File Title
1 20,000 premature US deaths caused by human-ignited fires
2 Is It Ethical to Hunt Captive Lions? / Science
3 Enceladus is blanketed in a thick layer of snow
4 How We Came to Know and Fear the Doomsday Glacier / Science
5 Sea life offers a lens for self-exploration in 'How Far the Light Reaches'
6 Next-generation, light-activated nanotech for antibiotic-resistant superbugs
7 MesoAmericans Have Been Using a 260-Day Ceremonial Calendar for Millennia / Science
8 HDL 'good' cholesterol isn't always good for heart health
9 Reconciling coastal protection and water management
10 First Confirmed 'Night Shark' in Puerto Rico Spotted
11 'Lost world' of Indian Ocean giant tortoises unveiled in new ancient DNA study
12 Cyclones in the Arctic are becoming more intense and frequent
13 Inclusive gender signs connected to positive attitudes toward trans, nonbinary people
14 Most Coral Reef Sharks and Rays May Be at Risk of Extinction
15 Can Scientists Save the World's Tiniest Rabbit? / Science
16 Habitual procrastination could be sign of serious health problems, study warns
17 A powerful laser can redirect lightning strikes
18 Eating one wild fish same as month of drinking tainted water: study
19 China's Population Falls for First Time in 60 Years--Here's Why
20 How the Brain Calculates a Quick Escape / Science
21 Lethal radiation from space played role in Earth's biggest mass extinction, study finds
22 The James Webb telescope found 'Green Pea' galaxies in the early universe
23 New species of lizard discovered in Peru national park
24 Research Suggests Plant-Based Diets Can Help Us Win the Battle Against Substance Dependence
25 Busted and Broken Fossils Show How Dinosaurs Fought / Science
26 Rare earth mining may be key to our renewable energy future. But at what cost?
27 Biodiversity safeguards bird communities under changing climate, shows study
28 New Study Confirms A World-First International Migration of Reef Manta Rays
29 The Science Behind the Oldest Trees on Earth / Science
30 Scientists use laser beam to guide lightning strike in a first
31 These chemists cracked the code to long-lasting Roman concrete
32 Scientists develop a water remediation method using nanoparticles
33 The Sun Is Suddenly Spitting 'X-Class' Flares at Us. Why It's Happening and What It Means
34 Fossil analysis reveals oldest known example of sexual combat weapon
35 Methylated gases could be an unambiguous indicator of alien life
36 Astronomers reveal the most detailed radio image yet of the Milky Way's galactic plane
37 SALT discovers new hot white dwarf and pre-white dwarf stars
38 A Psychologist Suggests 3 Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder
39 Pandemic languishing is a thing. But is it a privilege?
40 Researchers gain deeper understanding of mechanism behind superconductors
41 'The Last of Us' Zombie Infection Is Real--Here's What Scientists Say About the Threat to Humans
42 Scientists inch closer to learning the mystery of Namibia's 'fairy circles'
43 50 years ago, scientists sequenced a gene for the first time
44 Kenya's Rift Valley lakes are rising, putting thousands at risk. We now know why
45 3 Ways to Tell if You Have Unrealistic Ideas About Love and Romance
46 Complex supply chains may have appeared more than 3,000 years ago
47 Underwater noise is a threat to marine life
48 No Evidence of Surface Microfossils on Mars, Says NASA Planetary Scientist
49 Readers discuss swimming sperm, a fishing fox and more
50 The problem of seeing war as a game
51 7 Things You Need to Know About the Moon in 2023
52 Here's how to make a fiber-optic cable out of air using a laser
53 Climate change likely to uproot more Amazon trees
54 Tonga Marks the First Anniversary of the Devastating Hunga Eruption and Tsunami
55 Seeking the elements that make modern life possible
56 Study shows clever birds need caring parents
57 New tropical kelp forest discovered in the Galapagos Islands
58 The Top 10 Most Exciting Space Missions to Watch in 2023, Ranked
59 Joint effort discloses deep divergence of a mysterious porpoise
60 The 'Truth' About Driving with Hazard Lights Flashing During Bad Weather
61 Single-cell transcriptomics of peripheral blood in the aging mouse
62 Where to Get Naked with the Northern Lights
63 Biomolecular analyses now have an expanded chemical toolkit
64 Measuring the enduring grip strength of the brown-throated sloth
65 Novel colorimetric multi-channel sensor using a cell phone
66 Increased atmospheric dust is masking greenhouse gases' warming effect, finds study
67 Modified CRISPR-based enzymes improve the prospect of inserting entire genes into the genome
68 Flexible, wearable electronics woven into gear can reduce firefighters' rate of injury and mortality
69 New study presents novel behavioral barrier-based framework for sustainable plastic management
70 Humans plunder the periodic table while turning blind eye to the risks of doing so, say researchers
71 Researchers create new system for safer gene-drive testing and development
72 Circadian clock controls sunflower blooms, optimizing for pollinators
73 RNA lipid nanoparticle engineering stops liver fibrosis in its tracks, reverses damage
74 Standard reference cantilevers for atomic force microscopy spring constant calibration
75 Study finds that UV-emitting nail polish dryers damage DNA and cause mutations in cells
76 Milk consumption increased ancient human body size, finds study
77 Our future climate depends partly on soil microbes--but how are they affected by climate change?
78 Scientists offer a new explanation for a mystery surrounding Jupiter's two massive asteroid swarms
79 New method for designing tiny 3D materials could make fuel cells more efficient
80 Lab develops new method for on-chip generation of single photon
81 The mechanism of cosmic magnetic fields explored in the laboratory
82 Moving species emerges as last resort as climate warms
83 Micro-sized polyethylene particles show adverse effects in cell lines
84 Current insecticide safety tests inadequate, research suggests
85 Making fewer babies: the demographic decline
86 A hybrid fission/fusion reactor could be the best way to get through the ice on Europa
87 Bronze Age eating, social habits in the Balearic Islands documented in study
88 Astronomers Use Ripple in Space-Time to Capture Most Distant Signal Ever from A Galaxy
89 Six minutes of daily exercise can boost brain health, delay Alzheimer's, dementia and Parkinson's, study says
90 Forest landslides' frequency, size influenced more by road building, logging than heavy rain
91 Arctic mining town's move divides residents
92 Do we have China's full COVID data? The WHO is pushing for more
93 Wearable, printable, shapeable sensors detect pathogens and toxins in the environment
94 Study reveals the key reason why fake news spreads on social media
95 A plethora of plant molecules provides a ple "flora" of data
96 These microbes are the first known to be able to eat only viruses
97 How Space Radiation Threatens Lunar Exploration / Science
98 Negative marital communications leave literal, figurative wounds
99 Want a 'Shrinky Dinks' approach to nano-sized devices? Try hydrogels
100 A molecular zoo of epigenetics
101 New modeling shows how interrupted flows in Australia's Murray River endanger frogs
102 New electromagnetic device could catapult mechanobiology research advances into the clinical arena
103 London museum withdraws 'Irish Giant' from display
104 Deforestation imperils famed DR Congo reserve as refugees flood in
105 A Psychologist Offers 3 Tips to Tackle Decision Paralysis
106 Emergent behavior observed in self-interacting light
107 Study finds flower patterns make bumblebees more efficient
108 A new approach to sharing the burden of carbon dioxide removal
109 A novel method of storing data using the dielectric constant rather than electrical resistivity
110 Scientists grow 'perfect' atom-thin materials on industrial silicon wafers
111 Moderna May Raise COVID-19 Vaccine Price Up to $130, Bernie Sanders Calls It 'Outrageous'