hidden threat to Africa's primates
93 Study finds support for second look sentencing
94 Salmonflies may adapt to warming mountain streams
95 Bright red pigment in red velvet mites protects them against harmful effects of UV radiation and heat
96 Social media and the protection of refugees
97 First nursery of multiple shark species in the Eastern Atlantic described in Cape Verde
98 Footprints of 'galactic immigration' uncovered in Andromeda galaxy
99 The environmental benefits of a food-sharing economy are highly dependent on how the money saved is then used
100 The plateauing of cognitive ability among top earners
101 Online social work degree programs address diversity needs
102 Licorice leaf extract is a promising plant protectant for conventional and organic agriculture
103 Researchers decode 95.6% of the genome of Nicotiana benthamiana
104 A chemoproteomic platform monitors Fe-S cluster occupancy across the E. coli proteome
105 Past records help to predict different effects of future climate change on land and sea
106 Pharmacy researchers develop nanoparticle-based treatment for glioblastoma
107 Trained dogs can sniff out a deadly deer disease
108 Why 2023 Is A Big Year for the Only Naked Eye Comet that Can Appear Twice in One Human Lifetime
109 New method helps scientists better predict when volcanos will erupt
110 Tracking ocean microplastics from space
111 This exoplanet orbits around its star's poles
112 Food Blogger Heavily Fined for Eating Great White Shark
113 Wildlife recording is good for people, as well as for science
114 The ants go marching...methodically
115 Orca: Killer whale mothers 'pay high price' for raising sons, say researchers
116 Foot-and-mouth variant hits Iraq buffaloes, threatening livelihoods
117 Owl who escaped from zoo is NYC's latest avian celebrity
118 Moondust Could Help Cool Earth's Climate, Say Researchers
119 Study IDs bacterial weapons that could be harnessed to treat human disease
120 Aggregated gold nanoparticle conjugates for multimodal imaging and synergistic phototherapy
121 The coastal cod population is not extinct in Sweden, say researchers
122 Wing prices down heading into Super Bowl
123 Researchers construct uneven phosphoric acid interfaces for advanced high-temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cells