File Title
1 Scientists discover a new way of sharing genetic information in a common ocean microbe
2 New dwarf boa found in Ecuadoran Amazon
3 Hard to bear: UK's only panda pair to return to China
4 Self-assembling proteins can store cellular "memories"
5 South Africa rhino poachers spread from national parks
6 Sumatran tiger captured in Indonesia after second human attack
7 Texans of Chinese descent fret that 'dreams have been smashed'
8 Exiled Tibetans place hopes in history
9 Two Hong Kongers given five years for inciting subversion
10 UK banks 'complicit' in suppressing rights of Hong Kong exiles: lawmakers
11 Disney+ in Hong Kong drops 'Simpsons' episode with 'forced labour' mention
12 UN experts alarmed at child 'forced assimilation' in Tibet
13 China's mega-rich move their wealth, and partying, to Singapore
14 Ai Weiwei launches new exhibit, says still trying to understand studio demolitions
15 Webb uncovers new details in Pandora's Cluster
16 Phase II of China's deep space observation radar facility kicks off construction
17 IMAP completes mission CDR on track for 2025 launch on interstellar mapping mission
18 NASA study seeks to understand impact effects on Mars rocks
19 Martian meteorite contains large diversity of organic compounds
20 SpaceDaily Streamlines Imaging Process with ChatGPT Technology
21 Killer AI? Dutch summit to focus on military use
22 Google chatbot blunders as AI battle with Microsoft heats up
23 Solving a machine-learning mystery
24 Japan rolls out 'humble and lovable' delivery robots
25 China's Baidu says developing AI chatbot
26 ChatGPT: the promises, pitfalls and panic
27 Legged robots need more testing before real-world use
28 A fairy-like robot flies by the power of wind and light
29 The future of robotics is soft and tactile--TUD startup teaches robots to feel
30 New generation of AI Assistants
31 ChatGPT bot 'for professional use' on the way
32 SpaceX halts plans to convert oil rigs into floating offshore launch pads
33 China's space station experiments pave way for new space technology
34 Upsurge in rocket launches could impact the ozone layer
35 Brain changes in fighter pilots may cast light on astronauts during space travel
36 Two crews set for Tiangong station in '23
37 Roscosmos is delaying the launch of the replacement Soyuz for crew return
38 Hope probe to move to a new Mars orbit and observe deimos
39 Lunar Resources and Wood selected by NASA to study building a pipeline on the Moon
40 Astrophysicists discover the perfect explosion in space
41 First observational evidence linking black holes to dark energy
42 A new model for dark matter
43 Space Station research announcement for advanced materials and manufacturing open now
44 Researchers detail never-before-seen properties in a family of superconducting Kagome metals
45 Turkey's once mighty developers under fire after quake
46 China to employ BeiDou satellite-based augmentation system in railway survey
47 EagleView expands imagery archive and resolution options for all enterprise customers
48 How to Write a Discussion Post About Space Exploration
49 Team Aims to Find Earth 2.0
50 Former football player revamps NASA air filter invention
51 NASA launches new Framework for Procurement Ideas, Solutions
52 Machine learning techniques identify thousands of new cosmic objects
53 Spacecraft controllers aim for the heights
54 Chelyabinsk a decade on: spotting invisible asteroids 'from the Sun'
55 China solicits logos for manned space missions in 2023
56 New technique maps large-scale impacts of fire-induced permafrost thaw in Alaska
57 Researchers build more detailed picture of the movement of Greenland Ice Sheet
58 The roar and crackle of Artemis 1
59 Philippines' Marcos summons Chinese envoy over laser incident at sea
60 Understanding laser accelerated electron radiation through terahertz emissions
61 'Magic' solvent creates stronger thin films
62 High efficiency mid- and long-wave optical parametric oscillator pump source and its applications
63 Smart contact lens with navigation function, made with 3D printer
64 Four classes of planetary systems
65 Rising seas threaten exodus of 'biblical' scale, warns Guterres
66 How did ancient extreme climate affect sand in the deep sea?
67 Deep-sea mining noise pollution threatens whales: study
68 Study suggests dolphins in Brazil are training humans to fish
69 France under pressure to save dolphins from trawlers
70 Experts back more robust US estimates of social cost of carbon
71 Deep-sea black carbon comes from hydrothermal vents
72 Can clay capture carbon dioxide
73 New land creation on waterfronts increasing, study finds
74 Maxar awarded $192 million Foreign Commercial Imagery Program IDIQ Contract
75 Whale warning as clock ticks towards deep-sea mining
76 Carbon emissions from fertilizers could be reduced by as much as 80% by 2050
77 Major firms not doing enough to curb deforestation: report
78 Hundreds of retirees protest in China's Wuhan
79 New hope for forests of ancient Athens' silver hills
80 Sinkholes sow fear in former Polish mining town
81 Sri Lanka bans single-use plastics to save elephants
82 Long-term air pollution exposure raises depression risk: studies
83 Harmful pollution boosting superbug 'silent pandemic'
84 Uprooted: Amazonian Siekopai people battle for return to ancestral land
85 Too warm in Canada: world's largest ice rink may not open
86 Most trafficked Sahel firearms are from national armies: UN
87 COP28 host UAE vows 'inclusive roadmap' for climate talks
88 A second chance to protect wetlands
89 New insight into the relationship between slow slip events and the build-up and release of tectonic strain
90 Saudi plane carrying aid lands in Syria, first in decade
91 Cyclone-battered New Zealand declares national emergency
92 New research suggests drought accelerated empire collapse
93 'Lucky tiger': Fukushima fishermen pin hopes on pufferfish
94 Satellites support impact assessment after Turkiye-Syria earthquakes
95 Focus turns to survivors as Turkey-Syria quake toll passes 35,000
96 UN appeals for nearly $400 million for Syria quake victims
97 'Finding corpses is all we have': Resignation after Turkey quake
98 New aid route to rebel-held Syria opens as quake toll nears 40,000
99 Glacial flooding threatens millions globally
100 Researchers use water treatment method to capture acids from agricultural waste
101 Survivors plucked from rooftops as New Zealand cyclone kills four
102 Iraq dig uncovers 5,000 year old pub restaurant
103 High thermal conductivity of cubic silicon carbide finally demonstrated
104 China's mega-rich move their wealth, and partying, to Singapore
105 Blue Origin unveils "Blue Alchemist" a technology that turns Moon dust into solar cells
106 Research reveals thermal instability of solar cells but offers a bright path forward
107 Solar-powered gel filters enough clean water to meet daily needs
108 Efficient technique improves machine-learning models' reliability
109 NASA turns to AI to design mission hardware
110 Moisture the key to soils' ability to sequester carbon