File Title
1 Fathoming the Mysterious Hidden Heatwaves that Threaten Coral Reefs
2 Search for Dark Matter: Antihelium Nuclei as Messengers from the Depths of the Galaxy
3 Carnegie Mellon Researchers Project 2 Out of 3 Glaciers Could Be Lost by 2100
4 Warning: Eating Too Much Salt Could Be Making You Stressed
5 A New Study Has Identified Genes Associated with the Most Aggressive Kidney Cancer
6 USC Researchers Suggest a Quick Fix for America's Opioid Epidemic
7 Pineapple Express--Atmospheric River Drenches California, Blasting Hazardous Winds
8 World's Largest Autism Study Uncovers 134 New Genes Linked to the Condition
9 Strange New Discovery Reveals UV Radiation Played a Part in Mass Extinction Events
10 A New Approach to Halting the Effects of Aging: Boosting Immune Cells Improves Brain Waste Clearance
11 Researchers Discover that Our Ancient Ancestors Were More Complex than Previously Thought
12 New Technology Creates Carbon-Neutral Chemicals Out of Thin Air
13 Scientists Have Decrypted the "Mechanical Code" of DNA
14 Marine Disaster: Ships May Be Fueling a Coral-Killing Epidemic
15 Hubble Finds Truth Is Stranger than Fiction: Mysterious "Ghost" Stars Wandering Around for Billions of Years
16 A New Weapon Against Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
17 We Need to Do More--Global Warming Will Likely Exceed the 1.5-Degree Limit
18 MIT Taxonomy Helps Build Explainability into the Components of Machine-Learning Models
19 New Oral Drug Lowers Cholesterol by 70%
20 50% Reduction: Having More Children Lowers the Risk of a Common Cancer
21 JPL and the Space Age: The American Rocketeer (NASA Documentary)
22 99% Efficiency: Princeton Engineers Have Developed a New Way to Remove Microplastics from Water
23 New Study Uncovers Potential Target for Stopping 90% of Cancer Deaths
24 New Research: Fearlessness Can Be Learned
25 245% Increase in Abuse: Children Are Ditching Alcohol for Marijuana
26 Unusual Exotic Clasts in Chinese Lunar Samples Indicate Unexplored Terrane on Moon
27 Scientists Discover a New Species of Ancient Marine Turtles: Largest Ever Found in Europe
28 Puzzling Biochemists for Decades: Reconstruction of Two-Billion-Year-Old Enzyme Solves a Long-Standing Mystery
29 Itchy Eyes and a Runny Nose? Climate Change Could Be Responsible
30 Powerful X-Class Solar Flare Erupts from Sun--Captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory
31 Fiery Destruction Expected: NASA Earth Radiation Budget Satellite to Reenter Atmosphere Today
32 70% of Florida's Coral Reefs Are Eroding
33 Not Black Holes: Astronomers May Need to Rethink How Gamma-Ray Bursts Are Formed
34 Current Methods for Assessing Genetic Relationships Between Traits are Flawed
35 Alzheimer's Breakthrough: New Therapeutic Target Found
36 Inorganic Food Additives Might Make Babies More Vulnerable to Potentially Life-Threatening Allergies
37 What Your Favorite Song Says About Your Relationship Style
38 New Research Links a Greater Sense of Purpose to a Lower Risk of Death
39 James Webb Space Telescope Looks Back into the Early Universe, Sees Galaxies like Our Milky Way
40 New Study Uncovers Surprising Connection Between Evolution and Discrimination
41 Astronomers Reveal Secrets of Mysterious Radio Bubbles Surrounding Supermassive Black Hole
42 Exciting New Research: Planting Trees Can Save Lives
43 Not Science Fiction: A New Method to Move Objects Without Contact
44 Hubble Space Telescope: Calling on a Galactic Neighbor
45 Defying Conventional Theories: How Does Radiation Travel Through Dense Plasma?
46 Scientists Develop a Cool New Method of Refrigeration: "Ionocaloric Cooling"
47 Russian Twitter Campaigns During the 2016 Presidential Race Didn't Change Voting Behavior
48 Researchers Discover Surprising Risks for COVID-19 Infection + Significant Protection from Vitamin D
49 Millimeter Wave-Absorbing Magnetic Materials: Tech to Absorb Electromagnetic Waves in the 6G Band
50 69% Boost in Exercise Recovery Molecule Among "Weekend Warriors" from Eating Almonds
51 Brain Area Necessary for Fluid Intelligence Identified--Defining Feature of Human Cognition
52 Improving Endometriosis Treatment Options: A Vast Cellular Atlas Is Created by Cedars-Sinai Researchers
53 Princeton Chemists Create Quantum Dots at Room Temperature Using Custom Protein
54 Good and Bad Feelings for Brain Stem Serotonin Could Lead to New Treatments for Addiction and Depression
55 Contrary to Previous Assumptions: Forests Recovering from Logging Act as a Source of Carbon
56 Cancer Mystery Solved: Scientists Discover How Melanoma Tumors Control Mortality
57 New Study Challenges Conventional Wisdom on the Origins of Large Magma Eruptions
58 Can't Cure Reliably: Current Dosages for New Antimalarial Drug Are Insufficient
59 Unprecedented Discovery: Astronomers Observe Most Distant Black Hole Devouring a Star
60 Scientists Successfully Edit the Genes of Nature's Master Manipulators
61 More Important than Temperature: Salt's Surprising Role in Sea Ice Formation
62 New Study Significantly Narrows Search for Elusive Dark Matter Particles
63 Astronomy & Astrophysics 101: Supernova
64 Violent Galactic Shockwave: Webb Space Telescope Reveals Sonic Boom Bigger than the Milky Way
65 Machine Learning Accelerates Drug Formulation Development, Changing the Game for Pharmaceutical Research
66 Threatening Even Large Ships--Unraveling the Mystery of Colossal Rogue Waves
67 Hospitals Are at Risk: Smartphone Attacks Could Release Deadly Microbes
68 Harvard Astronomers Have Revealed the True Shape of the Milky Way's Halo of Stars
69 Extinction Wave Imminent: 23 Million Years of Evolution Under Threat in Madagascar
70 Breakthrough in Quantum Research Paves Way for New Generation of Light-Driven Electronics
71 Mysterious U.S. Outbreak of Bone-Eating Tuberculosis Resembled an Ancestral Form
72 New Research Links COVID-19 Infection--and Vaccination--to a Debilitating Heart Condition
73 Uncovering the Secrets of Mars: Two Major Meteorite Impacts Reveal Insights into the Red Planet's Interior
74 For the First Time: Doctors Have Successfully Treated a Fetus with a Devastating Genetic Disorder
75 A Simple Way to Improve Cancer Treatment Effectiveness: Timing
76 Supermassive Black Holes en Route to Cataclysmic Collision: Doomed Pair Closer than Ever Observed
77 Mucus Molecules Could Prevent Cholera
78 New Research Reveals the Biochemical "Rings of Power"
79 The Most Extraordinary Example Yet--Tiny, Hidden Galaxy Provides a Portal into the Distant Past
80 Researchers Discover Mars May Have Had the Conditions for Life Before Earth
81 New COVID-19 Vaccine Protects Against Infection and Brain Damage Caused by the Coronavirus
82 Artificial Pancreas Developed that Can Help Maintain Healthy Glucose Levels in Type 2 Diabetes Patients
83 A Giant Leap Towards a Greener Future: Breakthrough in Sustainable Ammonia and Fertilizer Production
84 COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance Increased Globally Last Year, but Decreased in 8 Countries
85 New Treatment for Hereditary Blindness Possible Using Nanoparticles and mRNA
86 NASA Planet Hunter Discovers Second Habitable, Earth-Size World in TOI 700 System
87 Top 5 Science-Backed Benefits of Valerian Root
88 Superheavy Neutron Stars Revealed by NASA Observations of Powerful Cosmic Explosions
89 Diabetes Medications Linked to Multiple Sclerosis: New Study Uncovers Surprising Connection
90 A New Chapter in Climate Science--390-Million-Year-Old Seawater Pockets Uncovered
91 Small Fish Could Play a Big Role in the Fight Against Malnutrition
92 Something We Had Never Seen Before--Unusual Cosmic Explosion Blasts Hole in Established Science
93 Explosive X1.9 Class Solar Flare Erupts from the Sun
94 More Evidence Uncovered: Breast Milk of Those Vaccinated Against COVID-19 May Protect Infants
95 Risk Factors for Falls in Older Americans Identified--a Growing Public Health Concern
96 What Would Darwin Discover Today?
97 New Research Reveals Startling Connection Between Hearing Loss and Dementia in Older Adults
98 Latest Cancer Statistics Released by American Cancer Society--3.8 Million Cancer Deaths Averted
99 Artificial Organic Neurons Created--Almost like Biological Nerve Cells
100 Building Blocks of Life Discovered in Meteorite that Crash Landed in England
101 Workplace Hazard? Common Dusts Found to Increase Arthritis Risk
102 Scientists Have Discovered the Remains of Two 455 Million-Year-Old Worms
103 Endangering Public Health--New Investigation Reveals Startling Lack of FDA Oversight in Clinical Trials
104 Astronomers Have Discovered Web-Like Plasma Structures on the Sun
105 100 Times Better--Tiny Magnetic Vortices Could Transform High-Performance Computers
106 Believe It or 'Nut': Snacking on Almonds Can Help You Lose Weight
107 New Research Flips Our Understanding of Ice Age Frequency
108 Uncovering Why 13 Is Considered Unlucky--The Surprising Power of Its Bad Reputation
109 New Research Reveals that a Poor Diet Damages Your Blood Vessels
110 Education and Genetics: A Dangerous Combination that Can Cause Nearsightedness