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1 Study: Fast melting of Greenland Ice Sheet will affect sea-level rise
2 Restoring Madagascar's unique biodiversity would take millions of years
3 That sinking feeling: Are ice roads holding up under January's unseasonable warmth?
4 Vegetation has a substantial impact on the movement of energy in the Arctic
5 Super Bowl snack hurting Colombian farmers, environment
6 Plant diversity may never fully recover from agriculture without a helping hand
7 North Korea ruling party to hold key meeting on agriculture
8 Evolution of wheat spikes since the Neolithic revolution
9 In drought-stricken Ethiopia, the herders' heartache
10 After drought, winter rains revive Iraq's famed marshlands
11 Parasites, pesticides, climate change linked to loss of honey bee colonies
12 Myanmar opium farming booming after coup: UN
13 Yellen urges 'urgent' steps to ensure Africa's food security
14 From ground to air to space: Tillage estimates get tech boost
15 Improving crop production in Kenya by up to 50 percent
16 Planet and NASA Harvest launch commercial partnership to advance food security
17 Rice breeding breakthrough to feed billions
18 South Africa's largest rhino farm puts itself up for sale
19 Researchers use water treatment method to capture acids from agricultural waste
20 Carbon emissions from fertilizers could be reduced by as much as 80% by 2050
21 Foot-and-mouth variant hits Iraq buffaloes, threatening livelihoods
22 Asphalt volcano communities
23 S. Africa declares national disaster as floods kill 7
24 Once home to civilisations, fabled Antioch left in ruins
25 Mozambique floods kill four in capital area
26 New method helps scientists better predict when volcanos will erupt
27 Turkey, Syria quake toll tops 16,000 as cold compounds misery
28 Aleppo buries its dead as quake imperils cross-border aid to Syria
29 Death toll tops 21,000 from Turkey-Syria quake as hopes fade
30 Changing climate conditions likely facilitated human migrations to the Americas
31 Earliest evidence found of Neanderthals killing elephants for food
32 Brazilian army deploys to protect Indigenous Yanomami
33 China's Sichuan to scrap three-child limit as birth rates drop
34 First primate relatives discovered in the high Arctic from around 52 million years ago
35 Brazil police open investigation of Indigenous 'genocide'
36 AIR launches high-resolution sensing and electrical stimulation neural activity study
37 Intelligent Computing: The state of the art
38 China's population shrinks for first time in over 60 years
39 Bonobos, unlike humans, are more interested in the emotions of strangers than individuals they know
40 The brain's ability to perceive space expands like the universe
41 Bearskin dance reconnects Romania youth with tradition
42 Researchers uncover 168 new Nazca geoglyphs
43 People can tell whether they like a song within seconds, study finds
44 The chemistry of mummification--Traces of a global network
45 Superhighways of first Australians reveals a 10,000-year journey through the continent
46 Could space dust help protect the earth from climate change?
47 Climate: Could moon dust keep Earth cool?
48 Biden's climate plan strains ties with European allies
49 On climate, most corporations more talk than action
50 Corporate greenwashing 'bad and getting worse'
51 Biden's climate plan strains ties with European allies
52 Fossil discovery reveals complex ecosystems existed on Earth much earlier than previously thought
53 Ancient fossilized fruit was ancestor of coffee and potatoes and survived the dinosaurs
54 Fossilized 319-million-year-old fish illuminates backboned animals' brain evolution
55 Ancient fossils shed new light on evolution of sea worm
56 Meteorites reveal likely origin of Earth's volatile chemicals
57 Mercury helps to detail Earth's most massive extinction event
58 Two studies of volatile elements discovered in meteorites constrain the assembly of Earth
59 New geosciences study shows Triassic fossils that reveal origins of living amphibians
60 All who can should pay even for their basic greenhouse gas emissions
61 Energy industry must be part of climate fight, says COP president
62 France urges 'transparency' over US climate subsidies
63 Europe looks to geothermal energy as gas alternative
64 No lights, no water: S. Africans fume at cascading crisis
65 Business and consumers hamper climate fight: report
66 Saudi to invest $266 billion in 'cleaner' energy: minister
67 S. Africa gets 280 million euros in EU grants for green transition
68 Rich EU consumers 'outsource' environmental impact to poorer neighbours
69 Climate group sues German government for missing targets
70 Thunberg says Davos elite 'fuelling destruction of planet'
71 EU takes on US, China over clean tech in Davos
72 Europeans launch alliance for climate-friendly cities
73 Two dead in China chemical plant explosion
74 At Davos, war, climate and 'de-globalisation' take centre stage
75 S. Africa mining and energy giants thwarting climate goals: study
76 Controllable 'defects' improve performance of lithium-ion batteries
77 How to develop better rechargeable aluminum batteries
78 UC Irvine researchers decipher atomic-scale imperfections in lithium-ion batteries
79 Electric car batteries could be key to boosting energy storage: study
80 Turning abandoned mines into batteries
81 New strategy suggested for ultra-long cycle Li-ion battery
82 Hungary protests against Chinese battery plant defy 'Orbanomics'
83 Ford to build new US electric battery plant with Chinese partner
84 Stanford scientists illuminate barrier to next-generation battery that charges very quickly
85 US extends deportation protection for Hong Kongers fleeing China
86 Click beetle-inspired robots jump using elastic energy
87 Researchers gain deeper understanding of mechanism behind superconductors
88 S. Africa's power supplier defends price hike amid record blackouts
89 World enters 'new age' of clean energy manufacturing: IEA
90 Now on the molecular scale: Electric motors
91 Electricity harvesting from evaporation, raindrops and moisture inspired by nature
92 Berkeley Lab scientists develop a cool new method of refrigeration
93 France's lynx at high risk of extinction: study
94 Caribou have been using same Arctic calving grounds for 3,000 years
95 Uganda wildlife numbers soar due to enhanced protection
96 Dire study finds 40% of animals, 34% of plants face extinction
97 Tropical French territory battles green monkey invasion
98 Endangered monarch butterflies face perilous storm
99 Marmot death overshadows Canada Groundhog Day
100 Second Indonesia tiger attack in days, hunt ongoing
101 New tiger goes on the prowl in Johannesburg
102 Endangered tree kangaroo born at UK zoo
103 Dead vulture, missing leopard: mystery at the Dallas Zoo
104 Rapid development is main threat to big carnivores: study
105 Cyprus issues first-ever fines for poisoning wild birds
106 Australian rangers find 'monster' 2.7 kg cane toad
107 Chile preparing threatened condor chicks for release into wild
108 New species of lizard discovered in Peru national park
109 Cloned horse raises hopes for equestrian sports in China
110 Planting more trees could decrease deaths from higher summer temperatures in cities by a third