File Title
1 Denisovan Gene Variants May Influence Modern Mental Conditions
2 A Specific Gut Microbe is Linked to Severe Malaria
3 Are Collagen, Vitamin C, and Methylsulfonylmethane the naturally-occurring secret to youthful skin?
4 3D Printing in Microgravity: WVU's Breakthroughs for Space Exploration
5 Salt's Toll: A Global Review of Human-Induced Salinization
6 Gut Microbiota Warfare: Why Fecal Transplants Work
7 First Ever Pentavalent Meningococcal Vaccine
8 Saving Energy in Older Buildings: Illinois Tech's Award-Winning BORC System
9 Questions About a New Direct-to-Consumer Alzheimer's Diagnostic
10 How Sunflowers Can See the Sun
11 Potential Health Risks of Contaminants in Cannabis and Hemp
12 Tasks of Daily Living Reduce Heart Risks if Done Right
13 Ganymede's Deep Ocean Secrets Unveiled by NASA's Juno Mission
14 Repurposed Drug Improves Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes
15 Engineered Immune Cell Improves Treatment of Ovarian Cancer
16 Human Antibodies that Can Neutralize Certain Pathogenic Bacteria
17 Human Activity Has Dramatically Increased Atmospheric Mercury
18 Advancing the Study of 'Jumping' Genes
19 Smart glasses to help people see using sound
20 Environmental Toxin Exposure may Predict ALS Risk
21 NASA's Lucy Asteroid Flyby Provides Stunning Discovery
22 Eating Strawberries May Boost Cognition and Reduce Depression
23 Nigella sativa for targeting neuropilins in breast cancer
24 A Blood Test Can Predict the Worsening of Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms
25 Shedding New Light on the Differences in Cat Genomes
26 Seinfeld and the Striatum: Humor processing below the cortex
27 Seven Sweltering Exoplanets Found in Kepler Data
28 'Pulling an All-Nighter' Increases Dopamine and Synaptic Plasticity
29 Titan and Ganymede Revealed: Understanding Shear Deformation on Icy Moons
30 AI in Oncology Care: Ethical Considerations to Respect Patient Dignity
31 Rise in School-Discipline Referrals Linked to Cannabis Legalization in Oregon
32 IL-18 Therapies Targeting Inflammatory Disease
33 Chamomile oil in nanogel form for pain relief
34 Softbotics and the Past: Engineering the Movement of 450-Million-Year-Old Organisms
35 Mars' Geological History Unveiled: Curiosity Rover's 39th Sample Reveals Clues
36 A Diet Could be as Powerful as a Drug Treatment for Kidney Disease
37 A Parasite Carried by Cats is Linked to Adult Frailty
38 Advancing CAR-T Therapy Through Immunophenotyping
39 Mountain Biking Benefits Outweigh Risks
40 AI won't put you out of a job, says one study
41 Cannabis Use Connected with Potential Long-Term Cardiology Issues
42 Ocean Waves are Getting Stronger as the Planet Warms
43 Insights into Why Some Get PTSD After Trauma & Others Do Not
44 Planetary Formation Dynamics Unveiled: Webb Telescope's Surprising Findings
45 Study Analyzes Consumption Patterns of Medical Cannabis Patients
46 Mindfulness Can Help Us Make Better Eating Choices
47 Unleashing CapCut Creative Suite Techniques for Science Experiment Films
48 Alaskan Forests Crucial for Climate and Biodiversity Goals, Oregon State University Study Finds
49 As Many as One in 25 Carry Lifespan-Shortening Gene Variants
50 Caribbean Sea Salt Can Affect the Climate
51 Discovery of the Most Distant Barred Spiral Galaxy Reshapes Galaxy Evolution Theories
52 Human Disease Informs Immune Response
53 Milk Antibodies Correlated to Heart Disease
54 AI enhances radiotherapy treatment
55 Rotifers Can Break Down Microplastics to Create Trillions More Particles
56 Predicting the Success of Bladder Cancer Treatment
57 The PACT Act: Providing Better Healthcare to Veterans
58 Severe Mental Illness Linked to More Physical Health Problems
59 New Technology Inspired by Butterflies Can Detect Cancer
60 Energizing Secrets: The Hidden Component of Positive Secret-Keeping
61 How to Improve Forensic DNA Analysis with 8-Dye STR Multiplex Technology
62 When accuracy matters: MAS Diabetes quality controls
63 Arthritis Subtypes 'Deconstructed' by New Cellular Atlas
64 Next-Gen. Computing: Chiral Magnets Reshape the Landscape of Reservoir Computing
65 Biomarkers of Mental Illness Revealed in Brain Images
66 Viral Rebound with Paxlovid is Confirmed and Manageable
67 Toxic Chemicals in Recycled Plastics: A Global Menace Revealed
68 Solar Radio Aurora: A Peculiar Discovery Almost 25,000 Miles Above Sunspots
69 Reduction in Health insurance Premiums After Cannabis Legalization
70 Why Warming Up Enhances Muscle Performance
71 Peanut and Fluffy Ball Galaxies: JWST Reveals Distant Marvels in Pandora's Cluster
72 A Close Link Between Gut Microbes & Oxytocin is Revealed
73 How a Beneficial Genetic Mutation Can Offset Alzheimer's Predisposition
74 Cal Academy Welcomes Dr. Franck Marchis, Pioneer in Solar System Research, as 2023 Fellow
75 Cannabis for Better Sleep: A Shift Away from Over-the-Counter and Prescription Medications
76 Exoplanet WASP-107b: A Fluffy Giant with Water, Sulfur Dioxide, and Silicate Sand Clouds
77 Previously Unknown Membrane-Bound Organelles Key to C. difficile's Iron Defense
78 Wildfires are Getting Worse in a New Abnormal, Burning More Houses
79 Ice Core Insights: A Comprehensive Look at Phytoplankton Trends Over 800 Years
80 In the Ocean, Extracellular Vesicles Can Share DNA
81 Cancer Burden: 7 Counties Experienced 2 Million Cancer Deaths in 2020
82 CBD and CBG May Promote Fracture Healing
83 Depression Linked to 19% Lower Taurine Levels in the Hippocampus
84 Any Activity Is Better than Sitting for Your Heart
85 New Neuropeptide Sensors Revolutionize Neuroscience Research
86 First at-Home Chlamydia, Gonorrhea Test Approved by FDA as Cases Keep Rising
87 Gene Loss of ARID1A Promotes Prostate Cancer
88 One-Year Anniversary of Artemis I Launch
89 Government Shutdown and What that Means for Scientists
90 The Brightest Flash Ever Detected Disturbed Earth's Atmosphere
91 Measles Deaths Surge as Vaccinations Lag
92 Vitamin B12 is a Crucial to Cellular Reprogramming & Tissue Regeneration
93 This Day in Space History 11/17/1967: NASA's Surveyor 6 Lunar Lander Performs First Liftoff from Moon's Surface
94 Inhibiting Enzyme Shows Promise in Halting Parkinson's
95 Head Injuries Lead to Significant Changes in Gene Activity
96 A New Hardiness Zone Map for Plants is Released by USDA
97 Study Uncovers a Distinct Strategy Immune Cells Use to "Eat" Cancer Cells
98 Imaging Changes in the Genome
99 Evolution of Young Planetary Systems: The Neon Signature of SZ Cha
100 New Insights into How SARS-CoV-2 Uses Host Cells to Enhance Infectiveness
101 The effect of social connection on health outcomes
102 NASA's Kepler Telescope Unveils Mystery Behind Exoplanet Size Gap
103 New Insights into the Unique Genetics of the Human Pancreas
104 Can We Geoengineer the Climate to Prevent Antarctic Ice Loss?
105 Allergic Immune Responses Raise Risk of Heart Disease, Death
106 Cancer Fighters at Your Thanksgiving Table
107 Deciphering the Social Networks of Proteins
108 Advancing Peanut Allergy Management: Unveiling the Safety Profile of VP250
109 Hubble's Precision: Unveiling the Diameter of LTT 1445Ac, a Rocky Exoplanet
110 An Ingestible Monitoring Device Enters Clinical Trials