File Title
1 Decades-Old Mystery Solved? Astronomers May Have Uncovered How Galaxies Change Their Shape
2 A Peculiar Case of "Virgin Birth" in Aquarium Sharks
3 Network Neuroscience Theory--The Best Predictor of Intelligence
4 An Overlooked Phenomenon--Researchers Discover Evidence of a "Hidden" State Involving One of the Most Common Ions
5 Dental Disaster: Common Children's Medications Linked to Enamel Defects
6 Surprising Findings: New Analysis Reveals the Secrets of Dinosaur Diets
7 Why Doesn't Immunotherapy Work for All Breast Cancers?
8 Partying for a Purpose: Celebrations Can Benefit Your Health and Well-Being
9 Challenging Past Assumptions: Light from Outside Our Galaxy Much Brighter than Expected
10 Stressful Life Events Tied to Increased Risk of Stroke
11 Antarctica's Brunt Ice Shelf Finally Breaks--Spawns Iceberg Twice the Size of New York City
12 A "Missing Link"--Researchers Shed Light on the Origin of Complex Life Forms
13 New Study Links Cluster Headaches to Increased Risk of Additional Health Conditions
14 It Isn't What You Know, It's What You Think You Know--Why Science Can Evoke Strong and Opposing Attitudes
15 JPL and the Space Age: The Changing Face of Mars (NASA Documentary)
16 Could Vitamin D Supplements Lower Your Risk of Skin Cancer?
17 Researchers Have Discovered a Novel Quantum State
18 Supercharged T Cells: A New Way to Kill Pancreatic Cancer with Minimal Side Effects
19 We Asked a NASA Scientist: Where Do Moons Come From?
20 Striking Differences--New Research Helps Explain Why Obesity Is More Dangerous for Men
21 Physicists Discover a New Approach for Solving the Bizarre Dark Energy Mystery
22 Unlocking the Secrets of Climate Change: Linking Fossil Proxies to Living Bacteria
23 Hubble Space Telescope Explores a Turbulent Tarantula
24 New Study Sheds Light on the Genetic Origins of Cleft Lip and Palate
25 Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica Calves Massive Iceberg as Big as Greater London
26 Building a New Type of Efficient Artificial Intelligence Inspired by the Brain
27 Coffee + Milk: A Dynamic Duo for Fighting Inflammation
28 New Findings Explain Long-Standing, Baffling Cell Mystery
29 Nuclear Popcorn: New Research Sheds Light on the Enigmatic Strong Nuclear Force
30 NASA's Record-Breaking Lucy Spacecraft Has a New Asteroid Target
31 Stanford Breakthrough Paves Way Next-Generation Lithium Metal Batteries that Charge Very Quickly
32 A How-To Guide to Designing Cancer Drugs
33 Surprising Discovery: Graphene on Platinum Surfaces Seemingly Defies Coulomb's Law
34 A Completely New Way to Kill Cancer: Artificial DNA
35 Researchers Provide New Insight into the Carefully Choreographed Dance of Nerve and Vascular Cells
36 Astronomers Suggest More Galaxies Were Formed in the Early Universe than Previously Thought
37 The Tragic Toll: COVID-19 Is a Leading Cause of Death in Children and Young People in the U.S.
38 New Research Shows How Ketamine Acts as "Switch" in the Brain
39 Revolutionary Automated Method Predicts Stereochemistry of Pericyclic Reactions
40 NASA's Perseverance Rover Completes Mars Sample Depot--Captures Amazing Variety of Martian Geology
41 Promising Antimalarial Drug Proves Ineffective at Saving Children's Lives
42 Researchers Discover that Electrons Play a Surprising Role in Heat Transfer Between Layers of Semiconductors
43 Shaking Up Our Understanding: Ethereal Variant of Mysterious Plant Is Actually a New Species
44 Shocking Discovery: Obesity Causes Neurodegeneration Similar to Alzheimer's Disease
45 Scientists Discover a New Cause of Melting Antarctic Ice Shelves
46 Unearthing Clues to the Evolution of the Universe--Measuring the Hidden Energy of Gamma-Ray Bursts
47 Study Finds that Exercise Curbs Insulin Production
48 Researchers Use Quantum Mechanics to See Objects Without Looking at Them
49 Scientists Reveal New Potential Therapeutic Targets for Mental and Neurological Disorders
50 Ten-Fold Enhancement of Photoluminescence--Nanoantennas Directing a Bright Future
51 A Unique Discovery: Researchers Have Uncovered an Ultra-Rare Piece of Evidence that Dinosaurs Ate Mammals
52 Common Food Additives Linked to an Increased Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
53 Analysis of Cellular "Vehicles" Sheds New Light on Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and ALS
54 Promising New Method Could Replace Injections with Pills
55 Love Potion #9: Study Challenges "Love Hormone" Oxytocin's Reputation as the Key to Pair Bonding
56 Webb Space Telescope Glitch Likely Caused by Galactic Cosmic Ray--NIRISS Returns to Full Operations
57 New Research Reveals Dangerous Consequences of Stopping Opioid Treatment for Chronic Pain
58 A Nationwide Issue--The Surprising Link Between Warm Days and Gun Violence in America
59 Cosmic Breakthrough: Accurate New Map of All the Matter in the Universe Released
60 A Revolutionary New Physics Hypothesis: Three Time Dimensions, One Space Dimension
61 How an Artificial Chemical Clock Imitates a Mysterious Property of Circadian Rhythms
62 Heart Disease Breakthrough: New Immune Target Discovered
63 Cancer Scientists Develop Powerful AI Algorithm to Help Tackle Deadly Glioblastoma
64 Researchers Uncover Origin and Abundance of Lunar Surface Water
65 New Study: Walking "Teabag Style" for a Few Minutes a Day Could Have Important Public Health Benefits
66 Study Finds that Playing the Piano Boosts Brain Processing Power and Reduces Depression, Stress, and Anxiety
67 For the First Time: Human Brain Organoids Implanted in Mice Show Response to Visual Stimuli
68 Scientists Use Exotic DNA to Help Create "Climate-Proof" Crops
69 Space Station Power Upgrade: Spacewalkers Complete Construction Job
70 Revealed: First Dormant, Stellar-Mass Black Hole in Our Cosmic Backyard
71 NASA's HiRISE Captures a Bear's Face on Mars--What Is It Really?
72 Nanowire Made by Bacteria Provides Important Clues to Combating Climate Change
73 Clinical Trial Demonstrates Significant Improvement for Women with Advanced or Recurrent Endometrial Cancer
74 Crucial New Insights into Survival of the Critically Endangered Kakapo Parrot
75 Unsolved for 500 Years: Researchers Crack Leonardo da Vinci's Paradox
76 Massive Antarctic Iceberg--Twice the Size of New York City--on the Move
77 Isotope Analysis of Primitive Meteorites Reveals Solar System Formed from "Poorly Mixed Cake Batter"
78 Immune Response to COVID-19 Strengthens Over Time--Important Implications for Vaccine Boosters
79 Unraveling the Mystery--Researchers Sculpt the Human Body Plan in a Dish
80 Anti-Aging Gene Shown to Rewind Heart Age by 10 Years
81 Scientists Find that Mechanical Stimulation Could Be Used to Strengthen Muscles
82 A Historic Discovery: Archaeologists Uncover Oldest Known Projectile Points in the Americas
83 Is There Life on Saturn's Icy Moon Enceladus? A Future Space Mission Could Provide Answers
84 How to Shelter from a Nuclear Explosion
85 What Age Do People Sleep the Least?
86 Quantum Materials Unveiled: A New X-Ray Imaging Technique
87 A New Hope for Sepsis Treatments: Anticancer Drugs
88 New Form of Ice Discovered--May Shake Up Our Understanding of Water
89 NASA's Webb Telescope Wins Prestigious Space Foundation Award
90 Scientists Discover that a Simple Brain Game May Predict Your Risk of Infection
91 Astronauts Take a Break After Thrilling Spacewalk, ISS Soars Higher for Impending Spaceship Arrivals
92 Simple Nasal Spray Significantly Reduces Snoring and Breathing Difficulties in Children
93 Sources of CO2 Emissions Pinpointed on Earth by NASA Space Missions
94 Vitamin D's Impact on Health: New Study Suggests Body Weight Matters
95 100 Million People at Risk--The Hidden Cost of Soaring Fertilizer Prices
96 Exploring the Inner Workings of Human Cells--Database of 200,000 Cell Images Yields New Mathematical Framework
97 Marburg Vaccine Breakthrough: First Human Study Shows Promising Results
98 Supernova Fizzles Out: Rare Twin Star System Discovered with a Weirdly Circular Orbit
99 New Study Indicates that Antibiotics Can Increase Older Adults' Risk of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
100 Researchers Discover Unusual Compound in Famous 17th-Century Painting
101 Remarkable Results--Scientists Discover that a Dietary Supplement Could Fix a Broken Heart
102 Peering into the Ocean's Future--Map of Ancient Ocean "Dead Zones" Could Predict Future Locations, Impacts
103 Scientists Reveal Genetic Mechanism Linked to High-Calorie Food-Fueled Obesity
104 Explaining a Solar Mystery--Princeton Researchers Have Discovered a Previously Hidden Heating Process
105 Unlocking the Potential of Magnetic Materials--a New Optical Method to Verify Topological Phases
106 NASA Astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley Awarded Congressional Space Medal of Honor
107 A Promising New Treatment for Hand Osteoarthritis
108 Astronomers Discover Earth-Size Planet--Promising Target in the Search for Alien Life
109 Can Neuroimaging Reveal the Roots of Psychiatric Disorders like PTSD?
110 NASA's Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe Completes Critical Design Review
111 Unlocking the Secrets of Cellular Uptake: Revolutionary Discovery Paves Way for New Cancer and Disease Treatments
112 Overcoming Children's Peanut Allergies: Boiled Peanuts Show Promise
113 Unprecedented Precision--New DNA Sequencing Method Lifts "Veil" from Genome Black Box
114 Rare Fossilized Feathers Reveal Secrets of Ancient Paleontology Hotspot
115 New Study Alarms: Ultra-Processed Foods Linked to Increased Risk of Cancer & Death
116 The Best Catalyst Particles: Cubes Outperform Spheres