File Title
1 Four Genes Discovered to Increase Risk of Suicidal Thoughts and Actions
2 A Solution to Excess CO2? New Study Proposes Fertilizing the Ocean
3 How Chaos Theory Relates Two Seemingly Different Areas of Physics
4 Rare Genetic Phenomenon Linked to Schizophrenia
5 Faster and Safer: A New Treatment for Bone Marrow Transplant Side Effects
6 Dark Energy Camera Unveils Billions of Celestial Objects in Unprecedented Survey of the Milky Way
7 The Hidden Secrets of Flowers--Understanding Floral Evolution
8 Estrogen May Offer Protection Against Delirium
9 New Dinosaur Egg Species Helps Crack Mystery of Cretaceous Ecosystem in Japan
10 A Life-Saving Breakthrough: Scientists Uncover Japanese Fruit Juice that May Help Prevent Lung Cancer
11 NASA SWOT Water Mission to Gauge Alaskan Rivers on Front Lines of Climate Change
12 Photonic Hopfions: Light Shaped as a Smoke Ring Behaves like a Particle
13 Scientists Discover "Virovory"--Eating Viruses Can Power Growth of Microorganisms
14 Unleashing Fury: Looking Back at the Destructive Volcanic Eruption that Shook the World
15 Scientists Discover Species of Gut Microbes that Can Boost the Motivation to Exercise
16 Not Where We Thought: Human Bipedalism May Have Evolved in Trees
17 How Buddhism Could Help Lower Depression Risk
18 New Research Could Link Evolution of Complex Life to Genetic "Dark Matter"
19 The Hidden Cost of Face Masks: Study Shows Negative Impact on Cognitive Performance
20 Scientists Recycle Previously Unrecyclable Plastic
21 Nature's Decline: The Distance Between Humans and Nature Is Growing
22 Directly Challenging Our Understanding of Nuclear Force: Scientists Discover Strongest Isospin Mixing Ever Observed
23 NASA and Boeing Partner to Design Greener, More Fuel-Efficient Airliner of Future
24 Cancer's Secret Weapon? Enzyme that Protects Against Viruses May Fuel Tumor Evolution
25 Revealing the Start of Time Itself: Ripples in the Fabric of the Universe May Peer Back to the Beginning of Everything We Know
26 Uncovering the Hidden Sources of City Methane Emissions: Researchers Reveal Unrecognized Contributors to Global Warming
27 NASA's Artemis III: First Human Mission to the Lunar South Pole
28 Glial Brain Cells Help Memory Along--Previously Unknown Mechanism for Spatial Learning Discovered
29 NASA's JPL and the Space Age: Destination Moon--"We Didn't Know What We Were Doing"
30 Scientists Identify New Potential Benefits of Statins Beyond Lowering Cholesterol
31 New Study Refutes Current Timeline of Mammoth Extinction
32 One Step Closer to Artificial Organs: Living Fossil Provides New Insight
33 New Research: Eating Grapes Can Protect Against UV Damage to Skin
34 ESA's Planetary Defense Mission: Time of Trial for Hera Spacecraft
35 Common Antidepressants Cause Emotional "Blunting"--Scientists Finally Figured Out Why
36 10,000 Years Ago--Ancient Stone Tools Provide the Earliest Evidence of Rice Harvesting
37 The Benefits--and Serious Risks--of Alternative Heart Failure Treatments
38 18 Times More Power: MIT Researchers Have Developed Ultrathin Lightweight Solar Cells
39 Hubble Captures Breathtaking Image of Tempestuous Young Stars in Orion
40 Neuroscientists Discover Previously Unknown Component of Brain Anatomy
41 Unlocking the Secrets of Animal Communication: Dogs Show Things to Humans but Pigs Do Not
42 Brain Markers of ADHD Identified in Children's MRI Scans
43 Cosmic Feast Unveiled: Two Supermassive Black Holes Discovered Dining Together
44 Experiment Proves Bacteria Really Eat Plastic--Broken Down into Harmless Substances
45 Unlocking the Secrets of Aging: Researchers Discover Previously Unknown Mechanism that Drives Aging
46 NASA Gives Up: Lucy Mission Suspending Further Solar Array Deployment Activities
47 Alarm Bells Ring for Great Hammerheads After Scientists Sequence the Genomes of Endangered Sharks
48 The Black Hole Puzzle: Piecing Together the Origins of Invisible Giants
49 Alleviating Symptoms: Brain Stimulation Could Help Treat Alzheimer's Disease
50 Good News: Clouds Less Climate-Sensitive than Previously Thought
51 Good News for Aging Adults: Daily Stress Decreases with Age
52 Cosmic Simulation: Researchers Create Curved Spacetime in Lab
53 A Golden Solution to Pollution? Scientists Have Developed a New Method of Reducing Carbon Dioxide
54 Space Station Crew Kicks Off Week with Bone Research and Physics Studies
55 Poor Gut Health May Drive Multiple Sclerosis--But a Better Diet May Ease It
56 Time Warp: How Crowding on Public Transit Can Distort Our Perception of Time
57 Harmless Bacteria Species Developing Alarming Number of Potentially Harmful Characteristics
58 Webb Peers into Frozen Heart of Molecular Cloud--Unveils Dark Side of Pre-Stellar Ice Chemistry
59 New Nanoparticle to Act at the Heart of Cells for Extremely Powerful and Targeted Anti-Inflammatory Treatment
60 NASA's Geotail Mission Ends: Data Recorder Failure Halts Operations
61 Long-Term Consequences: Using Digital Devices to Soothe Young Children May Backfire
62 Insulin in a Pill? New Research Answers a Question that Has Puzzled Diabetes Researchers for 100 Years
63 Scientists Discover the Snake Clitoris
64 Winter Wellness: How Snowy Landscapes Can Help Improve Body Image
65 A Game Changer for Diabetic Wound Treatment: New Material Speeds Up Healing
66 Groundbreaking 3D Map of Cosmic Superbubble's Magnetic Field Unveiled
67 HYPER (HighlY Interactive ParticlE Relics)--a New Model for Dark Matter
68 Scientists Have Solved a Long-Standing Genomic Mystery
69 A New Era of Optical Communications: The Potential of Parametric Amplifiers
70 A High Salt Low Potassium Diet Can Increase Your Risk of Cognitive Decline
71 World's Longest Conveyor Belt System--61 Miles Long
72 Climate Conundrum: Building Green Energy Facilities May Produce Substantial Carbon Emissions
73 New Research Reveals How E-Cigarettes Affect the Lungs
74 Certain Jobs Linked to Increased Risk of Miscarriage / Pregnancy Loss
75 COVID Toll: Big Jump in Cardiovascular-Related Deaths Reported by American Heart Association
76 James Webb Space Telescope's NIRISS Instrument Knocked Offline
77 Do Women Age Differently from Men?
78 Cambridge Scientists Have Discovered a Dynamic Fractal in Clean Magnetic Crystal
79 Meteorite Hunters Discover Extraordinary 17-Pound Space Rock in Antarctica
80 Experts Debunk Scientific Claims that Human Babies Are Colonized by Bacteria Before Birth
81 Research Reveals that Early Retirement Can Accelerate Cognitive Decline
82 Surprising Discovery: MIT Neuroscientists Find that Adult Brain Is Filled with Millions of "Silent Synapses"
83 New Species: First Primate Relatives Discovered in the High Arctic of Ancient Canada
84 Significant Improvements: A New, Promising Long-Term Treatment for Eczema
85 A Doomed World: Astronomers Discover an Exoplanet Spiraling Toward Its Destruction
86 A New Promising Tech Treatment for Youth Depression
87 Affecting Longevity: Early Life Experiences Can Have Long-Lasting Impact on Genes
88 A Safer Opioid? Scientists Use Sodium to Reduce Harmful Effects of Fentanyl
89 Superconducting Nanowire Photon Detector Could Enable High-Speed Quantum Communication
90 Unleashing the Power of Seaweed Farming for Food, Feed, and Fuel
91 Planetary Defense: Asteroid Findings from Specks of Space Dust Could Save Earth
92 Decoding the Past--Scientists Uncover the Origin of Mysterious Giant Extinct Marine Reptile Graveyard
93 Not Safe for Everybody: The Hidden Risk of Green Tea Extract
94 NASA Revolutionary New Robotic Arm Really Knows How to Chill Out
95 Unlocking the Secrets of Pleasurable Touch: Scientists Trace Sensory Pathways from Skin to Brain
96 A Growing Threat: Harmful Fungal Toxins Spreading in Wheat
97 Not Just Fun: New Study Indicates Video Games Can Improve Career Prospects
98 High Blood Pressure Medication Shown to Slow Aging and Extend Lifespan
99 ISS Astronauts Prep for Next Spacewalk, Explore Space Biology and Physics
100 The Surprising Connection Between Income and Sexual Orientation
101 Can Elephants Save the Planet? These Majestic Animals Are Key to Capturing Atmospheric Carbon
102 Having Trouble Sleeping? Scientists Recommend Trying This
103 Were We Wrong About the "Love Hormone" Oxytocin?
104 Scientists Discover How the Measles Virus Can Cause a Fatal Neurological Disorder
105 Galactic Anomaly: The Milky Way Is Too Big for Its "Cosmological Wall"
106 Why Aren't All Black Bears Black?
107 Unlocking the Unimaginable: Revolutionary New Method for Materials Discovery
108 Startling Findings: Midwest and Southeast Experience Dramatic Increase in Anal Cancer
109 How Machine Learning Could Predict Rare Disastrous Events--Like Earthquakes or Pandemics
110 Ancient Asteroid Provides Insight into the Evolution of Our Solar System
111 Devastating Consequences: How a Single Oil Spill Can Disrupt the Global Energy Supply
112 Modeling Solar Winds: Simulations Reproduce Complex Fluctuations in Soft X-Ray Signal Detected by Satellites
113 New Portable Mosquito Repellent Device Passes U.S. Military Testing
114 Transistors Repurposed as Microchip "Clock" to Address Security Concerns and Supply Chain Weakness
115 Columbia Researchers Uncover Dangerous Connection Between Serotonin and Heart Valve Disease
116 Green Biodegradable Medical Gowns Actually Produce Harmful Greenhouse Gases
117 Healthy Plant-Based Diets Could Lower Men's Risk of Colon Cancer
118 Important Advance in Quantum Science: Coherent Manipulation of Spin Qubits at Room Temperature
119 Rotating Detonation Rocket Engine: NASA's Revolutionary Propulsion Design for Deep Space Missions
120 Mysteries Remain About Puzzling Bahamas Whiting Events