File Title
1 Doctors Warn of Relatively Little Known Hazard Linked to Open Water Swimming
2 Scientists Transform Plastic Waste into a Valuable Soil Additive
3 Want to Eat Healthy and Save the Planet? Scientists Recommend Replacing Beef with This
4 Baby Star "Burps" Tell Tales of Surprisingly Frantic Feeding--"It's Literally the Process of Star Creation in Real-Time"
5 Cedars-Sinai Cancer Breakthrough: Biological Pathway Identified that Leads Stem Cells to Die or Regenerate
6 National Parks Are the Backbone of Conservation--Here How to Make Them Better
7 Repeated Stress Can Accelerate Aging of the Eye
8 Almost Inconceivable--Scientists Discover that this Insect Has Superhero-Like Abilities
9 Scientists Obtain First-Ever Sound Recording of Dust Devils on Mars
10 Scientists Have Discovered a Bizarre New Species of Scorpionflies
11 Gene Mutation Linked to Autism Found to Overstimulate Brain Cells
12 Prehistoric Puzzle Deciphered--Scientists Solve the Mystery of 300-Million-Year-Old Cooked Tetrapod Bones
13 Unlocking the Secrets of Laser-Induced Periodic Surface Structures on Silicon
14 120-Million-Year-Old Fossil Shows Modern Bird Skull Evolved from a Mixture of Dinosaur and Bird Features
15 Black Hole's Deep Gravitational Sinkhole Twists Unlucky Star into Donut Shape
16 Holes in T Cells: Previously Unknown Function of Immune Cells Revealed
17 JPL and the Space Age: Explorer 1 (NASA Documentary)
18 Nearly Identical to a Human's--Scientists Successfully Create Adrenal Gland in a Petri Dish
19 Watching Videos and Playing Video Games Can Increase Children's Risk of OCD
20 Unlock the Anti-Aging Secrets of the Brain: How 6 Minutes of Exercise Could Delay Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease
21 Astronomers Find the Most Distant Stars in Milky Way's Halo--Over 1,000,000 Light Years Away
22 COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Linked to Increased Risk of Traffic Accidents
23 Why Is Ice Slippery? A New Approach to the Mystery
24 New Innovative Treatment Prevents Diabetes
25 New MIT Research Indicates that Automation Is Responsible for Income Inequality
26 Trapping Millions of Tons of CO2--Researchers Have Discovered an Arctic Carbon Conveyor Belt
27 Previously Considered Safe--Low Levels of Air Pollution Much Deadlier than Scientists Thought
28 Extraordinary Discovery May Substantially Change Our Understanding of the Mechanism of Photosynthesis
29 The Secret Code of the Universe: A Remarkable Way of Measuring the Fine Structure Constant
30 Consumption of Fast Food Linked to Potentially Deadly Liver Disease
31 Black Hole Violently Tearing Apart a Star Unleashes Rare Luminous Jet of Matter
32 Princeton Scientists Shocked to Discover Bering Land Bridge Formed Far Later During Last Ice Age than Thought
33 Surprising Research Reveals Religion Is Not the Main Reason for Rejection of Evolution in Schools
34 US, Japan Sign Space Collaboration Agreement at NASA HQ--"The Future of Space Is Collaborative"
35 Discovery of Checkerboard Pattern of Inner Ear Cells that Is Vital for Hearing
36 Orbit of Doom: The Surprising Connection Between Earth's Orbital Patterns and an Ancient Warming Event
37 Viking Age to Modern Day Scandinavia Unveiled Through 2,000 Years of Genetic History
38 Scientists Discover Biological Consequences of Racism
39 New Research Finds that Transgender Youth Are 400% More Likely to Have Sleep Disorders
40 Revolutionizing Renewable Energy: Using Sunlight to Produce Hydrogen Fuel Out of Thin Air
41 New Study Suggests Dark Matter May Be Made of Dark Photons
42 Scientists Reveal How Trauma Changes the Brain
43 How Tomatoes and Potatoes Could Be Used to Treat Cancer
44 Hubble Spots an Astronomical Intruder in a Distant Galaxy
45 Human-Ignited Fires Caused 20,000 Premature U.S. Deaths--"Respiratory Infections, Lung Cancer, Heart Disease..."
46 Stanford Study Reveals Secrets to Sustainable Weight Loss: Behaviors and Biomarkers Exposed
47 Ice-Sheet-Wide Collapse in West Antarctica Isn't Inevitable: Runaway Ice Retreat Can Be Slowed
48 NASA's Moon Mission in Jeopardy? Issues with Lunar Flashlight's Spacecraft Propulsion System
49 A New Ancient Branch on the Tree of Life: The "Lions of the Microbial World"
50 Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe: Researchers Use High-Powered Lasers to Study Magnetic Reconnection
51 Climate Change: NASA Reveals How Earth's Global Temperatures Stacked Up in 2022
52 Challenging Our Understanding of the Universe: Astronomers Discover an Enigmatic Cosmic Explosion
53 How Modern Agriculture Turned a Wild Plant into a Problematic Weed
54 Scientists Discover Serious Side Effects Associated with Youth Steroid Use
55 World's Oldest Meal Helps Unravel Mystery of Our Earliest Animal Ancestors
56 Scientists Have Developed a Living "Bio-Solar Cell" that Runs on Photosynthesis
57 Birth of a "Masquerading Monster"--Formation of Massive Star Caught in the Act
58 New Research: Blood Pressure Highly Likely to Cause Neurotic Personality Trait
59 Improving Memory: New Study Finds that Moderate Stress Is Actually Good for You
60 Why Is the Southern Hemisphere Stormier? Scientists Solve a Century-Old Mystery
61 Long COVID Rehab Program Shows "Impressive" Results
62 Chemists Have Developed a New Way to Produce an Important Molecular Entity
63 Profound Implications: New Research Challenges a 70-Year-Old Theory of Protein Folding
64 Black Hole Carnivals May Lead to Cosmic Crashes Seen by Gravitational-Wave Detectors
65 Effective and Safe Pregnancy Pain Relief: Acupuncture Shown to Ease Lower Back Pain
66 A New Frontier: NASA's Webb Space Telescope Confirms Existence of Earth-Sized Rocky Exoplanet!
67 Study Explores Cellular Benefits of Resistance Training in Older Adults
68 New Research Reveals Why You Shouldn't Let Your Cat Outside
69 Unlocking the Mystery of Plant Breathing--Scientists Discover Mechanism Plants Use to Control "Mouths"
70 New NASA Study Reveals Devastating Impact of Rising Sea Levels on U.S. Coasts
71 A New Model of an Ancient Disease: Study Identifies Novel Treatment Targets for Gout
72 Scientists Discover Secret Behind Chocolate's Irresistible Texture--Paves Way for Healthier Luxury Chocolates
73 New Research Reveals the Secret to Unleashing Creativity in Conventional Thinkers
74 300% More Capacity: New Battery Technology Could Significantly Lower Energy Storage Costs
75 New Research Reveals that Plant-Based Meat Substitutes Often Lack Nutritional Value
76 A New Approach to Treating Diabetes
77 New Insight into Two Ancient Powerhouses: Scientists Discover 1,700-Year-Old Spider Monkey Remains
78 New Research: Vaccines Could Prevent Childhood Malnutrition and Stunting
79 Unearthing Prehistoric Predators: Giant Megaraptors Among Diverse Dinosaurs in Patagonia
80 8 Amazing Benefits of Astragalus Root According to Scientific Studies
81 A Biological Wonder: Harvard Researchers Discover Embryonic Origins of Adult Pluripotent Stem Cells
82 Scientists Unlock Nature's Secret to Super-Selective Binding
83 Webb Space Telescope Reveals Dusty Leftovers of Planet Formation like Never Seen Before
84 ADHD Persists Throughout Life--Strongly Linked to Mental Health Issues like Anxiety and Depression
85 Researchers Uncover New Negative Effects of Vaping
86 Uncovering Secrets of the Early Universe: Astronomers Capture Radio Signal from Distant Galaxy
87 How Artificial Intelligence Found the Words to Kill Cancer Cells
88 Physicists Observe Direct Evidence of Effective Wave Growth Theory in Space
89 New Study Illuminates Approaches for Long-Term Hearing Loss Treatment
90 Even More Beneficial than We Thought: How Drinking Black Tea May Improve Your Long-Term Health
91 New Sleep Apnea Drug Shows Promising Results in Human Trials
92 New Type of Entanglement Lets Nuclear Physicists "See" Inside Atomic Nuclei
93 NASA's Webb Space Telescope Uncovers Star Formation in Mysterious Cluster's Dusty Ribbons
94 Breakthrough Discovery Brings Billion-Qubit Quantum Computing Chips Closer
95 Unlocking the Secrets of the Gaze: What Our Eyes Reveal About Us
96 Risk or Relief? Scientists Call for More Research on Antidepressants and Pregnancy
97 NASA's Perseverance Rover Collects Martian Regolith Samples
98 Research Shows Gut Bacteria Affect Brain Health--Reveals New Approach to Treating Alzheimer's Disease
99 Secrets of Marine Biology: How Four Genes Turned Whales into Giants of the Sea
100 Startling New Clues About Earth's Past from Malformed Seashells and Ancient Sediment
101 Snowless Ski Slopes Captured from Space--Lack of Snowfall in Alps and Pyrenees
102 Vanishing Stars: The Alarming Global Trend of Losing Sight of the Night Sky
103 Fang-Tastic Findings: Study Unveils the Science Behind the Bite of Saber-Toothed Carnivores
104 Not Effective? Popular Anti-Aging Treatments Shown to Have a Limited Impact on Aging
105 Secrets of a Massive Star Revealed Through Astrophysical Lasers
106 Berkeley Scientists Discover Secret to Waking Up Alert and Refreshed
107 Digital "Demon": A Surprisingly Simple Method that Improves Quantum Computing Accuracy by 20X
108 We Asked a NASA Technologist: Does Anything Orbit the Moon?
109 New Clues to Predict When and Where the Sun's Next Flare Might Explode
110 Whole Grains Confusion: New Study Highlights Need for Consensus on Definition
111 Evolving "Backward"--Discovery Overturns More than a Century of Knowledge About the Origin of Modern Birds
112 A Startling Difference: Adult Children Four Times More Likely to Be Estranged from Dad than Mom
113 How Intermittent Fasting Extends Life Spans--Time-Restricted Eating Reshapes Gene Expression Throughout the Body
114 Beyond Agriculture: Our Forests Under Fierce Threat from Multiple Industries
115 Never Been Done Before--a New Way to Study Quarks
116 Scientists Warn that UV-Emitting Nail Polish Dryers Damage Human DNA and Cause Mutations
117 The FDA Failed--Banning Fruity Flavors Did Not Stop Vaping
118 Harvard Doctors Reveal Startling Truth: Do Football Players Age Faster?
119 How Visual Food Cues Can Control Your Eating Habits Without You Even Knowing It