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1 Brad Bennett's five favourite things of 2022
2 Amazon's started to deliver orders by drones in California and Texas
3 Researchers develop blood test that can reliably detect Alzheimer's disease
4 Apple's Crash Detection sent 71 notifications to one 911 center last weekend
5 Twitter is up and down, with error messages and other outage-like problems
6 Limited Twitter outage rattles users: Monitors
7 Google, YouTube Said to Face Lawsuit in US for Violating Privacy of Children Under Age 13
8 There's a connection between Apple shares' freefall and Foxconn losing some iPhone 15 Ultra orders
9 Twitter went down for thousands of users
10 Google Contacts gets a new Highlights tab: What it does and how it can be a really useful feature
11 China Set to Launch State-Backed NFT Marketplace on Special 'Cultural Protection' Chain
12 This is what may have caused Twitter to go down for thousands of users globally
13 Twitter Gets Significant Backend Server Architecture Changes, Should Feel Faster, Says Elon Musk
14 Samsung's new fridge comes with a 32-inch display: All the details
15 Apple may sell less number of iPhone 14 units than expected, here's why
16 Read Elon Musk's email to Tesla employees about not being worried over 'stock market craziness'
17 You thought Google had a good year for software and hardware
18 Amazon may soon give you everything sports in one app
19 TikTok banned on government devices in Kansas; a more serious ban may follow
20 Google Chrome is getting new feature to make downloads secure
21 Google Chrome is making a crucial update to help keep you safe
22 New App Allows Users to Change System Font on iOS 16 Without Jailbreaking iPhone
23 Microsoft Excel Gets New Search Bar, Image Function, Formula Suggestion, More: Details
24 Samsung's latest smart refrigerator will be even better for TikTok
25 Code-generating tools could be more of a security hindrance than help
26 Budget phones in 2023: 5 things we want to see
27 Wrapping up the Mac for 2022: Ventura and M2 shone, but where's the Mac Pro?
28 iPhone 15 Lineup Could See More Difference Between Pro, Basic Models: Report
29 Take ChatGPT for a spin and see what it can do
30 India standardizes USB-C on phones, turns focus to wearables
31 10 titles you might have missed
32 Smartwatch Data Shows COVID Booster Dose Safe for Heart: Lancet Study
33 Several Pixel 7 owners report spontaneously shattering camera glass
34 12 high-profile tech opportunities for those job hunting
35 2022 was a busy year for electric vehicle companies
36 Google AdWords is being hijacked by scammers
37 New York breaks the right to repair bill as it's signed into law
38 How to send and receive text SMS in Facebook Messenger on Android
39 6 things we want to see [from Apple]
40 Windows 11 could bring a divisive new feature to Notepad
41 TSMC hints 3nm iPhone 15 chip may prioritize battery life over performance
42 Waze is testing a feature that warns drivers about to travel on a dangerous road
43 Texans came together to save more than 1,500 bats from wintery doom
44 Amazon is reportedly working on standalone app for sports content
45 8 great Apple Arcade games from 2022 for your iPhone or iPad
46 New York's governor signs watered-down right-to-repair bill
47 Data breaches could be even more expensive in 2023
48 WhatsApp will stop working on iPhone 5 and 5c soon
49 TikTok will be banned on most US federal government devices
50 Google Voice will now warn you about potential spam calls
51 Apple may introduce 11.1-inch and 13-inch OLED iPad Pro models in 2024
52 Urgent broadband alert! Check your Wi-Fi router and update it now
53 Intel in 2022: year in review
54 Apple iPad Pro Models with 11.1-Inch and 13-Inch OLED Displays to Launch in 2024: Report
55 Sorry! No. 14-inch iPad anytime soon, according to industry insiders
56 Google Voice now flags suspected spam calls
57 iPhone 15 tipped for better battery life thanks to new Apple A17 chip
58 Qualcomm testing its answer to Apple's M-series chips
59 5G smartphone shipments to exceed 4G shipments in India next year: Report
60 When Qualcomm beat Google to acquire chip startup led by an ex-Apple employee
61 The Lensa AI app--everything you need to know
62 How to create a secret folder on Windows to store private files
63 Apple, Garmin, Fitbit, and more
64 Which earbuds work best with winter hats?
65 5 things we want to see from Google in 2023
66 Tech giants' data centers could soon be warming your home
67 The 10 best shows to stream on Apple TV Plus from 2022
68 2023 could be the year we all leave twitter
69 Got a new heart rate monitor? Here's how it'll change your workouts in 2023
70 Make tech work for you: 10 side gigs to make extra money
71 Behind the scenes: Trials of a fitness gadget reviewer
72 Leaker says Apple considering price cut for iPhone 15 Plus
73 Netgear Wi-Fi routers need to be patched immediately
74 PSA: the Dark Sky's iOS app will stop working imminently
75 The best streaming shows you might have missed in 2022
76 Meta acquires smart lensmaker Luxexcel as it works toward AR glasses goal
77 Study shows that the ECG sensor on the Apple Watch could notify users of rising stress levels
78 FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried May Enter Guilty Plea on Cheating Charges
79 Microsoft in 2022: year in review
80 Redmi K60 Cooling Case Said to Reduce Maximum Temperature by 4 Degrees Celsius
81 NLRB says Tesla violated the law by telling employees not to talk about pay
82 Twitter to Soon Allow Users to Side Sweep Through Tweets, Trends, Topics, More
83 Facebook-parent Meta buys smart lensmaker Luxexcel: What the acquisition means and more
84 Elon Musk announces new tool for Twitter navigation: What is it, when it is coming and more
85 iPhone 15's A17 Chip Expected to Focus on Battery Life Over Power: Report
86 One Apple iPhone 15 model could be cheaper than we were expecting
87 ISRO's Upcoming Experiments for 2023 Includes Dedicated Mission for Sun, Moon
88 ReWASD is the best controller software you're not using
89 WhatsApp tweets wrong Map of India, gets warning from IT minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar
90 Samsung in 2023: 5 things we want to see
91 Grubhub ordered to pay $3.5 million to settle Washington DC deceptive practices lawsuit
92 Apple rumored to be planning larger OLED iPad Pros for 2024
93 Bring back personal blogging--The Verge
94 Meta buys smart lensmaker Luxexcel to further AR ambitions
95 Grubhub must pay DC $3.5 million over claims it charged customers hidden fees
96 TSMC's yields on early 3nm production are reportedly as high as 80%
97 Farewell to 3G--The Verge
98 Big Tech critic Tim Wu is leaving the White House
99 What's up Doc? Apple offers special edition AirPods Pro 2 for the Year of the Rabbit in China
100 Samsung taps a former Mercedes-Benz designer to lead its mobile design team
101 Tesla broke labor laws by telling workers not to discuss pay, NLRB claims
102 New UK broadband alert comes at the worse time for millions of UK home
103 WhatsApp has stopped working on these old iPhones and Android devices starting today
104 5 appliances and smart home gadgets that'll save you money in 2023
105 Why your Samsung 4K TV will look massively outdated later this week
106 Bought a TV over the holidays? Here's why you need to add a soundbar
107 The best Dark Sky alternatives for iOS and Android
108 My tech resolution for 2023 is to smarten up my home
109 Some of the best gear you need to start a YouTube channel
110 10 upcoming streaming movies that we're excited to watch in 2023
111 Twitter sued for not paying San Francisco office rent
112 As an adult with ADHD, bluetooth trackers are a massive game-changer