File Title
1 Moving water and earth
2 Trapped sediment in dams 'endangers' water supplies: UN
3 Artificial sweetener as wastewater tracer
4 Canada says no seabed mining unless new 'rigorous' rules
5 One in 3 schoolchildren lacks access to drinking water: UN
6 Swiss native fish in troubled waters
7 GEODNET offers centimeter precision and GNSS corrections for OEMS and Ag Sector
8 New Galileo service set to deliver 20 cm accuracy
9 Falcon 9 launches sixth GPS 3 satellite
10 HawkEye 360 to monitor GPS interference in support of the US Space Force
11 Quectel expands its 5G and GNSS Combo Antennas Portfolio
12 Building a catalog of lunar trash to track
13 China to advance lunar exploration program
14 Turning astronauts into Moon explorers
15 Lucy's asteroid target now called Dinkinesh
16 Asteroid impact in slow motion
17 Small asteroid 'serendipitously' detected using James Webb telescope
18 Phew! Truck-sized asteroid misses Earth
19 Webb detects extremely small main-belt asteroid
20 Curious comet's rare close approach
21 Newly discovered green comet expected to whiz by Earth
22 Esri releases new app to easily view and analyze global land-cover changes
23 EagleView expands imagery archive and resolution options for all enterprise customers
24 Ursa Space launches Python Toolbox API on Esri ArcGIS Pro Software
25 New land creation on waterfronts increasing, study finds
26 Antarctica's ocean brightens clouds
27 Utah researcher to lead study of clouds in cleanest air on Earth
28 New study shows 'self-cleaning' of marine atmosphere
29 Dairy giant Danone vows to slash planet-warming methane
30 Faster, more accurate 3D modelling recreates a landscape's digital twin down to the pixel
31 NASA's NuSTAR reveals hidden light shows on the Sun
32 How a 3 cm glass sphere could help scientists understand space weather
33 Chinese, European Mars probes help examine atmosphere near sun
34 China's space-based solar camera publishes data on solar atmosphere
35 NASA missions find 'jetlets' could power the solar wind
36 Toward practical quantum optics: multiphoton qubits from LNOI
37 Distortion-free structured light
38 Upconversion of infrared photons enables rapid organic synthesis under sunlight
39 Researchers devise a new path toward 'quantum light'
40 Nanoparticles make it easier to turn light into solvated electrons
41 Milestone for light-driven electronics
42 Researchers find distortion-free forms of structured light
43 Recent Advances and Emerging Applications in Photonic Materials
44 How to reverse unknown quantum processes
45 The bubbling universe: A previously unknown phase transition in the early universe
46 Astronomers confirm age of most distant galaxy with oxygen
47 Cosmic superbubble's magnetic field charted in 3D for the first time
48 Webb reveals wide diversity of galaxies in the early universe
49 High-energy neutrino beam measures the "unmeasurable" proton
50 Physicists observe rare resonance in molecules for the first time
51 Astral alchemy
52 'Exotic hadrons' research to advance knowledge of nuclear physics
53 Shedding light on quantum photonics
54 Revealing the thermal heat dance of magnetic domains
55 Can you trust your quantum simulator
56 Researchers create an optical tractor beam that pulls macroscopic objects
57 Ghostly neutrinos provide new path to study protons
58 New ice is like a snapshot of liquid water
59 Scientists release newly accurate map of all the matter in the universe
60 Scientists observe "quasiparticles" in classical systems for the first time
61 Focus turns to survivors as Turkey-Syria quake toll passes 35,000
62 'Are we going to die?': Trauma haunts Turkish kids after quake
63 Syria's health workers hit by double tragedy after quake
64 Syria to open 2 crossings for quake aid; Assad pleads for help as Saudi aid plane lands
65 Cyclone-battered New Zealand declares national emergency
66 Kenyan troops crackdown on bandits; Mass trial opens in Chad; 19 killed in Burkina
67 19 killed in Burkina attacks
68 Once home to civilisations, fabled Antioch left in ruins
69 Death toll tops 21,000 from Turkey-Syria quake as hopes fade
70 Chicken of the sea
71 Ancient fossilized fruit was ancestor of coffee and potatoes and survived the dinosaurs
72 Fossilized 319-million-year-old fish illuminates backboned animals' brain evolution
73 Ancient fossils shed new light on evolution of sea worm
74 New geosciences study shows Triassic fossils that reveal origins of living amphibians
75 Fossils reveal dinosaurs of prehistoric Patagonia
76 Fossil pollen 'sunscreen' proves role of ozone depletion in largest mass extinction
77 Fossil discovery reveals complex ecosystems existed on Earth much earlier than previously thought
78 S. Africa declares national disaster as floods kill 7
79 Mozambique floods kill four in capital area
80 Four dead after record flooding in New Zealand
81 Death toll from Madagascar storm rises to 22
82 Venice recruits next generation in flooding fight
83 Latvia hit by worst flood in decades
84 Western Australia struggles back from huge floods
85 Mass trial opens in Chad over ex-strongman's death
86 Somaliland accuses Somalia of attacks despite truce
87 Do forest trees really "talk" through underground fungi
88 A second chance to protect wetlands
89 Brazil's Amazon deforestation down 61% in January
90 Uprooted: Amazonian Siekopai people battle for return to ancestral land
91 Global wetland loss lower than previous estimates: study
92 General forest management critical for ecosystem services even with climate change
93 Brazil deploys police as miners flee Yanomami territory
94 Lebanese villagers try to stem illegal logging scourge
95 One third of Amazon 'degraded' by human activity, drought: study
96 Protecting Amazon a tough task, says Brazil's environment minister
97 Forests face fierce threats from multiple industries, not just agricultural expansion
98 Lula calls for regional policy to preserve Amazon
99 Deforestation imperils famed DR Congo reserve as refugees flood in
100 New Indonesia capital imperils ancient Eden with 'ecological disaster'
101 Asphalt volcano communities
102 New method helps scientists better predict when volcanos will erupt
103 Ice cores show even dormant volcanoes leak abundant sulfur into the atmosphere
104 Vanuatu on alert as submerged volcano erupts
105 Authorities raise alert level around Lascar volcano in northern Chile
106 Looking back at the Tonga eruption
107 Looking back at the eruption that shook the world
108 Researchers build more detailed picture of the movement of Greenland Ice Sheet
109 More frequent atmospheric rivers hinder seasonal recovery of Arctic sea ice
110 Greenland at its warmest in 1,000 years: study