File Title
1 Short-term bang of fireworks has long-term impact on wildlife: Study
2 Is there life on Mars? Maybe, and it could have dropped its teddy
3 What motivates climate change deniers
4 Climate disinfo surges in denial, conspiracy comeback
5 After drought, winter rains revive Iraq's famed marshlands
6 Artificial intelligence aids discovery of super tight-binding antibodies
7 New ancient 'marine crocodile' discovered on UK's Jurassic Coast one of the oldest specimens of its type ever found
8 Heritage and culture key for Thai confectioners to compete with western brands
9 The deadly VEXAS syndrome is more common than doctors thought
10 Ukraine war dominates Nobel year again
11 New Funding for Quantum Computing Accelerates Worldwide
12 Researchers discover mechanism that contributes to Salmonella replication, informs other bacterial infections
13 Here are 7 new science museums and exhibitions to visit in 2023
14 Deposit insurance and depositor behavior: Evidence from Colombia
15 Obesity 'can trigger degenerative Alzheimer's disease symptoms'
16 New semiconducting borophene paves the way for the lightest high-performance transistor
17 Study unveils a large tunable drag response between a normal conductor and a superconductor
18 Dead vegetation found to play essential role in desert ecosystems
19 Rating program can help combat migrant abuse in the Gulf
20 New study highlights the impact of two new marine gases on climate models' accuracy
21 Scientists couple terahertz radiation with spin waves
22 New software enables automated analysis of biomedical image data without programming knowledge
23 3 Ways to Deepen the Emotional Bond You Share with Your Child
24 Mammals living in groups may live the longest, study suggests
25 Which groups of people tend to overestimate their IQ?
26 This Radar Tech Startup Just Raised $17 Million to Make Automated Driving Cheaper and Safer
27 Investigations reveal more evidence that Mimas is a stealth ocean world
28 Transforming the way cancer vaccines are designed and made
29 Why Did These Carnivorous Plants Switch Their Diet from Bugs to Poop?
30 'Lots of tears' when vaccine was produced, scientist says while receiving MBE
31 Study finds unexpected interactions in formation of secondary organic aerosols in the atmosphere
32 How to make hydrogels more injectable
33 Deciphering the genetic basis of hymenopteran social behavior
34 Balancing genetic disease risks and pathogen protection
35 Quantum vortex formation in the lab
36 Scientists release newly accurate map of all the matter in the universe
37 Unlike with academics and reporters, you can't check when ChatGPT's telling the truth
38 First Nations people often take on the 'cultural load' in their workplaces--employers need to ease this burden
39 Attitudes to women in the military are changing as thousands serve on front lines
40 Some primates are more susceptible to parasites than others, and researchers are using new methods to find out why
41 Beta blocker use associated with lower rates of violence, study suggests
42 Diversifying fish species and sources provide a flexible pathway to food and nutrition security
43 Research Reveals 6 Traits that Can Make Someone Seem 'Undateable'
44 What 70 Years of Data Says About Where Predators Kill Humans / Science
45 How non-native tree species affect biodiversity
46 Why to Use Binoculars and Forget About Dark Skies
47 With rapidly increasing heat and drought, can plants adapt?
48 Almost all of Africa's maize crop is at risk from devastating fall armyworm pest, study reveals
49 Recreating the natural light-harvesting nanorings in photosynthetic bacteria
50 Impact of bulk density and content of rock fragments
51 Genetic engineering sheds light on ancient evolutionary questions
52 Copying nature to help plants resist viruses
53 Researchers uncover the diversity of viroids and viroid-like agents
54 Smart stitches to reduce infection, simplify post op monitoring
55 New telescope project completion in sight
56 Doctoral dissertation questions a prevailing perception related to dust devils on Mars
57 Silver nanoparticles show promise in fighting antibiotic-resistant bacteria
58 Combating severe cancer with a new drug delivery system
59 Researchers create frescoes in a single day
60 Planting More Trees in Cities Could Slash Summer Heat Deaths, Study Finds
61 Elucidation of electrolyte decomposition behavior in all-solid-state lithium-sulfur batteries
62 Study examines how reflecting on your values before opening your mouth makes for happier relationships
63 Ancient fossils shed new light on evolution of sea worm
64 A new catalyst that transforms carbon dioxide into added-value chemical products
65 Storing carbon dioxide underground may be a safe solution to mitigate climate change, according to new study
66 Hospitality sector customer perceptions improve when commercial organizations are seen to be employing the houseless
67 Researchers find deer carry SARS-CoV-2 variants that are extinct in humans
68 Far-off storms fuel dangerous 'sneaker' waves along Pacific Northwest coast, new research suggests
69 Researchers uncover key mechanisms for sustainable ammonia production
70 More than half of cocoa from the world's largest producer cannot be traced to its origin
71 Study shows that eggshells of large, flightless birds evolved along different tracks
72 Aussies, Drop that Fish! It May Be Endangered Shark.
73 Monarch butterflies wintering in California rebound
74 Trees could cut urban heatwave mortality by a third: Study
75 US states miss water share agreement deadline
76 Relentless sex drive may threaten survival of quolls
77 Two missing Dallas Zoo monkeys found: police
78 ChatGPT maker fields tool for spotting AI-written text
79 Seawater split to produce green hydrogen
80 'Lots of tears' when vaccine was produced, scientist says while receiving OBE
81 Voice-activated system for hands-free, safer DNA handling
82 Using CRISPR to detect cancer biomarkers
83 Persistence is crucial in the classroom, new education reports show
84 White House Appoints Noted Climate Scientist to Intelligence Board
85 TESS discovers new warm brown dwarf
86 Laser-driven neutron generation realizing single-shot resonance spectroscopy
87 How they are swallowing city centers one block of flats at a time
88 Prototype particle detectors project smashes milestone
89 Converting drycleaning solvent into useful chemical compounds
90 Special setup uses polarized rubidium and xenon as transmitter and receiver system for exotic fields
91 Successful in-flight demonstration of the ADEO braking sail
92 Social mammals live longer, suggests new study
93 Chemically functionalized polymer nanoparticles reduce friction on steel surfaces
94 A previously unknown phase transition in the early universe
95 76 percent of well-known insects fall outside protected areas
96 Scams are rising rapidly--how to spot a fake phone call and avoid falling victim
97 Chemical residue reveals ancient Egyptians' mummy-making mixtures
98 Climate change is transforming Australia's cultural life--so why isn't it mentioned in the new national cultural policy?
99 US police violence may stem from a long history of fighting 'internal enemies'
100 IRS disproportionately audits Black taxpayers, finds paper
101 Australia's cotton farmers can help prevent exploitation in the global garment industry
102 You're about to see a growing trend of 'laptop workers' in cafes. New research reveals why
103 Numerical simulations of planetesimal formation reproduce key properties of asteroids, comets
104 Why teachers are letting students solve math problems in lots of different ways
105 'Ancient fish fossil reveals oldest example of well-preserved vertebrate brain'
106 'Ghostly' neutrinos provide new path to study protons
107 Scientists show that light-activated nanoscale drills can kill pathogenic fungi
108 Communities that suffered rapid manufacturing job losses fare worse on sustainability: Study
109 Space Coast bustling with 4 crew launches on tap from SpaceX, Boeing
110 Dogs' average age at cancer diagnosis is associated with size, sex, breed