File Title
1 Mercedes is the first certified Level-3-autonomy car company in the US
2 Seagate's top HDDs are all getting a storage boost
3 Apple is reportedly working on a way to make AR apps that's as simple as talking to Siri
4 Users will be able to create VR/AR apps with Apple's upcoming headset
5 Here's why Elon Musk changed his name to Mr. Tweet
6 Apple's Emergency SOS via Satellite saves two Canadians stuck in the snow
7 Google AI can create music in any genre from a text description
8 DCPCR to Launch WhatsApp Chatbot for Public Interaction, Complaints Registration
9 Amazon Fresh is more than quadrupling how much you'll need to pay to get free grocery delivery
10 Realme teases the launch of Coca-Cola branded smartphone in India
11 Researchers created a sticky drone to collect environmental DNA from forest canopies
12 Germany sues Twitter for not removing antisemitic posts
13 Microsoft's internal concept Edge browser looks a lot like Firefox
14 OLED tablets are becoming more popular and their market share will grow in the future
15 Elon Musk Considers Raising $3 Billion to Pay Off Part of Twitter Debt: Report
16 iPadOS 16.3 is here: new features, supported iPads, everything we know
17 FBI takes down Hive ransomware network
18 The iPhone 15 Ultra, a VR headset and nothing more: Apple in 2023
19 Rapid EV Adoption in India Fanning Expectations that Fuel Demand Could Peak Early
20 Twitter has new rules for banning users and accounts: All the details
21 Twitter vows to take 'less severe actions' against rule-breaking accounts
22 India smartphone market declines, premium segment continues to rise in 2022
23 Twitter removes 'Direct Message' button on Android, iPhones
24 Twitter to Let Users Appeal Account Suspension Starting February 1
25 US Panel to Vote on TikTok Ban Over National Security Concerns in February
26 Amazon Increases Minimum Purchase Amount on Amazon Fresh for Prime Members
27 ChatGPT Usage Banned in French University Over Concerns About Fraud, Plagiarism
28 US may go the 'India way' on TikTok
29 Google May Soon Allow Android Users to Transfer eSIM Profile Easily, Convert Physical SIM to eSIM
30 Amazon Fresh will soon require a minimum order of over $150 for free delivery
31 Google layoffs: Employee fired who returned from leave, HR sacked while interviewing a candidate for job
32 9 tips to improve Android smartphone's battery life
33 Why Apple's overall Privacy focus in iOS 16.3 and macOS 13.2 is a big deal
34 Like users, app developers are fleeing Twitter for Mastodon
35 Google and Amazon's smart speakers shopping experience is still horrid
36 Mac mini review (M2 Pro, 2023): Just call it a Mac mini Pro
37 Google Criticised for Data Handling Practices by German Antitrust Watchdog
38 I tried this air fryer bread pudding recipe from TikTok, and you can't go wrong
39 Google's new AI turns text into music
40 Ford recalls 462,000 SUVs over rearview camera issue
41 iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max Rumoured to Get a Price Hike this Year: Report
42 iPhone 16 Pro May Get Under-Display Face ID, All iPhone 15 Models May Get Dynamic Island: Report
43 Guess what one item people would take out of a home being destroyed
44 Apple could limit WiFi 6E availability to iPhone 15 Pro models
45 Are ad-supported streaming services worth it?
46 Japan and the Netherlands join US with tough chip controls on China
47 Britain bids farewell to the fax machine as Ofcom rings death knell for 80s office staple / History / News
48 MG Motor Says EVs Will Make Up Quarter of Sales in 2023, Evaluating Launch of MG4 Hatchback eHS Hybrid SUV
49 Federal prosecutors ask court to bar Sam Bankman-Fried from using Signal
50 Meta to Block Ads Targeted at Teenagers Based on Gender from February
51 Facebook drains users' cellphone batteries intentionally says ex-employee
52 Apple Planning to Start Using in-House Displays for Some Apple Watch Models from 2024: Report
53 Lost or missing Apple AirPods? Here's how you can find your them
54 Microsoft Unveils VALL-E, Audio AI that Can Simulate Any Voice from 3-Second Prompts
55 Samsung update will make your Galaxy phone hugely inferior this week
56 Android and iPhone alert! Your phone will soon look annoyingly slow
57 Microsoft Trying to Integrate OpenAI's GPT for Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint: Report
58 Tata-Run iPhone Plant Would be a Boon for India, Says Executive
59 Apple Maps Will Now Help Users Find Parking Spaces, Charging Spots for EVs: Report
60 The iPhone 15 Wi-Fi 6E upgrade might just be for the Pro models
61 How to use the Apple HomePod's temperature and humidity sensors
62 Apple to Use Custom Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Chip in 2025, Plans to Replace Broadcom: Report
63 Microsoft Said to Invest $10 Billion into OpenAI, Other Venture Firms
64 San Francisco officials want Waymo and Cruise to slow robotaxi rollout
65 All iPhone 15 Models to Get Apple's Dynamic Island, iPhone 15 Pro May Sport Titanium Frame: Gurman
66 Government Issues Quality Standards for USB Type-C Chargers, Digital TV Receivers, More
67 Apple to Focus on Mixed-Reality Headset in 2023, Other Products May Take a Back Seat: Report
68 The world's top smartphone market saw deliveries drop to 2013 levels last year
69 Will the iPad become bigger?
70 Elon Musk announces 'next app update' on Twitter, here's what it may bring
71 Chinese Internet Giant Baidu Planning to Launch AI Chatbot Similar to OpenAI's ChatGPT in March
72 Kuo gives some more info on a foldable iPad; the new device may be equipped with a kickstand
73 Apple Emergency SOS via satellite: iPhone 14 feature saves two women in Canada
74 San Francisco asks California regulators to halt or slow the rollout of driverless taxis
75 Facebook Intentionally Drains Users' Phone Batteries, Former Employee Claims in Lawsuit: Report
76 Employees want organisations to use AI tools like ChatGPT, reveals Microsoft's latest survey
77 Apple to launch a foldable iPad next year: Analyst
78 China's biggest search engine is to set launch a ChatGPT rival in March
79 These dodgy Android apps have seen over 20 million downloads
80 Gmail is ready to help you track your shipments
81 Microsoft's Windows 10 ban will prove costly for millions of PC owners
82 You can now join a Microsoft Teams call from your car...but you probably shouldn't
83 iPhone 14 crash detection troubles first responders in Japan with false alarms
84 Apple says these are the best security keys around now
85 iPad mini refresh may come in 2024
86 Google Chrome is having some serious cloud storage issues
87 Ford's slashing Mustang Mach-E prices in latest volley in EV price wars
88 HomePod (2nd-Gen) won't start shipping until late February, according to Apple
89 T-Mobile vs. Verizon vs. AT&T: 2023's first 5G speed war ends in a bloodbath
90 Marshall's new tough Bluetooth speaker promises huge sound from a small box
91 This brutal new malware could absolutely destroy your Windows PC
92 Apple to Limit Wi-Fi 6E Connectivity to iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max Models: Report
93 Apple moves production of key AirPods component to India
94 Apple Watch will be the wearable of the World Surf League: first time as official equipment in pro sports
95 Apple's Crash Detection feature makes false emergency calls in Japanese Alps
96 The Internet Archive's Calculator Drawer lets you relive high school math class
97 LG's new OLED TVs will get an audio upgrade to please home theater lovers
98 Foldable iPad with Carbon-Fibre Kickstand Coming in 2024, iPad Shipments May Decline this Year: Ming-Chi Kuo
99 iPhone's crash detection feature is trolling the Japanese emergency services
100 Indian drone startup introduces custom-designed delivery drone
101 Apple reportedly working on foldable iPad for 2024 launch
102 Why it's easier to catch a cold, the flu or COVID in the winter
103 Sweet discovery has potential for effective new virus and cancer drug treatments
104 Treatment Executive Highlights Two Worsening Mental Health Issues for Teens: Over-Isolation and Paralyzing Self-Focus
105 Five Revolutionary Technologies Helping Scientists Study Polar Bears / Science
106 T Rex may have had brains 'capable of using tools,' 'passing knowledge to kin,' study claims
107 Here's what you need to know about COVID's XBB.1.5 'Kraken' variant
108 Runaway West Antarctic ice retreat can be slowed by climate-driven changes in ocean temperature
109 The Center of Our Galaxy May Be Way More Powerful than We Thought, Say Scientists
110 Ancient DNA Charts Native Americans' Journeys to Asia Thousands of Years Ago / Science
111 Just six minutes of daily exercise can boost brain health, delay Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, study says
112 How rare earth elements make modern technology possible