File Title
1 Scientific AI's 'black box' is no match for 200-year-old method
2 Encoding breakthrough allows for solving wider set of applications using neutral-atom quantum computers
3 Scientists boost quantum signals while reducing noise
4 Developing practical quantum computers that can solve big challenges of our time
5 Atom-thin walls could smash size, memory barriers in next-gen devices
6 Quantum Australia: Hear global insiders map out next phase of the boom
7 High thermal conductivity of cubic silicon carbide finally demonstrated
8 When the light is neither "on" nor "off" in the nanoworld
9 Researchers find distortion-free forms of structured light
10 Helping companies deploy AI models more responsibly
11 White House unveils deal with Musk on EV chargers
12 Compact, non-mechanical 3D lidar system could make autonomous driving safer
13 Trimble technology to help power Nissan's latest Driver Assist
14 Machine learning could help kites and gliders to harvest wind energy
15 Polish MPs vote to make building wind turbines easier
16 Mexico invites foreign investment in clean energy transition
17 EU unveils plan to counter US green subsidies, China competition
18 Green energy investment tops $1 trillion, matches fossil fuels
19 GE Hitachi signs contract for the first North American Small Modular Reactor
20 Biogas produced with waste from apple juice making can minimize use of fossil fuels in industry
21 Biorefinery uses microbial fuel cell to upcycle resistant plant waste
22 Farming more seaweed to be food, feed and fuel
23 Artificial photosynthesis uses sunlight to make biodegradable plastic
24 M2X Energy partners with UCF to convert greenhouse gases into low-carbon methanol
25 Can Iceland feed Europe?
26 Half a million lives could be saved yearly by replacing wood and charcoal stoves in Africa
27 Solar-powered system converts plastic and greenhouse gases into sustainable fuels
28 Researchers develop 'green' method to extract hydrogen from seawater
29 China to receive first Australian coal shipment in over 2 years
30 Australia blocks coal mine near Great Barrier Reef
31 Beijing tells US to investigate balloons allegedly flown over China
32 US recovers sensor parts from downed Chinese balloon: military
33 China confirms it refused US call over 'irresponsible' balloon shootdown
34 Japan analysing previous aerial objects after China balloon
35 High-tech jets take on balloon, other objects in N. America skies
36 Fighter planes for Ukraine, a complex challenge for Kyiv's allies
37 NASA's X-57 Maxwell is Major Step Closer to Flight Readiness
38 EU to ban fossil fuel cars, slash truck and bus emissions
39 Helping transit agencies visualize the transition to electric bus fleets
40 UN aims to forge new way of tracking greenhouse gases
41 Storing CO2 underground may be a solution yet
42 Study: Superconductivity switches on and off in "magic-angle" graphene
43 Scientists unveil least costly carbon capture system to date
44 Policy levers that can push decarbonization into overdrive
45 Spinning up a 'flip-flop' qubit
46 Researchers pioneer process to stack micro-LEDs
47 Two-beam ultrafast laser scribing of ultrafine graphene patterns
48 Chiral phonons create spin current without needing magnetic materials
49 Are plastics in the ocean as big a problem as widely believed?
50 Perseverance shows off collection of Mars samples
51 CSIC completes the first network of robotic telescopes present on the five continents
52 The first in the universe, but what's next
53 Cornell AI tool designed to prevent online conversations from escalating into 'incendiary language'
54 ACE program's AI Agents Transition from Simulation to Live Flight
55 Israeli firm deploys robots to speed up online shopping
56 Leo Anthony Celi on ChatGPT and medicine
57 ChatGPT takes on the tough US medical licensing exam
58 Inside two MIT students' historic BattleBots runs
59 China's Alibaba joins global chatbot race
60 High-speed, high-precision positioning of stages with unknown vibration characteristics
61 US shoots down another object, this time over Lake Huron
62 US shoots down 'high-altitude object' over Alaska
63 Iran says 'main actors' behind drone attack arrested
64 Chinese balloon's equipment 'clearly' for spying; House unanimously condemns China's actions
65 China refused call with Pentagon chief on day of balloon downing: US
66 A balloon clouds US view on Xi's China
67 China says it 'regrets' unmanned airship's entry into US airspace
68 Iran says Israel oversaw drone attack with Iraq-based Kurd groups 'involved'
69 US still in dark over mystery flying objects, rejects China balloon accusation
70 US 'object' shootdowns: the end of UFO sightings?
71 Flying object mystery deepens in US as China accuses Washington
72 Oops--US jet pilot misses mystery object with first missile
73 Japan says past aerial objects likely Chinese spy balloons
74 What we know about mysterious objects downed by US
75 US has had contacts with China over 'spy balloon': Pentagon
76 Speculation grows as US shoots down new mystery object
77 Guantanamo 'high value' prisoner released to Belize
78 Belgium plans to extend life of three nuclear reactors
79 DOE announces new funding for public-private partnerships to advance fusion energy
80 Nuclear reactor experiment rules out one dark matter hope
81 Cooling 100 million degree plasma with a hydrogen-neon mixture ice pellet
82 International fusion energy project faces delays, says chief
83 Germany boosts university support for nuclear engineering studies
84 Acquittal of Fukushima operator ex-bosses upheld
85 Slovenia extends nuclear plant operation until 2043
86 UN nuclear agency says stepping up presence in Ukraine
87 A new way to assess radiation damage in reactors
88 BWXT Starts Production of TRISO Fuel for First U.S. Generation IV Microreactor
89 Argonne releases small modular reactor waste analysis report
90 MSU discovery advances biofuel crop that could curb dependence on fossil fuel
91 Dutch shipwreck found off English coast identified
92 At CES, sailor-less ships head to port on AI wave
93 New "semi-sub" shows spy potential of sailing at waterline
94 Ukraine one year on: the specter of nuclear war
95 Cold War fears revisited in Danish nuclear bunker
96 NATO urges Russia to comply with last US nuclear treaty
97 Iran woos Chinese, other tourists as Westerners stay away
98 Minuteman III test launch showcases readiness of U.S. nuclear force's safe, effective deterrent
99 North Korea unveils 'record' number of ICBMs at military parade
100 Sweden moves to toughen anti-terror laws
101 IS attacks still claim Iraqi lives five years after defeat
102 International consortium to bring zero-emission aviation to New Zealand
103 Killer AI? Dutch summit to focus on military use
104 Israeli firm deploys robots to speed up online shopping
105 Efficient technique improves machine-learning models' reliability
106 Aston University to help power Indonesia with affordable energy made from rice straw
107 Researchers harvest electricity from wood soaking in water
108 To battle climate change, scientists tap into carbon-hungry microorganisms for clues
109 An important step towards strong and durable biobased plastics
110 A new ring system discovered in our Solar System
111 Webb detects extremely small main-belt asteroid
112 Small asteroid 'serendipitously' detected using James Webb telescope