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1 Microsoft employee accidentally announces Notepad is getting tabs in Windows 11
2 Google wants Gmail users to follow these 5 'smart' tips in 2023
3 This new Google Calendar bug is affecting some Gmail users, here's how
4 Exclusive: most social media users encounter scams on a weekly basis at least
5 Update to Waze ends a "horror story" that gave some Waze users the creeps
6 Microsoft may have leaked this feature for Notepad app on Windows 11
7 Nothing beats Samsung! That's not only surprise in Best Tech of 2022
8 15 best Android games released in 2022
9 2022, the year Google came so close but didn't quite nail it
10 Don't call that hornet 'murder,' say scientists searching for better common names
11 Rule-bending new foldable champ lighter than iPhone 14 Pro Max; cheaper than Galaxy Z Fold 4!
12 Students, CBSE has an important 'fraud alert' for you
13 As consumers move from 4G to 5G, Apple grows its commanding share of global smartphone revenue
14 Exclusive: Lots of us use password managers, but we still don't really trust them
15 Twitter Restores Suicide Prevention Hotline, Other Safety Features for Users
16 North Korea Becomes Epicentre for NFT Thefts via 500 Phishing Domains: SlowMist
17 Hackers 'GDPR' threat to Elon Musk: We have data of 400 million Twitter users
18 7 easy things smartphone users must do in 2023 to be safe and secure
19 Will foldables finally become the "next big thing" in 2023? Why Samsung, Google and OPPO could make this a reality
20 BIS Comes Out with Standards for USB Type-C Charging Port for Mobiles, Tablets
21 Here are the top 10 streaming TV shows of 2022
22 Engadget's favorite games of 2022
23 No hablo Espanol? Don't rely on Google Translate while traveling
24 Apple's Crash Detection alert lead to an extended helicopter search in B.C.
25 What we bought: The standing desk I chose after researching the hell out of the competition
26 The best phones to look forward to in 2023
27 USB-C port--India goes the EU way, mandates USB-C ports for smartphones and other gadgets
28 How to enable 'Smart Lock' on your Android smartphone
29 The most important telecom stories of 2022
30 After layoffs, here's what Elon Musk has to say on Twitter expenses
31 Huawei says it's "back in the game;" should Samsung and Apple worry?
32 All I want is one productivity app that can handle everything
33 DuckDuckGo browser will now be able to block the "Sign in with Google" pop-up: Here's how
34 North Korean hackers targeted nearly 1,000 South Korean foreign policy experts
35 Go read this story about a mood decoder developed by neuroscientists that can measure depression
36 TSMC will start the mass production of its next-gen cutting-edge chips this week
37 Government makes USB-C charging port mandatory: What it means for iPhone and Android smartphone users
38 5 best voice changer apps for Android
39 WhatsApp will stop working on these smartphones starting December 31: Here's the complete list
40 The most anticipated phones of 2023
41 Twitter will allow users to turn off the view count, says Elon Musk
42 There's another really good reason not to download pirated software
43 Apple's 3nm chip goes into production this week
44 This is the 'most treasured item' on Musk's bedside table
45 In 2022, I stopped using my VR headset
46 Hacker claims to have private data of 400 million Twitter users for sale
47 Tesla Said to Run Reduced Output in Shanghai Plant in January: Report
48 New iPad Mini could be a year away
49 Razzmatazz review: A delightful (and delightfully pink) drum machine
50 These were the 10 best streaming TV shows of 2022
51 Thousands of WordPress sites hit by gift card plugin flaw
52 The predatory prison phone call industry is finally about to be fixed
53 How to add widgets to the lock screen of your iPhone
54 More developers reportedly now use Linux than macOS
55 The best headphones to look forward to in 2023
56 Samsung brings advanced technology privacy and security managed with its updated Security and Privacy Dashboard
57 Microsoft's making Excel's formulas even easier
58 AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile could avoid $200 million in fines thanks to FCC deadlock
59 What network does Google Fi use?
60 The forecast for 2023 is hot
61 Explained: Using Android Auto in your car and things that you should keep in mind
62 LG Innotek has unveiled a continuous telephoto zoom for smartphones
63 iPhone 14's crash detection glitches again, sends automated emergency calls
64 Driver blames his Tesla's Full Self-Driving for an eight-car pileup
65 Home Assistant open-source smart home platform is getting its own voice controls
66 Apple Watch health feature has a "racial bias" according to lawsuit
67 LG's new optical zoom sensor aims to get rid of the smartphone camera bump
68 US military biometric capture devices loaded with data were sold on eBay
69 Smartphone OEM sustainability approach: What is it, who leads the market and more
70 Microsoft brings new features to Excel: Search bar, formula suggestions and more
71 US House of Representatives bans TikTok on its devices
72 Delhi Government Said to Use DMRC Electric Bus Fleet to Improve Last-Mile Connectivity
73 AMD in 2022: year in review
74 WhatsApp reportedly working on new feature to let users select chats on Desktop beta
75 Here's the last time you sideloaded an app on your phone
76 Universal charging system could be coming to wearables
77 When Pebble forgot that it doesn't make the Apple Watch Ultra
78 Apple stock plunges the most since the financial crisis on iPhone production woes
79 The iPad mini 7 is rumored to be on the way--but might not arrive until 2024
80 Oh No No No: TikTok banned on US House of Representatives-issued devices
81 Elon Musk's SpaceX launches first lot of 54 Starlink satellites under upgraded network
82 2022: The year that was for Meta
83 China Pushes CBDC as 'Good Luck' Gifts Ahead of New Year Celebrations
84 LG shows off a smartphone telephoto camera module with true zoom
85 North Korean government hackers found using ransomware for the first time
86 What company makes the best version of Android 13?
87 What devices are Android Authority readers using? (2022 Edition)
88 Cisco Webex wants to help NASA astronauts make video calls from space
89 Microsoft Excel is finally making formulas smarter, and easier
90 Google Contacts Gets New Highlight Tab on Android: All Details
91 Android phone callers can be spied on via the motion sensors
92 Samsung had to print the iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island cutout as Apple insisted
93 Indian Railway data leak: Information of 30 million customers for sale on dark web
94 Do you use a budgeting app to track your expenses?
95 Laid-off tech workers are finding new jobs pretty quickly
96 How to manage duplicate contacts on iPhones
97 What were the best streaming services of 2022?
98 Hand Mirror makes the best use of Apple's MacBook notch that I've seen
99 How to take a screenshot on any device
100 Apple Foldable iPad Unlikely to Launch in 2025, Premium iPad Mini in the Works: Ming-Chi Kuo
101 The winners in Tech 2022
102 TikTok officially banned from US government smartphones
103 The worst of tech in 2022
104 9 wild tech predictions for 2023
105 2022 breaks another temperature record in the UK
106 How to book COVID iNCOVACC vaccine dose online
107 Amazon is reportedly working on a standalone sports app
108 Sherlock Holmes will finally escape copyright this weekend
109 This creepy Android flaw can detect your identity and even gender
110 Waze's new beta feature alerts users of dangerous, crash-prone roads
111 TikTok is banned on devices issued by the US House of Representatives
112 Dismal iPhone 14 Plus sales could make Apple reduce iPhone 15 Plus price