File Title
1 China's Lunar New Year exodus cools major cities, study shows
2 Study analyzes gender differences in uptake of biological control agent to tackle tomato pest in Pakistan
3 Lucy spacecraft set to encounter new asteroid target
4 When speaking up at work, talk to someone who can take action, study recommends
5 A new AI tool can predict mosquitoes' ages with 98% accuracy to speed malaria research
6 New NASA safety system enables Rocket Lab launch from Wallops
7 Research reveals protein plaques associated with Alzheimer's are stickier than thought
8 Study says strong political action needed to reduce increasing share of millionaires' enormous environmental impact
9 Plant protection of the future may come from the plants themselves
10 Saving Florida's only population of rare, endangered orchid from extinction
11 One facility makes a big contribution to Salt Lake's winter brown cloud
12 Webb spies Chariklo ring system with high-precision technique
13 How to apply lessons from Colorado's costliest wildfire to drinking water systems
14 Work from home success linked to work/life boundaries
15 US wealth gap widening more quickly than Europe's: Study
16 Large mammals shaped the evolution of humans in Africa, says ecologist
17 52-million-year-old fossils show near-primates were cool with colder climate
18 Researchers identify protein FER1L5 as essential for male fertility in mice
19 Welcome to Chariklo, A Ringed World in the Solar System Just Examined by the Webb Telescope
20 Pioneering approach advances study of CTCF protein in transcription biology
21 Real-World Events Drive Increases in Online Hate Speech, Study Finds
22 New House Speaker McCarthy Selects Taylor Greene for Coronavirus Pandemic Subcommittee
23 How salmon feed flowers and flourishing ecosystems: Study
24 Kill dates for re-exposed black mosses
25 Modern arms technologies help autocratic rulers stay in power
26 UAE astronaut says not required to fast during Ramadan on ISS
27 New study suggests that when forecasting trends, reading a bar chart versus a line graph biases our judgement
28 Researchers develop new model that shows how bacteria communicate
29 A COVID Test Targeting the Fast-Spreading XBB.1.5 'Kraken' Variant Is Being Developed by Scientists
30 Birds that dive may be at greater risk of extinction
31 Remains of Britain's 'oldest northerner' found, according to experts
32 Nine new and exotic creatures for the pulsar zoo
33 Building off the 'anti-laser,' researchers create a device that directs waves
34 Canceling plans with a friend? Research says don't lie
35 Researchers measure boron flux in high-energy cosmic rays with the CALorimetric Electron Telescope (CALET)
36 Artificial human skin paves the way to new skin cancer therapy
37 Obsidian handaxe-making workshop from 1.2 million years ago discovered in Ethiopia
38 Russians Claim to Develop Smartphone App to Locate Ukrainian Artillery
39 Faces created by AI now look more real than genuine photos
40 Urban elites seize most of the benefits of big cities, finds study
41 Shopping data on medicines 'could help spot ovarian cancer cases earlier'
42 Are millennials getting more conservative as they age? Why it's hard to know
43 How NASA Is Selecting the Next Astronauts to Walk on the Moon / Science
44 Physicists solve riddle of two-dimensional quasicrystal formation from metal oxides
45 Scientists find sea spiders can regrow their anus
46 Gun violence pressures elected officials to make reforms
47 This is 'not an exception' and other issues need to be discussed, says professor
48 Mandatory business closures drove the economic decline during COVID-19 pandemic: Study
49 What is blue carbon and how can it help fight climate change?
50 Fossil teeth reveal how brains developed in utero over millions of years of human evolution
51 Why do cats and dogs get 'the zoomies'
52 These five spectacular impact craters on Earth highlight our planet's wild history
53 California wants to ban the toxic chemical that gives chrome its classic shine
54 Does Your Dog Know When You're Teasing Him?
55 How rising household debt could slow UK labor strikes this year
56 Heat waves can decrease the biomass of phytoplankton in lakes
57 Heat stress is rising in southern Africa--climate experts show where and when it's worst
58 One step closer to optimal fertilization of clover grass
59 Study finds that board renewal can benefit the environment
60 Long, dense spikes on red algae-derived metal-polysaccharide show promise for anti-microbial applications
61 A Psychologist Demystifies the Trend of Microdosing Psychedelics
62 Secret recipe for limonoids opens door for bee-friendly crop protection
63 Research suggests that crops have different potential for protein extraction in biorefining
64 Just 28% of Americans Are Exercising Enough, CDC Says--And It's Even Lower in Some Regions
65 Quantum physicists determine how to control two quantum light sources rather than one
66 Humans Have Degraded More than A Third of the Amazon Rainforest, Researchers Say
67 India to get more than 100 cheetahs from S. Africa
68 Tailoring thickness of conducting materials to enhance their photonic applications
69 How T-shaped clusters drive lanthanide separation during liquid-liquid extraction
70 Rapid plant evolution may make coastal regions more susceptible to flooding and sea level rise, study shows
71 Rare orchids could be saved by common fruits in Florida, research finds
72 Study suggests UK underestimates its methane emissions from oil and gas production; other countries probably do as well
73 A transnational collaboration leads to the characterization of an emergent plant virus
74 Study confirms that milk's packaging influences its flavor
75 Homeless count in LA shows 18% rise in three high-priority neighborhoods: Report
76 Researchers find ways to improve the storage time of quantum information in a spin rich material
77 NASA's Webb Telescope receives top space foundation award
78 Designer molecules may help valuable minerals float
79 Lost video of Georges Lemaitre, father of the Big Bang theory, recovered
80 New virus discovered in whales, dolphins across Pacific
81 Data project ranks how well countries around the globe protect human rights
82 Threatened red fox pops up south of Yosemite, increasing species' survival chances
83 NASA marks 20 years since space shuttle Columbia disaster
84 Climate tipping points in Amazon, Tibet 'linked': scientists
85 Team uses quantum sensors to reveal how Weyl photocurrents flow
86 Endangered tree kangaroo born at UK zoo
87 Easily Find the Bright Comet Next to the North Star this Weekend Using an Ancient Trick
88 New vessel deployed in fight to save near-extinct Mexico porpoise
89 Researchers decipher the inner workings of A. aromaticum bacterium
90 New methods to improve super-resolution imaging techniques give a sharper view inside cells
91 First report of rare cat discovered on Mt. Everest
92 New blood test could detect Alzheimer's disease 3.5 years before diagnosis--study
93 Climate modelers add ocean biogeochemistry and fisheries to forecasts of future upwelling
94 Why Brazil's Yanomami are being decimated by disease, mining
95 Town where child cancer rose blasts deal over polluted site
96 Scientific journals ban ChatGPT use by researchers to author studies
97 Study reveals how you can find out if your cats are about to fight
98 Eat Local if You Want, but Not for Climate Reasons
99 After Webb? NASA Is Already Planning New Great Space Observatories
100 It's possible to reach net-zero carbon emissions. Here's how
101 Mysterious marks on Ice Age cave art may have been ancient records
102 Yes, we can meet the climate change challenge
103 Alien plant species are spreading rapidly in mountainous areas, says new monitoring study
104 Ultrafast control of spins in a microscope
105 New species of ultrasmall microalgae found in home aquarium could have multiple useful applications
106 France to probe microplastic pellet pollution on Atlantic beaches
107 A model that predicts wrinkle patterns on the surface of toroidal structures as they expand or contract
108 Meteorites reveal likely origin of Earth's volatile chemicals
109 The humble sea campion flower can show us how species adapt
110 Prairie voles can find partners just fine without the 'love hormone' oxytocin
111 Black adults in the US are more likely to have had multigenerational family members incarcerated
112 Readers discuss jazz music, the next generation of astronauts and more
113 Weather radar, machine learning used to study how bird roosting habits are changing with climate
114 Why did they [gas stoves] become the pariah du jour?
115 A helping hand for Mars
116 Disabled people were Holocaust victims, excluded from German society and murdered by Nazi programs