File Title
1 Apple MacBook Pro 14 and 16 (2021) review: return to form
2 This $40 backplate can make your SteamDeck run cooler
3 Senator Manchin aims to close battery loophole around the $7,500 EV tax credit
4 Windows 11 could soon have a whole new way of organizing your files
5 ChatGPT Writes Essays on Constitutional Law, Taxation, Passes Exams at US Law School
6 Apple will now give you less money for some iPhones
7 How to use wearable tech if you've got tattoos
8 IIT Mandi research: Online reviews help drive adoption of wearable health monitors
9 Micron's 1.5TB MicroSD card costs more than diamond
10 Tesla made more money in 2022 than ever before, but its future still looks rocky
11 iPhone 15 Ultra may have better imaging and performance capabilities than Pro, iOS 17 code reveals
12 Twitter will soon remember which feed you like to browse on
13 Tesla's volatile Q4 couldn't dampen its record setting year
14 Joe Manchin is trying to derail the EV tax credit he helped craft
15 Apple adjusts the trade-values of many products, including the iPhone 13
16 The new fastest mobile DRAM from SK hynix could power the future of AI
17 Seven Mega Banks to Team Up on Digital Wallet, Compete with Apple Pay, PayPal: Report
18 Meta allows Trump back on Facebook and Instagram
19 Apple's Next Watch Will Be Called Apple Watch X, Could Launch Later this Year: Report
20 Elon Musk's Twitter is caving to government censorship, just like he promised
21 Apple accused of double standards, cynicism and hypocrisy by ad organization
22 DARPA wants AR goggles to help soldiers with complex tasks
23 Elon Musk thinks Twitter is real life
24 Elon Musk says it's 'easy' to raise money, so where are his Twitter investors?
25 CNET corrected most of its AI-written articles
26 Microsoft reportedly facing EU antitrust probe over Teams video calling service
27 Wearable ultrasound patch could offer real-time heart scans on the go
28 Massachusetts bills would set a minimum wage for rideshare drivers
29 Tesla to ramp up production with 'high-volume' Semi truck factory
30 What to buy if you want to start producing music at home
31 AI Will Create Powerful Tools that Need Legal Regulation, Social Norms, Nvidia CEO Says
32 Jail threats stop AI 'robot lawyer' from making its debut in court
33 UK broadband warning! Homes face 200 pounds penalty to avoid bigger bills
34 Donald Trump is back on Facebook after two years, here's what the company said
35 TikTok is being banned by universities in the United States, and students are outraged
36 This new phone comes with everything you miss about old smartphones
37 iPad backup: Different methods, things to keep in mind, steps and more
38 The iPhone 15 series is very likely to get even better Wi-Fi support
39 Government has issued an 'important' warning for these Microsoft users
40 Microsoft just rolled out its most secure Microsoft 365 version yet
41 Microsoft Announces Further Multibillion Dollar Investment in OpenAI as Competition Heats Up
42 Better performance or battery life? This wasn't close at all.
43 The iPhone 15 Ultra could have better cameras and more power than the Pro
44 ChatGPT can't be credited as an author, says world's largest academic publisher
45 Smartphone sales are so bad even the holidays couldn't help, says IDC
46 The state of the smartphone market: here's what the last quarter of 2022 tells us
47 Now it's IBM's turn to announce major job cuts
48 Over 421 million people got their data stolen in 2022, and many companies won't disclose why
49 Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung 'suffer' as smartphone shipments decline worldwide
50 Apple just slashed its iPhone trade-in prices--sell your phone here instead
51 US government agencies are falling victim to some very obvious attacks
52 Netflix's streaming dominance laid bare in fascinating new data
53 Tesla Cybertruck won't enter mass production until 2024
54 This free tool effortlessly removes watermarks on stock images
55 Uber Eats now shows users which of their personal details couriers can see
56 TSMC Defies Broader Industry Downturn, Posts 78 Percent Rise in Q4 Net Profit: All Details
57 Why so many tech companies are laying people off right now
58 Microsoft strikes 'strategic alliance' with solar manufacturer
59 New York's flood sensor network will soon expand across the city
60 Kinsta and Liquid Web branded the most reliable hosts as WordPress turns 20
61 Apple to Soon Disclose More Details About App Removals from the App Store: Report
62 Home Depot failed to get consent before sharing customer data with Meta, privacy office found
63 DOJ says it disrupted a major global ransomware group
64 Microsoft is making a big push into solar energy
65 FTX Tells US Bankruptcy Court It Has Recovered $5 Billion in Assets After Collapse
66 Audi's Activesphere EV concept is built for off-roading and augmented reality
67 Top stock photo site gets AI image generator
68 New York City will require Uber and Lyft to go 100 percent electric by 2030
69 Former Apple engineers call Apple's relationship with Google a "silent war"
70 Apple's $600 M2 Mac mini obliterates the $6,000 Mac Pro
71 ChatGPT (barely) passed graduate business and law exams
72 Apple Watch Models Guilty of Violating Masimo Oximeter Patent, May Face ITC Import Ban: Report
73 Dutch hacker arrested for trying to sell the personal information of nearly every Austrian citizen
74 Your apps and Windows devices could be facing a whole new kind of threat
75 ChatGPT detector tool made by 22-year-old in Toronto
76 BuzzFeed is the latest publisher to embrace AI-generated content
77 Why now might be the best time to switch password managers
78 The Samsung Galaxy S23: Why better specs will not be enough to take on Apple
79 Tesla Cybertruck delayed again, mass production pushed to 2024
80 Kuo says Apple stops work on its Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chip to focus on 3nm Apple Silicon
81 Tesla Shareholders Claim Elon Musk Will Get Fair Trial in 'Funding Secured' Lawsuit in California
82 New cyberattacks are being launched every minute
83 Hyundai Ioniq5 Electric SUV with 631km Range Launched at Auto Expo 2023: All Details
84 iPhone 15 Pro to Get Solid-State Volume, Power Buttons with Taptic Engines Replacing Clicky Ones: Ming-Chi Kuo
85 Google Search's vehicle listings are open to car dealers in the US
86 Tata Unveils 12 Cars, Including 5 Electric Models Along with 14 Trucks at Auto Expo 2023
87 U.S. Congress could vote on measure to regulate AI written by AI
88 Apple Could Finally Launch a MacBook Pro Model with OLED Screen, Touchscreen Support in 2025: Report
89 Suzuki to Invest $35 Billion in EVs Through 2030, Will Introduce Electric Vehicles in India and Europe
90 IBM cutting thousands of jobs, but why CEO is 'upbeat'
91 iPhone 15 Series Could Feature Wi-Fi 6E like the Latest MacBook Pro, iPad Pro: Report
92 Amsterdam's underwater parking garage fits 7,000 bicycles and zero cars
93 iPhone vs. Samsung: The ultimate head-to-head
94 Apple reportedly delays development of its own WiFi chips
95 Apple Led Smartphone Market in Holiday Quarter Amid Largest-Ever Decline in Smartphone Demand: IDC
96 Microsoft Teams is finally fixing this ear-splitting annoyance
97 Medium welcomes posts written with AI as long they're 'clearly labeled'
98 Social Media giants could become pursued by the law due to mental health damage to US youths
99 The Morning After: Will AI be your next lawyer?
100 The first AI-written speech delivered by congressman is as flavorless as you'd expect
101 Google services to provide clearer information in compliance with EU
102 Google agrees to provide clearer information on its services to EU users
103 Ubuntu Pro is now available for everyone to use
104 Google Pixel Tablet may be powered by Tensor G2 chipset
105 Medium is accepting ChatGPT when others are trying to banish it
106 Smartphone sales experienced their worst quarter since 2013: IDC
107 Apple Watch can now be used by pro surfers during competition
108 Lexmark security bug leaves thousands of its printers open to attack
109 Apple will reportedly let anyone make apps for its mixed reality headset using Siri
110 Bob Iger's big changes at Disney could lead to more layoffs
111 Android and iOS users need to uninstall these 203 apps before their bank accounts are drained
112 Netflix is the king of streaming and that's just a fact, as data proves it
113 Mercedes-Benz is the first to bring Level 3 automated driving to the US
114 Here's what Twitter co-founder has to say on Elon Musk's ownership of the company