File Title
1 A 'Dark Horse' in the Quantum Computing Race Raises 100 Million euros
2 Earth's inner core may have started to spin in opposite direction, puzzling new discovery suggests
3 Mummified 'golden boy' found with 49 amulets to speed journey to afterlife
4 Study discovers immense diversity and interdependence in high temperature deep-sea microorganism communities
5 Sea spiders can regrow body parts, not just limbs: study
6 New pterosaur with more than 400 teeth unearthed in Germany
7 Vast iceberg breaks off near UK Antarctic base
8 Researchers pinpoint new method to help bone-producing cells make more bone
9 'Rubble pile' asteroids nearly impossible to destroy, study suggests
10 New pterosaur species with hundreds of tiny hooked teeth discovered
11 Understanding of point defect mechanism boosts photovoltaic performance of antimony selenosulfide
12 New moorings deployed to strengthen the South Atlantic observing system
13 Scientists identify components of the molecular clock that helps some animals shed their skin
14 Global study of hypoxia in rivers shows it is more prevalent than previously thought
15 Environment law fails to protect threatened species
16 New species of dinosaur with more than 400 teeth unearthed in Germany
17 Parasite common in cats causes abortion in bighorn sheep
18 A bird with a T. rex head may help reveal how dinosaurs became birds
19 How Saliva Changes the Flavor of Food / Science
20 New mosquito repellents that work better than DEET
21 Lots of Tatooine-like planets around binary stars may be habitable
22 Origin of endothelial cells constituting the vascular niche for hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells in zebrafish
23 Doomsday Clock--Measuring Humanity's Threat of Self-Annihilation--Moves To 90 Seconds to Midnight. Here's What to Know.
24 Solid Earth-atmosphere interaction forces during the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcanic eruption
25 A rainbow of force-activated pigments for identifying stress
26 Study shows how cells prevent harmful extra copies of DNA
27 Protecting Amazon a tough task, says Brazil's environment minister
28 Spin transport measured through molecular films now long enough to develop spintronic devices
29 A Psychologist Explains How to Deal with this Invisible Form of Grief
30 Earlier geomagnetic storm prediction wins us time to prepare
31 A blind spot in diversity programs is holding equality back, suggests study
32 New DNA biosensor could unlock powerful, low-cost clinical diagnostics
33 7 Reasons to Ignore the Hype About the 'Green Comet' (And Why You Need Binoculars)
34 Children in the North of England most vulnerable to cost of living crisis: Report
35 Commercial Asteroid Mining Now Has A 2023 Launch Date to Scout Its First Target
36 Organic chemists develop new catalyst to selectively activate carbon-hydrogen bonds
37 Worst impacts of sea level rise will hit earlier than expected, says modeling study
38 The world's carbon price is a fraction of what we need, because only a fifth of global emissions are priced
39 New research shows milk restriction affects calves' ability to learn
40 Satellite Sees Iceberg Twice the Size of New York City Breaking Away from Antarctica
41 Why forecasting snow is so difficult in the UK
42 Holocaust education in the era of Twitter and TikTok
43 Ginkgo Bioworks Fires Up Its Bio Foundry to Take on the Billion-Dollar Enzyme Market
44 Obtaining color images from the shadow of a sample
45 'Friend or foe' bacteria kill their algal hosts when coexisting is no longer beneficial
46 From academic icon to object of mockery
47 Were galaxies much different in the early universe?
48 North or south? How sea surface temperature anomalies in the North Pacific can influence the Arctic polar vortex
49 Researchers propose compulsory climate change teaching in core law curriculum
50 Plasma thrusters used on satellites could be much more powerful than previously believed
51 Actin found to affect the spread of cancer in several ways
52 US skills gap rapidly widening, survey reveals
53 New poem by famed early American poet Phillis Wheatley discovered
54 Identity--not income--drives desire to secede, according to new model
55 Ants detect scent of cancer in urine--research
56 Fish sensory organ key to improving navigational skills of underwater robots
57 Mathematicians prove the existence of hidden attractors in an electrical circuit
58 Gun control measures associated with reduced police use of force
59 Scientists use cavefish to learn more about metabolism and the evolutionary basis of being a couch potato
60 Leisure facilities are increasing in Brazil's largest city but are still mainly in high-income areas
61 Students lacking language skills will miss out on jobs, according to new report
62 Polygamous birds shown to have fewer harmful mutations
63 Recyclable mobile phone batteries are a step closer with rust-busting invention
64 Berlin could produce more than 80% of its fresh vegetables locally, says study
65 Ants detect scent of cancer in urine, research shows
66 Dogs can tell when humans want to give them treats, study suggests
67 Could a new test that detects dopamine levels help diagnose neurological diseases?
68 One dead as heavy snow and record cold hit Japan
69 Can online civic education strengthen democratic values?
70 Age over youth? How the 'grandfather effect' is shaping world politics
71 Inscripta Is Reimagining What the Synthetic Biology Company of the Future Will Be
72 COVID-19 conspiracy theories that spread fastest focused on evil, secrecy
73 France under pressure to save dolphins from trawlers
74 These Venture Veterans Have Launched A $350 Million Fund Aimed at Digitizing Life Sciences
75 Procrastination may harm your health. Here's what you can do
76 19th-century railway made Swedish villages and towns greener, says researcher
77 Novel strategy for engineering root nodule symbiosis into important crops for more sustainable agri-food systems
78 Earliest human remains discovered in northern Britain
79 Researchers propose combining classical and quantum optics for super-resolution imaging
80 Brooklyn Evolution Startup Melonfrost Raises $7 Million to Make More Microbes
81 Comparing airfares instead of seat size fairer indicator of passenger carbon emissions, says study
82 A promising drug target in the fight against drug-resistant fungal infections
83 Humans found to have influenced the growth of blue-green algae in lakes for thousands of years
84 An overview of the 30-year history of metabolic engineering
85 Models show Tonga eruption increases chances of global temperature rising temporarily above 1.5íC
86 For A Better Relationship, Start by 'Unlearning' These 3 Toxic Thought Patterns
87 Can dogs tell the difference between when we are unable to do something for them, versus being simply unwilling?
88 How mechanical tearing cuts neural connections in the fruit fly
89 New transporter for recycling of bacterial cell wall found
90 Computer model of influenza virus shows universal vaccine promise
91 These shape-shifting devices melt and reform thanks to magnetic fields
92 War leaves a toxic legacy that lasts long after the guns go quiet: Can we stop it?
93 Suspects in California's latest killings are far from that average
94 Physicist encourages continuing the search for life in Venus' atmosphere
95 No spread of H5N1 bird flu between mammals found
96 Transistors repurposed as microchip 'clock' address supply chain weakness
97 No, Earth's Inner Core Is Not Reversing the Direction of Its Spin
98 Escaped pet parrots threaten New Zealand's vulnerable native birds--why a ban may be the best solution
99 Everyday Aussies' social media posts help find missing plant species
100 Rethinking meat substitutes
101 Satellite data shows sustained severe drought in Europe
102 How different cultures deal with grief and mourning
103 Citizen scientists discover more than 1,000 new burial mounds
104 Primate-Like Critters Survived in the Arctic When It Was a Lush, Warm Swamp / Science
105 Can we increase the carbon content of agricultural soils?
106 Proper management of nitrogen and irrigation shown to increase yields and reduce leaching
107 The importance of freshwater corridors in the Amazon
108 New shield blocks electromagnetic interference while allowing wireless optical signals
109 Fraudulent microchip use and compliance issues found on controversial lion farms in the Free State, South Africa
110 Field trial shows that knowing the carbon footprint of food prompts people to eat more sustainably
111 Investigating ways to speed up the abolishment of female circumcision