File Title
1 FCC greenlights Amazon's Project Kuiper to deploy 3,236 satellites in LEO
2 AST SpaceMobile announces collaboration with Zain KSA
3 AST SpaceMobile announces collaboration with TIM
4 OneWeb and Kazakhstan National Railways to work together
5 SpaceX launches 56 more Starlink satellites in heaviest payload yet
6 Hawkeye 360 launches Cluster 6 satellites aboard inaugural Rocket Lab Electron flight from Virginia
7 Lynk launches world's 2nd and 3rd commercial Cell-Towers-in-Space
8 OneWeb to launch 40 satellites with SpaceX
9 Russia postpones launch of rescue ship to space station
10 Bringing more power to Space Station
11 Russian Progress cargo craft docks at space station suffers loss of coolant
12 NASA conducts first 2023 test of redesigned SLS rocket engine
13 Vulcan: Rocket stacked for inaugural launch
14 SpaceX to test-fire all 33 Starship booster engines Thursday
15 Lockheed Martin team up with DARPA and AFRL for hypersonics
16 MIT Gas Turbine Laboratory prepares to jet into the future
17 DARPA, NASA Collaborate on Nuclear Thermal Rocket Engine
18 Structural details of Long March 9 revealed
19 SEXBOMB being moved to Cornwall Space Port for hypersonic developments
20 Vulcan rocket one step closer to launch
21 Private U.S. space company ABL fails to launch from Alaska
22 UK space chiefs vows to try again after failed rocket launch
23 NASA selects experimental space technology concepts for initial study
24 Heat shield inspections underway on Artemis I Orion spacecraft
25 NASA, partners clear Axiom's second private astronaut mission crew
26 Saudi Arabia to send its first woman into space
27 Design a spacesuit for ESA
28 Satellites support impact assessment after Turkiye-Syria earthquakes
29 Mexico hails 'heroic' rescue dog that died in Turkey
30 UN Security Council meets on aid to quake-hit Syria
31 NASA's satellites help with Turkey, Syria earthquake response
32 New research suggests drought accelerated empire collapse
33 US announces $85 million aid, sanctions relief for quake-hit Turkey and Syria
34 DLR supports emergency responders in Turkey
35 NZ one of few island nations with potential to produce enough food in a nuclear winter
36 US says helping quake-hit Syria but not Assad
37 World powers rush to offer Turkey, Syria aid over quake
38 Colombia mulls cash-for-guns solution to urban crime
39 Silent phones, freezing rain and anguish in Turkey quake
40 Sixteen killed in China highway pile-up
41 Scientists track tropical landslide creeping below an African city
42 Dutch flood memories unleash new climate fears
43 Natural disaster costs hit 23-year high in France: insurers
44 8 dead, including 6 Chinese nationals, after ship sinks near Japan
45 Saving Earth-based explorers and enabling exploration
46 Arizona dismantles shipping container wall on US-Mexico border
47 Ukrainian deminers learn from decades of Cambodian experience
48 Drought, fire, flood: natural disasters test California town
49 Ukraine centre stage as Davos returns
50 California looks to drier times as Biden declares disaster to speed aid
51 Supreme Court allows NY 'sensitive location' gun bans for the moment
52 Pakistan flood recovery needs 'massive' investment: UN
53 Tracking ocean microplastics from space
54 UConn study clears up cloudy data for improved satellite imagery
55 NASA-ISRO earth science instruments get send-off before moving to India
56 Daily data delivery milestone achieved
57 Esri signs Space Act Agreement with NASA
58 New data platform to host Copernicus Earth observation data
59 Future-proofing ice measurements from space
60 China releases report on remote sensing for global ecology
61 Capella Space raises $60 million to expand satellite imaging capacity
62 Terran Orbital's GEOStare SV2 completes commercial imaging contract for Lockheed Martin
63 Large number of launches planned
64 Shenzhou XV astronauts to conduct first spacewalk
65 China's Deep Space Exploration Lab eyes top global talents
66 China to launch 200-plus spacecraft in 2023
67 China's space industry hits new heights
68 First rocket launch of the New Year leaves Wenchang for space
69 SpaceX launches 55 Starlink satellites early Sunday morning
70 Kigen and Skylo work together to bring eSIM and satellite connectivity to expand the potential of 5G IoT
71 MEASAT partners Parcel365 to unlock digital economy potential in rural areas
72 Guerrilla RF announces entry into the satellite communications industry
73 Speedcast wins contract renewal for Asia-Pacific Teleport Services
74 Can you spot it
75 China's gigantic telescope identifies over 740 pulsars
76 For the First Time Hubble Directly Measures Mass of a Lone White Dwarf
77 A spiral amongst thousands
78 Liquid-mirror program to revolutionize telescope designs
79 NASA recaps Webb Telescope findings from AAS Meeting
80 New Webb image reveals dusty disk like never seen before
81 Webb reveals links between galaxies near and far
82 IXPE Team Profile; LASP at Colorado-Boulder
83 Spacecraft controllers aim for the heights
84 RIT scientists help rediscover earliest known star map using multispectral imaging
85 Seventh shooting star ever spotted before strike
86 Seven kilo Antarctica meteorite found
87 Minuteman III test launch showcases readiness of U.S. nuclear force's safe, effective deterrent
88 North Korea unveils 'record' number of ICBMs at military parade
89 Earth from Space: Swedish landscape
90 Europe shoots for the moon with role in NASA program
91 CAPSTONE mission demonstrating utility and resilience at the Moon
92 Progress underway on Lunar rockets for crewed Artemis missions
93 Will lunar rover Jade Rabbit have company for the next Lantern Festival?
94 Too hot and too cold; now Moon it could be just right for humans
95 Data from the first SLS flight to prepare NASA for future Artemis missions
96 SpaceX's Starship clears latest hurdle in quest to return to moon
97 Fireworks, flowers in Wuhan for Lunar New Year but grief lingers
98 Chinese scientists discover ubiquitous, increasing ferric iron on lunar surface
99 General Atomics awarded contract from Advanced Space for Cislunar Spacecraft for AFRL Oracle Program
100 Fundamentals of Space Missions
101 Earth's atmosphere adds a quick pinch of salt to meteorites, scientists find
102 Kacific and partners expand satellite connectivity in Southeast Asia and other regions
103 HETDEX reveals galaxy gold mine in first large survey
104 Footprints of galactic immigration uncovered in Andromeda galaxy
105 Study reveals complex chemistry inside 'stellar nurseries'
106 Untangling a knot of galaxy clusters
107 Solar System formed from 'poorly mixed cake batter'
108 A paradigm shift in our understanding of a well-known astrophysical phenomenon
109 Star visibility eroding rapidly as night sky gets brighter
110 Study finds active galactic nuclei are even more powerful than thought