File Title
1 SpaceX signs deal to launch key European satellites
2 Moon is older than we thought, suggests samples brought by Apollo 17 astronauts
3 Artemis 2's Orion crew and service modules joined for 1st crewed Moon mission in 50 years
4 Boeing continues to work with NASA on much-delayed first crewed spaceflight
5 Burnt-up rockets, satellites are polluting Earth's atmosphere, with unknown consequences
7 Rate of Antarctic ice melting to increase rapidly, 'unavoidably': Study
8 Life on Earth 'under siege' as climate change pushes planet into 'uncharted territory'
9 China sends its youngest-ever crew to space as it seeks to put astronauts on moon before 2030
10 Vindication for bats as their genes could hold key against COVID, cancer
11 Reliance Jio demonstrates its satellite-based gigabit internet in India
12 Chandrayaan 3: Vikram lander generated 'ejecta halo' on lunar surface. What does it mean?
13 Halloween 2023: 'Bones' of a ghostly cosmic hand revealed by X-ray telescopes
14 Elon Musk's X, previously Twitter, now worth less than half what he paid for it
15 Asteroid 'Dinkinesh' to get a visitor today: NASA's Lucy spacecraft
16 Exquisite new details of Crab Nebula captured by Webb Telescope
17 FAA completes safety review of SpaceX Starship, most powerful rocket ever
18 Dust might have snuffed out the dinosaurs
19 Gaganyaan mission: After success of crew module abort test, ISRO eyes uprighting system in 2024
20 Remains of early planet that created the Moon stuck deep within Earth: Study
21 Little money being made available to developing nations for climate adaptation, need at least ten times more: UN report
22 Asteroid Dinkinesh is actually two space rocks, finds NASA's Lucy mission (cf. 33)
23 Giant planets like Jupiter can stop life on Earth-like neighbours
24 Retired telescope found 7 superhot exoplanets orbiting the same star
25 Watch this space: Dinkinesh's space twin and how Jupiter could have killed Earth
26 The case of the missing butterflies, fireflies and dragonflies
27 Saturn will lose its rings. Long before that, they will turn invisible to us
28 Astronomers find oldest black hole and it solves a scientific enigma
29 ISRO's Aditya L1 mission captures its first high-energy solar flare
30 ISRO's Aditya L1 captures X-ray glimpse of benign solar flare
31 Room-temperature superconductor discovery is retracted
32 Euclid mission for investigating dark matter & dark energy shares its first images
33 Dinkinesh surprises NASA's Lucy mission again: 3 asteroids instead of 1 (cf. 22)
34 NASA shares breathtaking image of aurora taken from space station
35 SpaceX to launch its 29th crew resupply mission to space station: Watch live stream
36 Webb telescope finds clues about how Earth, other planets formed
37 NASA+ free streaming service now live: Available on web, Android, and iOS platforms
38 Scientists rediscover long-lost mammal in remote Indonesia mountains
39 Scientists produce yeast strain with more than half synthetic DNA in major breakthrough
40 Galaxy like Milky Way detected in early universe could challenge our cosmic knowledge
41 Watch this space: Two galaxies walk into a bar and the oldest black hole ever discovered
42 To keep Gaganyaan crew module upright after splashdown, ISRO plans tests in 2024
43 NASA stops sending commands to red planet fleet due to Mars solar conjunction
44 Japanese billionaire looks at other companies as Musk's Starship delayed: Report
45 SETI Institute gets $200 million from Qualcomm co-founder to search for alien life
46 James Webb Space Telescope help find 2 of the most distant galaxies
47 Comets bouncing from one planet to another can spread life in the universe
48 Part of Chandrayaan-3 launch vehicle makes uncontrolled re-entry into Earth's atmosphere: ISRO
49 SpaceX gets license for second launch of Starship rocket
50 We will soon need 'neuro rights' to protect our brains and thoughts from technology
51 SpaceX's second Starship launch postponed by one day to replace a part
52 Mars disappeared today and it won't come back for two weeks
53 ISRO's next ambitious plan: Collect soil samples from Moon, bring them to Earth
54 SpaceX Starship launch failed minutes after reaching space
55 Watch this Space: NASA stands behind SpaceX, but with bated breath
56 AI system self organises to become more like human brain in a study
57 'Teenage galaxies' captured in extraordinarily detailed view by James Webb Space Telescope
58 SpaceX's Starship could fly again within a month of second explosion
59 NASA's Psyche mission fires lasers at Earth from 16 million kilometres away
60 NASA may spend up to $1 billion to destroy the International Space Station
61 James Webb Space Telescope reveals stunning Milky Way features in new image
62 North Korea says it launched spy satellite: US, South Korea & Japan raise alarm
63 Japan's ispace is back with second mission, micro rover after April crash
64 Europe's new Ariane 6 rocket completes key test after many delays
65 High-energy 'sun goddess' particle 'from nowhere' collides into Earth
66 This sea worm's 'butt' swims away to reproduce. Now, researchers know why
67 Solar surge sparks geomagnetic storms on Earth: Spectacular Aurorae await
68 Watch this Space: Mystery cosmic ray and killing the International Space Station
69 NASA to train an Indian astronaut for ISS mission
70 'A very slow game': Why the pace of Israel's ground operation counts
71 More children killed in 21 days in Gaza than in conflicts across 20 countries in a whole year since 2019: Report
72 3,400 children among 8,300 Palestinians killed; Netanyahu rejects ceasefire calls: Top developments on Day 25
73 Thailand to waive visas for Taiwan and India to boost tourism
74 Israeli forces battle Hamas around Gaza City, as military says 800,000 have fled south
75 Israeli forces demolish West Bank house of senior Hamas leader
76 Russia tightens security in Muslim-majority south after weekend airport riot
77 Brazil offers to share ethanol production tech with India to resolve sugar-related dispute at WTO
78 Yemen's Houthi rebels claim attacks on Israel, drawing their main sponsor Iran closer to Hamas war
79 Bangladesh: Retired army general arrested over fake 'Biden's adviser' connection
80 Israeli airstrikes crush apartments in Gaza refugee camp; military claims Hamas commander killed
81 Israel's attackers took more than 200 hostages. Here's what to know about them.
82 19 members of Al Jazeera engineer's family killed in Israeli air strikes in Gaza
83 Saima Wazed, Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina's daughter, to head WHO's South East Asia region
84 50 Palestinians killed in Jabalia refugee camp strike; Israel continues to bombard Gaza: Top developments on Day 26
85 First evacuees leave Gaza as Israeli offensive intensifies
86 Eruption of Eurasia's tallest active volcano sends ash columns above a Russian peninsula
87 2 killed in Russian attacks in eastern Ukraine that also damage Kherson city centre
88 Bolivia severs ties with Israel, others recall envoys over Gaza
89 Jordan, a key US ally, recalls its ambassador from Israel in protest of war in Gaza
90 Top UN official resigns citing 'genocide' of Palestinians in Gaza strip
91 Israel's strikes on Jabalia refugee camp kill over 195 people, says Gaza; 'Could amount to war crimes,' says UN
92 4 satellite images chart Israel's invasion of Gaza
93 For some Palestinians, exiting Gaza means leaving their families behind
94 Putin signs law revoking Russian ratification of nuclear test ban treaty
95 Diplomacy to pause fighting and ease siege intensifies as Israeli ground troops advance on Gaza City
96 Israel PM hails advance into Gaza City as Hamas fighters attack from tunnels
97 Israel-Hamas war misinformation is everywhere. Here are the facts
98 John Oliver's 'Last Week Tonight' censored by UAE broadcaster over references to Khashoggi's killing
99 Blinken urges protection for civilians in Gaza on visit to Israel amid fears war could widen
100 Hamas attack on Israel 'big act of terrorism' but Palestine issue must be resolved through dialogue: Jaishankar
101 Hezbollah says wider Mideast war possible if Gaza assault continues
102 14 Pak soldiers killed as militants ambush two vehicles carrying security forces in restive Balochistan
103 157 killed in Nepal quake, toll may rise; India offers assistance
104 Blinken tries to cajole wary Arabs on support for post-conflict Gaza as Israel's war intensifies
105 Israeli jets hit Lebanon as Hezbollah fires more powerful missile
106 Israeli strikes kill multiple civilians at shelters in Gaza combat zone, as Blinken seeks more aid
107 Ukraine's Zelenskiy says war not in 'stalemate,' more air defense help needed
108 US and Arab partners disagree on the need for a ceasefire as Israeli airstrikes kill more civilians
109 Thousands sleep outside in Nepal after earthquake kills at least 157 people and destroys most houses
110 Warplanes strike Gaza refugee camp as Israel rejects US push for pause in fighting
111 Hamburg airport remains closed as police deal with 'hostage situation'