File Title
1 The world in grains of interstellar dust
2 Women and girls in science: the team helping to take us to Mars
3 How ESA works with the EU to advance European space
4 Britain's Tim Peake steps down from ESA astronaut corps
5 NASA launches new Framework for Procurement Ideas, Solutions
6 NASA's Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel releases 2022 Annual Report
7 NASA names first person of Hispanic heritage as chief astronaut
8 NASA Spinoffs bolster climate resilience, improve medical care, more
9 NASA selects nine technologies for commercial flight tests
10 20 Years Ago: Remembering Columbia and Her Crew
11 US, Japan sign Space Collaboration Agreement at NASA Headquarters
12 SpaceX test fires Starship Super Heavy Booster's 31 Engines
13 SpaceX launches Hispasat's Amazonas Nexus communication satellite
14 SpaceX successfully launches 53 Starlink satellites
15 SpaceX rocket launches U.S. military satellite into orbit
16 SpaceX capsule lands safely on return from ISS
17 Launches of Busek Thrusters push OneWeb constellation towards completion
18 First step toward predicting lifespan of electric space propulsion systems
19 Plasma thrusters used on satellites could be much more powerful
20 Poland's SatRev signs on for future Virgin Orbit flights
21 Isar Aerospace and Spaceflight Inc. sign launch agreement to service global market
22 Rocket Lab launches first Electron mission from US
23 Arctic Sweden in race for Europe's satellite launches
24 Update on "Start Me Up" mission anomaly
25 Rocket Lab sets new date for first Electron launch from U.S. soil
26 Historic UK rocket mission ends in failure
27 Chinese astronauts complete first walk outside Tiangong space station
28 MDA secures new contract to supply Ka-band multibeam antennas for Argentina's ARSAT-SG1 Satellite
29 Lockheed Martin's first LM 400 Multi-Mission Spacecraft completed
30 Ovzon receives first SATCOM-as-a-Service order from Spain
31 Inmarsat-6 F2 satellite arrives on board an Airbus Beluga in Florida for launch
32 Inmarsat announces trans-Atlantic 'stepping stone' trip for latest British satellite
33 Carrier rockets place four satellites into orbit
34 SES secures 300M Euro in financing from European Investment Bank
35 AccelerComm, TTP set to soar with 5G NTN LEO Space Cell
36 Space Daily retools to AI/ML centric Content Management System
37 Sidus Space closes public offering
38 UK Space Agency announces new funding for satellite communications
39 Vast Space becomes the newest member of "Space Beach"
40 High efficiency mid- and long-wave optical parametric oscillator pump source and its applications
41 Automating the math for decision-making under uncertainty
42 Matrix multiplications at the speed of light
43 When should data scientists try a new technique
44 Unibap receives order from Thales Alenia Space
45 Understanding laser accelerated electron radiation through terahertz emissions
46 Ghostly mirrors for high-power lasers
47 Scientists use laser to guide lightning bolt for first time
48 Turkey's once mighty developers under fire after quake
49 Rescuing small plastics from the waste stream
50 Researchers detail never-before-seen properties in a family of superconducting Kagome metals
51 Meta completes virtual reality deal after US court win
52 Judge denies US bid to block Meta virtual reality deal: reports
53 AI voice tool 'misused' as deepfakes flood web forum
54 Seoul launches ambitious metaverse platform for city services, tourism
55 AWE completes space environment tests
56 GMV to develop the ground control center for Hisdesat's new
57 China launches 3 new satellites
58 Ovzon selects Dispersive to enhance satellite communications security
59 New models shed light on life's origin
60 Two nearby exoplanets might be habitable
61 Webb Telescope identifies origins of icy building blocks of life
62 Rare opportunity to study short-lived volcanic island reveals sulfur-metabolizing microbes
63 New small laser device can help detect signs of life on other planets
64 NASA scientists study life origins by simulating a cosmic evolution
65 Researchers focus AI on finding exoplanets
66 A nearby potentially habitable Earth-mass exoplanet
67 Watch distant worlds dance around their sun
68 How do rocky planets really form
69 NASA's Webb confirms its first exoplanet
70 Gaia helps discover directly imaged planet undergoing nuclear fusion
71 TESS discovers planetary system's second Earth-size world
72 Astronomers use 'little hurricanes' to weigh and date planets around young stars
73 Will machine learning help us find extraterrestrial life
74 AI joins search for ET
75 A new ring system discovered in our Solar System
76 SwRI models explain canyons on Pluto moon
77 Webb spies Chariklo ring system with high-precision technique
78 Exotic water ice contributes to understanding of magnetic anomalies on Neptune and Uranus
79 Tumultuous migration on the edge of the Hot Neptune Desert
80 JUICE's final take-off before lift-off
81 NASA's Juno Team assessing camera after 48th flyby of Jupiter
82 Europe's JUICE spacecraft ready to explore Jupiter's icy moons
83 Galileo tribute unveiled as Juice says 'Farewell, Europe'
84 Airbus finalises JUICE ready for its mission to Jupiter
85 SwRI scientists find evidence for magnetic reconnection between Ganymede and Jupiter
86 From Europe to Jupiter via Kourou
87 Engineers devise a modular system to produce efficient, scalable aquabots
88 Scientists sound alarm as ocean temperatures hit new record
89 Chicken of the sea
90 How did ancient extreme climate affect sand in the deep sea?
91 Warming oceans threaten sea turtle reproduction: study
92 Prehistoric human migration in Southeast Asia driven by sea-level rise, NTU Singapore study reveals
93 France destroys seaside flats threatened by coastal erosion
94 Far-off storms fuel sneaker waves along Pacific Northwest coast
95 West Antarctica ice sheet collapse may stabilise northern ocean currents
96 Russian polar research vessel docks in Cape Town amid protests
97 Outlook for the blue economy
98 New pathogen likely culprit for mass crab deaths: UK study
99 Eating one wild fish same as month of drinking tainted water: study
100 Petition against shark-fin trading passes 1 mn. names
101 How did ancient extreme climate affect sand in the deep sea?
102 Biosensors change the way water contamination is detected
103 Artificial sweetener as wastewater tracer
104 Swiss native fish in troubled waters
105 On the water with Myanmar's 'river cleaners'
106 California submits rival Colorado River water plan
107 US states miss water share agreement deadline
108 Elevated design keeps solar stills salt-free
109 NASA measures underground water flowing from Sierra to Central Valley
110 Simulations and experiments reveal unprecedented detail about water's motion in salt water