File Title
1 Ice cores show even dormant volcanoes leak abundant sulfur into the atmosphere
2 Experiments to complete scientific understanding of how reduced gravity affects boiling and condensation
3 The first stars may have held up to 100,000 times the mass of the sun
4 Research measures political polarization in Europe through parties' Facebook pages
5 Life in a violent country can be years shorter and much less predictable, even for those not involved in conflict
6 Signal transmission in the immune and nervous system through NEMO
7 Improved estimates of carbon sinks and sources of northern ecosystems
8 Paper explores how researchers have responsibility for the stories they request and retell
9 Nano drug delivery breakthrough reveals new possibilities for the treatment of pulmonary fibrosis
10 Long-delayed ExoMars mission still dreams of 2028 launch
11 New herb plant species found in Yunnan, China
12 First assessment of livestock predation risk from brown bears in Romania
13 A protein structure reveals how replication of DNA coding for antibiotic resistance is initiated
14 Improving social access beyond the inner city
15 Here are 3 people-animal collaborations besides dolphins and Brazilians
16 A possible strategy for a tabletop chiral attosecond laser
17 Development of a versatile method to synthesize functional mRNAs with diverse 5' cap structures
18 New England knows winter, but why so dangerously cold?
19 Jupiter's moon count jumps to 92, most in solar system
20 When you buy at a discount online, are you really paying more?
21 Reference epigenome reveals transcription and chromatin state reprogramming during wheat embryogenesis
22 Using diamonds to generate ultrashort THz pulses
23 Rabi oscillations in a stretching molecule
24 An Earth-Mass Planet that's Potentially Habitable and Just 31 Light-Years Away
25 Commonly used police diversity training unlikely to change officers' behavior, study finds
26 Endangered monarch butterflies face perilous storm
27 Thirteen dead as Chile forest fires provoke state of disaster
28 Famed LA mountain lion's death shines light on tribal talks
29 Children lost one-third of a year's learning to COVID, new study shows
30 Dolphins, humans both benefit from fishing collaboration
31 AI is helping us search for intelligent alien life--and we've found 8 strange new signals
32 Upsurge in rocket launches could impact the ozone layer
33 Cinnamon Improves Your Memory and Cognition
34 How Concerning Is this New COVID-19 Subvariant?
35 How to Keep Your Anxiety in Check After Surviving A Brutal Layoff Season
36 Webb Telescope Switched Off and on Again After Strike by Galactic Rays, Says NASA
37 A Psychologist Suggests 2 Ways to Care for A Loved One Who Is Struggling with Anxiety
38 Study reveals new clues about how 'Earth's thermostat' controls climate
39 How COVID-19 Vaccines May Affect Your Menstrual Cycle, Periods
40 Chile forest fire toll rises, hundreds left homeless
41 Reconstruction of Nabataean woman to help understanding of ancient civilisation
42 Powerful quake kills at least 640 people in Turkey, Syria
43 Scientists find when in life people are most likely to sleep least
44 Scientists suggest way to help children get desensitised to peanut allergy
45 Wolves of the wilderness are calling. Will your dog answer?
46 Scientists discover rare superfast muscles in mouse legs
47 We prioritize family over self, and that has real-world implications
48 Magma observed taking an unexpected route beneath volcanoes
49 New polymers could enable better wearable devices
50 Prehistoric human migration in Southeast Asia driven by sea-level rise, study reveals
51 Many plans for green infrastructure risk leaving vulnerable people out
52 Searching for an explanation for remarkable behavior of ice on Earth
53 An extension of FermiNet to discover quantum phase transitions
54 Earth-sized planet found just 72 light years away
55 The first global estimate of the combined weight of all land insects and related arthropods
56 A Psychologist Offers 3 Reasons Why Love and Intelligence Always Go Together
57 Teacher shortages are highly localized, causing shortages and surpluses to coexist
58 What historic executions in London can tell us about our contemporary appetites for pain and vulnerability
59 Researchers investigate properties of double white dwarfs with new mass transfer stability criterion
60 Upconversion of infrared photons enables rapid organic synthesis under sunlight
61 Preference for naturally talented over hard workers emerges in childhood, researchers find
62 New active ingredient from bacteria could protect plants
63 When natural disasters strike, public criticism of the government rises
64 Nepalese tigers showed rapid behavioral response to reduced road traffic during COVID-19 lockdown, study finds
65 How US cotton exports change in line with competition, trade policy
66 Webb detects extremely small main-belt asteroid
67 Key tilapia genome offers boost to global food security
68 Global study shows influences of climate change on terrestrial ecosystems
69 Snake named 46 years after first discovery
70 New research reveals lessons from Black Summer bushfires to avoid future biodiversity devastation
71 Tropical French territory battles green monkey invasion
72 Are tropical forests threatened by democracy?
73 Translating an RNA boosts its degradation, find researchers
74 Going for an immediate transition to a green economy pays off, even if such a transition is very unlikely to happen
75 White sclera is present in chimpanzees and other mammals, not just humans, study finds
76 Long-term restoration of a biodiversity hotspot hinges on getting seeds to the right place at the right time
77 Scientists Discover New Clue to How Earth's Tectonic Plates Move
78 Why was the Turkey-Syria earthquake so deadly?
79 Argonaute protein slicing, retention of RNA fragments plays role in chemical modification of DNA for gene silencing
80 International group of scientists warns nuclear radiation has devastating impacts on ecosystems
81 New viruses infecting hibiscus plants on O'ahu
82 Political leaning shapes physicians' and laypeople's beliefs about COVID-19 treatments
83 The plants seeking refuge across our dynamically changing planet
84 Early human migration to Americas linked to climate change
85 Incivility reduces interest in what politicians have to say, shows research
86 Why icicles are rippled
87 What to know about the big quake that hit Turkey and Syria
88 What to know about Turkey's recent devastating earthquake
89 Microwave irradiation might increase the sustainability of the chemicals industry
90 Sustainable chemistry will not solve CO2 emissions problem, claims paper
91 How carbon fiber--reinforced epoxy composite laminates fail when wet
92 Study finds connection between social presence and online social capital in social commerce
93 New research suggests that investors who make decisions with others are half as likely to bet on falling stock prices
94 How to re-wild a wetland: Focus on the groundwater
95 Marine scientist discusses her work in shark ecology
96 What is carbon dioxide, anyway? How does it cause global warming?
97 'Engine' of luminous merging galaxies pinpointed for the first time
98 Webb Telescope Accidentally Finds an Asteroid the Size of Rome's Colosseum
99 Proof that Neanderthals ate crabs is another 'nail in the coffin' for primitive cave dweller stereotypes
100 Latin American and Caribbean researchers detail colonialism in ornithology
101 Molecule named after Keanu Reeves kills fungi efficiently, can be eco-friendly pesticide, study says
102 Plastic debris in the Arctic comes from all around the world
103 Plant diversity may never fully recover from agriculture without a helping hand
104 High-gain antenna for NASA's Roman mission clears environmental tests
105 Quake deaths pass 5,000 as Turkey, Syria seek survivors
106 Antibiotic innovation helps fight against superbugs
107 The Scandal of Alzheimer's
108 Study finds which dogs are more likely to reply to wolf howls
109 Fungi and bacteria are binging on burned soil
110 Mammals that live in groups may live longer, longevity research suggests
111 Tree rows in modern agriculture reduce damage to environment
112 Energy crisis could become a win-win situation for climate and the economy
113 Physicists stored data in quantum holograms made of twisted light
114 New insights into the complex nature of the liquid-to-glass transition
115 Male wall spiders build literal, tubular love nests to court females
116 Pancreatic cancer cells found to contain high levels of hydrogen peroxide
117 Examining lentil yield and nitrogen fixation response to inoculant and fertilizer
118 Researchers construct pan-3D genome of soybean
119 Australia's Most Endangered Parrot Faces an Unusual Threat: Trees / Science
120 Polymers help protect mice from anaphylactic reaction to peanuts
121 PUB8 modulates early seedling growth of Arabidopsis
122 Lipids can cause organelle miscommunication in neurodegenerative disease