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1 Machine learning approach may aid water conservation push in the Colorado River basin
2 It'll take 150 years to map Africa's biodiversity at the current rate, say researchers
3 GPS tracking, simulations show optimal locations to help desert bighorn sheep cross freeways
4 Four possible consequences of El Nino returning in 2023
5 Movements in proteins reveal information about antibiotic resistance spreading
6 Effects of the Last Ice Age Glaciation Is Visible in American Crocodile DNA
7 European farms mix things up to guard against food-supply shocks
8 Growing borrowing costs offset easing inflation, finds consumer survey
9 UV lamps used for disinfection may impair indoor air quality
10 Newly-named species of tree-dwelling snakes threatened by mining
11 Instrument on JWST has gone offline
12 Environmentalists to file lawsuit over Illinois' Bell Bowl Prairie, home to the endangered rusty patched bumblebee
13 Study shows AI can produce academic papers good enough for journals--just as some ban it
14 Surprising Paint Compound Hints at Rembrandt's Methods
15 An AI bot passed this Wharton professor's exam. Here's why he's not concerned
16 A new way to identify stresses in complex fluids
17 Looking back at the Tonga eruption
18 Research reveals how redlining grades influenced later life expectancy
19 Perseverance takes a selfie to show off some of its samples
20 Large number of animal skulls found in Neanderthal cave
21 Restoring land for livelihoods can have ecological benefits, study suggests
22 New model effectively predicts consumers' retail shopping mobility during a pandemic
23 Rosy finches are Colorado's high-alpine specialists, and researchers want to know why
24 Development of machine vision system capable of locating king flowers on apple trees
25 The impact of zoos on society is largely underestimated, says study
26 Assessing weathering conditions around the globe to understand rate-limiting factors for major rock types
27 Be kind to bees, build with bee bricks
28 You Will Never See the Northern Lights Without These 10 Expert Tips
29 Earth's inner core may have started to spin more slowly, puzzling new discovery suggests
30 Rare large meteorite discovered in Antarctica contains oldest material in solar system
31 Women who snore have a harder time reaching orgasm, new study suggests
32 A Psychologist Calls Out 3 Ways the Internet Has Contaminated Romance
33 A Psychologist Offers 2 Tips to Help You Overcome Social Anxiety at Work
34 Why Winter Harassment of Urban Canada Geese Doesn't Make Them Go Away
35 First Ultraviolet Image of Our Sun Reveals Weird Web-Like Structures
36 Authorities raise alert level around Lascar volcano in northern Chile
37 'Drought' has New Yorkers asking: 'Where's the snow?'
38 How three dust specks reveal an asteroid's secrets
39 Rapid development is main threat to big carnivores: Study
40 A Psychologist Offers Advice on How to Not Let Your Strong Opinions Isolate You
41 How Salmon Feed Wildflowers and Transform Entire Landscapes
42 Puerto Rico's southern region fights for cleaner air, water
43 New mathematical model shows how the body regulates potassium
44 Dutch flood memories unleash new climate fears
45 Columbia disaster that scuttled the space shuttle
46 UK's Overseas Territories at ongoing risk from wide range of invasive species
47 A method to change the mechanical and transport properties of conductive polymers
48 This Robot Electric Cargo Plane Could Be the Start of A Wave that Transforms Shipping
49 A new metric of extinction risk considers how cultures care for species
50 Discovering unique microbes made easy with new software platform
51 Study links record-breaking rainfall events in separate regions
52 Research explores how fungi become drug-resistant
53 Tonga volcanic eruption creates foundational knowledge, portends short-term climate effects
54 Body-worn cameras are supposed to deter police brutality. Why didn't that happen in Memphis?
55 Muon scanning hints at mysteries within an ancient Chinese wall
56 Mistletoe nutrient concentrations found to mainly depend on host nutrients
57 New algorithm enables simulation of complex quantum systems
58 New screening method could pave the way for future cancer drug discoveries
59 New freshwater mussels discovered in southwestern Australia
60 NASA's Juno team assessing camera after 48th flyby of Jupiter
61 Ten Dazzling Celestial Events to See in 2023, Science
62 Why is this still happening?
63 Superconductivity switches on and off in 'magic-angle' graphene
64 Review on the origin of Type Ia supernovae
65 It's hot and your local river looks enticing. But is it okay for swimming?
66 Researchers work to reduce the amount of precious metals in catalytic converters
67 Automated detection of isolated single cells using microscope images and AI
68 Sewage overspills result from lack of infrastructure investment, research shows
69 New report on diversity trends in STEM workforce and education
70 What is heartworm and how can you protect your pet from it?
71 Elastic tensors of superionic materials
72 TV zombie fungus highlights real world threat of fungal pathogens
73 Viking brutality failed to wipe out monastery, dig finds
74 Toxic pollutants can build up inside our homes. Here are eight ways to reduce the risks
75 Effective adaptation, or dangerous contribution to climate change?
76 West Antarctica ice sheet collapse may stabilize North Atlantic currents
77 How a novel class of sulfonamides potently blocks malaria transmission
78 Inequality in access to basic services is a major problem in sub-Saharan Africa--but progress is happening
79 Mie voids could bring about control of light in air
80 Fishing in synchrony brings mutual benefits for dolphins and people in Brazil, research shows
81 Researchers uncover dynamics behind protein crucial in breast cancer
82 Electrospun nanomaterial offers great protection against electromagnetic interference
83 Solid material that 'upconverts' visible light photons to UV light photons could change how we utilize sunlight
84 Schoolkids lost third of a year's learning to pandemic: study
85 Powering wearable technology with MXene textile supercapacitor 'patch'
86 World likely to hit key warming threshold in 10-12 years
87 Study unveils theoretical principle that carbon-based catalysts promote electrochemical reactions
88 Rep. Katie Porter Says 2 Manufacturers Control 97% of COVID-19 Vaccine Market
89 Predicting human group sizes with physics
90 Molecular clouds extend their lives by constantly reassembling themselves, say astronomers
91 Warmer climate may drive fungi to be more dangerous to our health
92 Chinese prefer Europeans to Americans, but feeling isn't mutual, says study
93 Political orientation could be predicted by differences in brain activation and synchronization
94 How Zoos Benefit Society and the Animals They Protect
95 New monovalent anion permselective membranes for high-efficient mono-/di-valent anion separation
96 Sheriffs who see themselves as ultimate defenders of the Constitution are especially worried about gun rights
97 Primates colonised the Arctic during a period of ancient global warming--their fate offers a lesson
98 Exploring how to develop better rechargeable aluminum batteries
99 Young people are drinking less--here's an alternative to try on your next night out
100 Older women are smashing it this awards season, but ageism is far from over
101 Does failing to detect aliens mean we'll never be contacted?
102 Migrants don't cause crime rates to increase, but false perceptions endure anyway
103 Three of four people experience abuse on dating apps. How do we balance prevention with policing?
104 Virtual reality can be used to prevent infidelity and betrayal in real-world relationships
105 Why These Could Be the Final Jaw-Dropping Jupiter Photos from NASA's Juno
106 Before 'Star Trek' Can Become Reality, We First Have to Protect Planet Earth
107 Tuning into brainwave rhythms can boost learning--study
108 Three or more concussions linked to worsened brain function in later life, study finds
109 Songbird species work together to mob predator owls, but only strike when the time is right
110 Even stormwater reform won't be enough. We need a 'sponge city' to avoid future disasters
111 The Last of Us: Warming climate driving fungi to become dangerous to humans, study finds
112 New giant sea scorpion species Hibbertopterus lamsdelli discovered in New Mexico
113 New cancer treatment found 'promising' for terminally ill dogs
114 Desert dusts convert coral reefs into carbon storage