File Title
1 Lifespan doubling injection in mice takes rejuvenation therapy step closer in humans
2 The rich meteorology of Mars studied in detail from the Perseverance rover
3 Stellar initial mass function varies with metallicity and age of stars, say astronomers
4 How social networks point the way to your next holiday hotspot
5 Robotics class lets 8th graders earn high school credit and aims to accelerate pandemic learning recovery
6 Agave gene delays poplar dormancy, study finds
7 Sustainable fertilizer production method proven to be cost-effective
8 20 years ago, vast bushfires razed Canberra's suburbs--and bushfire science was never the same
9 How large corporations make huge profits from hidden markups at the expense of consumers
10 Three ways leaders can use these summits to create a more sustainable world
11 Are the fish in your aquarium happy? Five things to look out for
12 An Old Yellow Enzyme helps algae combat photooxidative stress
13 A new ecological approach to protect biodiversity
14 Scientists keep time on music that helps people sleep
15 In the Neanderthal site of Combe-Grenal, France, hunting strategies were unaffected by changing climate
16 Study reveals safest places to take shelter to survive nuclear explosion
17 Michigan wolf population holding steady, 2022 survey shows
18 Kenya's school reform is entering a new phase in 2023--but the country isn't ready
19 What's driving re-burns across California and the West?
20 Increase in marine heatwaves expected to affect organisms at bottom of food chain, study suggests
21 4 Things to Consider Before Giving Someone A Second Chance
22 NASA's Geotail mission operations come to an end after 30 years
23 Researchers uncover secrets on how Alaska's Denali Fault formed
24 Newly developed polysulfates could find wide use in high-performance electronics components
25 Satellites can be used to detect waste sites on Earth
26 Greenland Ice Sheet Warmest in at Least 1,000 Years as Scientists Warn Melting Ice Will Accelerate Sea-Level Rise
27 Harnessing the healing power within our cells
28 How was the solar system formed? The Ryugu asteroid is helping us learn
29 New study illustrates a changing flood recipe for Las Vegas
30 Researchers find that music education benefits youth well-being as California looks to boost arts in school
31 Billions of celestial objects revealed in gargantuan survey of the Milky Way
32 Neanderthals are not the only species whose dentition is characterized by the possession of thin enamel
33 Researchers find a 'kernel of truth' in the urgent fight against tar spot of corn
34 Underlying assumptions of air quality need to be redefined, says study
35 Better hydrogen transfer brings better hydrogen evolution reaction performance
36 How mycorrhizal types control biodiversity effects on productivity
37 Jumpin' Jehoshapat! New grasshopper-like material can leap 200 times its own thickness
38 New study shows 'self-cleaning' of marine atmosphere
39 Mummified crocodiles provide insights into mummy-making over time
40 Tracking the elusive and shifting identities of the global fishing fleet
41 An examination of federal personnel changes in the Trump era
42 Researchers uncover 92 fossil nests belonging to some of India's largest dinosaurs
43 Female politicians help to diffuse polarization, hostility and distrust, study shows
44 Listeners control the dial in genre-crossing music
45 Have You Seen the 'Green Comet' Yet? The Inconvenient Truth Behind the Headlines
46 Boy Reels in Great White Catch in Florida
47 Microalgae could be the future of sustainable superfood in a rapidly changing world, study finds
48 Researchers reach milestone in measurement of airborne mercury
49 What can we learn from the impacts of rapid climate change on past societies?
50 Kelp farms could help reduce coastal marine pollution
51 Our bad fashion habits--and how we might change them--in numbers
52 Chile sinks controversial mining project over environmental concerns
53 Rapid scale-up of CO2 removal crucial for climate goals
54 Rats may not have played critical role in Black Death, study suggests
55 Low-impact human recreation changes wildlife behavior
56 Clutch of over 250 fossilised eggs unearthed in India suggests dinosaurs may have nested together like birds
57 Rats may not have caused the Black Death
58 How membrane potential influences antibiotic tolerance
59 Why rivers matter for the global carbon cycle
60 Too much of this bacteria in the nose may worsen allergy symptoms
61 Mixing varieties of cotton to produce non-flammable fabrics
62 Ionic-liquid gating reveals relationship between superconductivity and strange-metal state in FeSe
63 New Psychological Research Shows Why It's Important for Couples to Talk About Work
64 The secret to long-lived leaves
65 Elon Musk's SpaceX Bucks Trend as Space Sector Investment Sank Back to Earth in 2022
66 How does CO2 removal work?
67 Fashion sneakers propel sustainable rubber in Brazil Amazon
68 Scientists demonstrate quantum recoil for the first time, paving the way for precise X-ray imaging
69 The genes that made whales gigantic
70 Methane-generating microbe can grow on toxic sulfite without becoming poisoned
71 Taking 12th grade math opens door to higher education
72 Earth's oldest known environmental clean-up was 400 million years ago, finds fossil analysis
73 'Living medicine' created to tackle drug-resistant lung infections
74 Violence was widespread in early farming society, says new study
75 Soil and freshwater come under the spotlight in plastics-pollution fight
76 Research develops nuanced take on social media attitudes
77 Dozens of US schools, universities move to ban TikTok
78 Alien land snail species are increasing exponentially, says study
79 New data show how quickly light pollution is obscuring the night sky
80 Light shaped as a smoke ring that behaves like a particle
81 Why Chickens Need to Stop Breeding with Their Wild Cousins / Science
82 Stars disappearing from human sight at 'astonishing rate,' say scientists
83 Chicken DNA is replacing the genetics of their ancestral jungle fowl
84 How we got the history of Calicut wrong (and what we can learn from it)
85 Professors develop interactive dashboard to drive education decision-making
86 Can't See the Stars? Night Skies Are Becoming 'Rapidly Brighter' as Light Pollution Intensifies, Study Finds
87 Summer heat waves and low oxygen prove deadly for bay scallops as a New York fishery collapses
88 Researchers create 2D quantum light source from layered materials
89 12-million-year-old whale fossil skull found in Maryland
90 Rare opportunity to study short-lived volcanic island reveals sulfur-metabolizing microbes
91 The Fossil Record of 'Fungal Zombies'
92 US strengthens organic food protocols to counter fraud
93 Massive Meteorite Found in Antarctica Is One of the Largest Ever
94 Nearly 50-meter laser experiment sets record in university hallway
95 How ChatGPT robs students of motivation to write and think for themselves
96 New nanoparticles deliver therapy throughout the brain and edit Alzheimer's gene in mice
97 Three Essential Truths Space Force Must Never Forget
98 Tomato analyzer software reveals phenotypic diversity in New Mexican chile peppers
99 Simulations and experiments reveal unprecedented detail about water's motion in salt water
100 How habanero peppers respond to stress
101 Study reveals key aspect of the finely tuned regulation of gene expression
102 Squid tissues and chemistry combine for versatile hydrogels
103 At least half of Africa's rhinos are now in private hands. New paths for rhino conservation are needed, say scientists
104 DNA from domesticated chickens is tainting genomes of wild red junglefowl, finds study
105 Squirrels that gamble win big when it comes to evolutionary fitness
106 Visibility of stars in the night sky declines faster than previously thought
107 Parasitic mites' biting rate may drive transmission of Deformed wing virus in honey bees
108 Researchers create a new 3D extra-large pore zeolite that opens a new path to the decontamination of water and gas
109 Sea level rise may threaten Indonesia's status as an archipelagic country
110 Ascertaining the most effective silicon fertilization strategy to boost olive tree defenses
111 Light Pollution in North America Is Now Spiking by 10% Every Year, Says Landmark Study
112 World Economic Forum Is Taking All These COVID-19 Precautions at Davos
113 In a first, chemists synthesize ocean-based molecule that could fight Parkinson's
114 Scientists perform real-time environmental sensing over 524 kilometers of live aerial fiber
115 Researchers demonstrate co-propagation of quantum and classical signals
116 Policy levers that can push decarbonisation into overdrive
117 Critical impacts of interfacial water on C-H activation in photocatalytic methane conversion
118 Our Milky Way Galaxy Likely Formed in Relative Isolation, Says Study
119 Velociraptor may not have used claws for slashing after all, says study