File Title
1 Antibiotics Use in Farm Animals Is Growing--Here's Why It Could Pose A Danger to Humans
2 Curious comet's rare close approach
3 Study finds first solid scientific evidence Vikings brought animals to Britain
4 Sierra Nevada snowpack hits highest level in nearly 30 years
5 Three new nautilus species described from the Coral Sea and South Pacific
6 Feather mite species associated with Laysan albatross discovered in Japan
7 A new strategy for microbial nutrient acquisition in reduced oxygen environments
8 Multimodal enrichment as the optimal learning strategy of the future
9 Wildfires are increasingly burning California's snowy landscapes, colliding with winter droughts to shrink snowpack
10 War tourists fighting on a virtual front, since Ukraine-Russia war
11 Getting ready for the next 'big' quake in Missouri's New Madrid Seismic Zone
12 Drilling campaign reaches a depth of 808 meters in the Antarctic ice sheet
13 Neanderthals hunted, butchered massive elephants: study
14 New method extracts antioxidant nutrients from corn processing waste
15 Digital revolution inspires new research direction in ecosystem structural diversity
16 Quails could be the unknown reservoir of Tuscany and Sicilian viruses
17 Vikings brought animals to England as early as the year 873
18 Cotton and synthetic microfibers impact behavior and growth of aquatic organisms
19 Mistaken fossil rewrites history of Indian subcontinent for second time
20 Engineers examine safe drinking water management strategies
21 New Mexico's largest emitters overlooked in state climate policy, says report
22 Environmental group urges California to limit the growing of almonds and alfalfa
23 Not blaming women is key to increasing their presence in tech professions, says researcher
24 Scientists report on a quasiparticle that can transfer heat under electrical control
25 Almost half of young people with long COVID report lost learning
26 Linking policy and better data is key to managing UK land to meet 21st century challenges
27 UK study examines coastal city attitudes about recycling
28 Study offers neurological explanation for how brains bias partisans against new information
29 To know where the birds are going, researchers turn to citizen science and machine learning
30 Costa Rice Has Been Accused of International and US Fishing Violations
31 Scientists discover 'unexpected' 319-million-year-old fossilised vertebrate brain
32 10 states mull cross-border rules to tackle teacher shortage
33 California submits rival Colorado River water plan
34 Good for traffic, bad for environment
35 Are your cats having fun or fighting? Here are some ways to tell
36 How Should Scientists Navigate the Ethics of Ancient Human DNA Research? / Science
37 Researchers have determined what African elephants can hear
38 Astronomers identify 20 ultraviolet-emitting supernova remnants in the Andromeda Galaxy
39 Add Workforce Shortages, Environmental Concerns to Winter Weather Challenges of Road Maintenance Crews
40 Building particle accelerators takes more than a village
41 New research turns what we know about bird window strikes inside-out
42 Researchers observe exotic bound states in ultracold polar molecules for the first time
43 Researchers create first supermode optical resonator
44 Genes decide the willow warbler's migration routes, finds study
45 Artificial Tears Eye Drops May Be Linked to 50 Infections, One Death
46 More than just a morbid fascination
47 UAE 'Sultan of Space' grapples with Ramadan fast on ISS
48 3 Ways to Tell if You Are Truly Enjoying Your Job, According to A Psychologist
49 Research reveals 'negative feedback' loop between warming and net exchange of carbon caused by erosion
50 Long-standing mystery about mRNAs resolved
51 Vaccination for bees doesn't sting
52 Deserts are brimming with life but remain one of the most poorly understood ecosystems
53 Targeting an enzymatic switch to develop oncology drugs
54 Fluorescent nematodes can help monitor indoor air impurities
55 Western wildfires destroyed 246% more homes and buildings over the past decade. Fire scientists explain what's changing
56 The world's oldest fossils or oily gunk? Research suggests these 3.5 billion-year-old rocks don't contain signs of life
57 Researchers find the key to reducing drag on superhydrophobic surfaces can come down to a single parameter
58 New regulations on migrant farm workers should tackle employer/employee power imbalances, say researchers
59 To beat information overload, we need to learn 'critical ignoring'
60 Water ATMs were introduced in Ghana, changing the way people access this vital resource
61 Researchers entangle ions across a 230-meter quantum network
62 Identification of novel mutations associated with bedaquiline resistance in Mycobacterium marinum
63 Scotland's domestic abuse information 'not adequately captured' in child contact cases, finds report
64 What animal kills the most humans? Here's the unexpected predator and how to protect yourself
65 True stories can win out on social media, study finds
66 Astronomers detect a second planet orbiting two stars
67 Forest trees find a new watery 'sweet spot' when carbon dioxide levels are high, shows study
68 Harmful bacteria can elude predators when in mixed colonies
69 Research team establishes cell lines to improve iPSC research
70 Study offers new approach to conduct large-scale protection assessments of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)
71 Decades-old crustaceans coaxed from lake mud give up genetic secrets revealing evolution in action
72 New sensor enables 'smart diapers,' range of other health monitors
73 Lunaemycin, a new antibiotic extracted from moonmilk deposits
74 Researchers uncover physics involved in a key process in Huntington's disease
75 Water pores in leaves proven to be part of plant's defense system against pathogens
76 Team identifies a nutrient that cancer cells crave
77 Research shows education gaps impact wives' income
78 Anti-Black bias can persist despite kids' tendency to favor same-gender peers
79 Study finds small isolated wetlands are pollution-catching powerhouses
80 Tracing the evolution of wheat spikes since the Neolithic revolution
81 Astronomers come closer to understanding how Mercury formed
82 Efficient calibration of wavelength-dependent transmission through optical multimode fiber
83 What Makes Saturn's Moon Mimas Look like the 'Death Star' Is New Evidence for an Underground Ocean, Say Shocked Scientists
84 Newly proposed strategy in chemistry sheds light on better applications in energy devices
85 'Stonehenge of the North' opens to public as site is gifted to the nation
86 Playtime is purr-fect for your cat's welfare
87 The two-century-old mystery of Waterloo's skeletal remains
88 Study details timing of past glacier advances in Northern Antarctic Peninsula
89 Probing researchers strike gold to stop the trots in pigs
90 Researchers identify oldest bone spear point in the Americas
91 Fossil of 'Earth's oldest animal' that 'rewrote' India's history turns out be 'decayed bee hive'--study
92 Researchers identify the neurons that synchronize female preferences with male courtship songs in fruit flies
93 Analyzing the relationship between olive roots and Verticillium wilt
94 Structure of amyloid protein offers clues to rare disease cause
95 New species of voiceless frog discovered in Tanzania
96 A new downside to coffee? It pollutes
97 Understanding and embracing intercultural tensions and differences in teams
98 How plant 'muscles' fold up a mimosa leaf fast
99 Busting that Chinese Spy Balloon Is Harder than You Think (Updated)
100 Robots and AI team up to discover highly selective catalysts
101 A new understanding of reptile coloration
102 How aging reactor walls may exhibit lower erosion
103 Mushrooms emerge from the shadows in pesticide-free production push
104 Engineer discovers method to improve pharmaceuticals through dolphin research
105 NASA tests new ride for science studies from Wallops
106 Losing the natural world comes with major risks for Australia's super funds and banks
107 France pledges not to conduct anti-satellite missile tests but leaves other options open
108 Police traffic stops can alienate communities and lead to violent deaths like Tyre Nichols'--is it time to rethink them?
109 Researchers uncover a new method for generating spinning thermal radiation
110 A Psychologist Talks About When Winning an Argument Means Losing Your Relationship
111 Revegetation in extremely degraded grassland improves permafrost stability on Qinghai-Tibetan plateau
112 Interaction between two filaments plays a key role in sympathetic filament eruptions
113 Outflows from baby star affect nearby star formation
114 Bird flu detected in mammals but risk to humans low: experts
115 Remapping the superhighways traveled by the first Australians reveals a 10,000-year journey through the continent
116 The spillover effects of rising energy prices following 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine
117 Two/quasi-two-dimensional perovskite-based heterostructures: Construction, properties and applications