File Title
1 Sam Altman to return as OpenAI CEO after shock ouster
2 A novel approach to energy storage by University of Cordoba
3 Researchers aim to make cheaper fuel cells a reality
4 BMW probes Moroccan cobalt supplier over pollution claims
5 Indonesia unveils investment plan for $20 billion energy transition pact
6 China-US climate pledge 'significant moment' pre-COP28
7 German govt. spending plans at risk as court rules
8 APEC finance chiefs agree to grow economies with eye on sustainability
9 Climate groups demand COP28 aims for formal energy transition deal
10 EU vows 'substantial' contribution to climate damage fund
11 Scientists move closer to long-theorized ultraprecise nuclear clock
12 Enact upgrades solar design software to significantly optimize design efficiency
13 Novel molecular bridge strategy boosts efficiency of perovskite solar cells
14 Momentus testing new spacecraft engine and solar array design
15 Solar-powered device produces clean water and clean fuel at the same time
16 Pioneering Research Enhances PbSe Quantum Dots for Solar Spectrum Harvesting
17 Indoor solar to power the Internet of Things
18 Chinese company gives leftover hotpot oil second life as jet fuel
19 Hyundai opens high-tech Singapore electric car factory
20 Thousands of fossil fuel lobbyists attend COP meetings: NGOs
21 Markets mixed as Fed minutes hint rates to stay higher for longer
22 Boomerang-like beams of light
23 Perovskite oxide promises breakthrough in clean energy device efficiency
24 Australia targets tech giants with 'harmful content' standards
25 Baidu posts modest revenue growth in Q3
26 How an assistive-feeding robot went from picking up fruit salads to whole meals
27 Rice researcher scans tropical forest with mixed-reality device
28 Want better AI? Get input from a human expert
29 State-of-the-art solar manufacturing gets $3 million boost
30 EU says climate funding should not rely on 1992 calculations
31 NASA's Deep Space Optical Comm Demo Sends, Receives First Data
32 ILLUMA-T launches to the International Space Station
33 First cross-border transport of CO2 expected in 2025: Yara
34 European banks lack transparency on green finance: NGO
35 Climate conspiracy theories flourish ahead of COP28
36 Argentina's Milei may find an unexpected friend in the IMF
37 'An uphill climb' at COP28: EU climate commissioner
38 COP28 turns attention to potent methane emissions
39 AI doomsayers blamed in OpenAI's undoing
40 News anchors targeted by deepfake scammers on Facebook
41 Russia arrests ex-civil servant over bank transfers to Ukraine
42 The AI of war: computers and autonomous killing
43 State-backed hackers a threat to Australia, agency warns
44 China and Uruguay upgrade ties as leaders meet in Beijing
45 China's influence in C. America advances at a gallop
46 The fallen kings of crypto
47 US removes Chinese lab from sanctions in fentanyl crackdown deal
48 Officials struggle to find source of Gulf of Mexico oil spill
49 Putting humans at the centre of high-tech workplaces of the future
50 Scaling Up the Power of Nanotechnology--Scientists Develop New Conceptual Nanomaterial with Huge Potential
51 Revolutionary One-Atom-Thick Ribbons Set to Transform Batteries and Solar Cells
52 Unprecedented Resurgence--Unveiling the Alarming Rise of Meningitis in Young Adults
53 From Lasers to Superconductors: The Optoelectronics Chip Revolution Begins
54 Scientists Uncover Surprisingly Simple Potential Solution to Malaria
55 When Nature Bites Back: Crocodile Attack Sparks 30+ Year Project to Create Pain Relief Gel
56 Nature Positive by 2030: A Realistic Goal or a Greenwashed Dream?
57 Midlife's Hidden Belly Fat: A Surprising Link to Alzheimer's Disease
58 Cheers to Biodiversity: Beetle with Bottle-Opener Genitalia Discovered
59 Invisible No More: Tiny Bubbles Could Reveal Immune Cell Secrets and Improve Treatments
60 Unraveling the Mysteries of [phi] Mesons: A New Breakthrough in Heavy-Ion Collision Physics
61 Advancing Space Biology and Dragon Skills as ISS Celebrates 25 Years in Orbit
62 Tri-Star Revolution: "Triple Star" Discovery Shakes Up Stellar Evolution Theories
63 Four Months Old and Already Self-Aware: New Findings in Infant Psychology
64 Eco-Friendly Breakthrough: Single Atom Catalyst Transforms CO2 into Ethanol
65 Revolutionary Study Unveils New Cause of Brain Hemorrhages Beyond Blood Vessel Injury
66 How Lockdowns Shaped the Virus: AI Uncovers COVID-19's Evolutionary Secrets
67 Hundreds of People Watched Other People Shake Boxes for Science. Here's Why
68 Rethinking CFCs: The Surprising Persistence of the Antarctic Ozone Hole
69 Prolonging Lifespan and Easing Symptoms--Scientists Identify Potential Breakthrough Treatment for ALS
70 Juice's Daring Maneuver: Setting Course for a Historic Earth-Moon Flyby
71 Researchers Develop New Approach in the Fight Against Drug Resistance in Malaria
72 Cranberries: A Thanksgiving Staple with a Rich History and Unique Biology
73 Brewing Smarter: Scientists Discover a Secret Brain Booster in Coffee
74 The Quantum Boomerang: Light's New Twisting Tale
75 Unlocking Disease Mysteries: Nano Traps Offer New Insights into Protein Clumps
76 Nano-Sized Powerhouses: Ultrafast Laser Technology Miniaturized on Tiny Photonic Chips
77 Dementia Dangers: How Hearing Loss Rewires the Brain
78 The Limits of AI: Why ChatGPT Isn't Truly "Intelligent"
79 Stellar Discoveries: GALAXY CRUISE's First Dive into Colliding Galaxies
80 Ketamine Nasal Spray: A Game-Changer for Treatment-Resistant Depression?
81 Preparing for the Unknown: Space Biology and Manufacturing in Long-Term Missions
82 Hidden Wonders: Webb Space Telescope Detects Unexplained Structures in Heart of Milky Way
83 The Bizarre Case of Swimming Sea Worm Butts: Nature's Weirdest Trick
84 The Primordial Brew: How Ancient Seas Molded Life on Earth
85 Spiraling into Stardom: The Role of Gas Streamers in Multi-Star Births
86 Aging Reimagined: How "Immortal" Jellyfish DNA Could Extend Human Life
87 Unlocking the Secrets of Catalysts: How Tiny Traces Revolutionize Chemical Reactions
88 Hopfions Unveiled: The 3D Spin Structures Set to Spin Up Future Tech
89 Feast on Relief: How Eating Turkey Could Tame Ulcerative Colitis
90 NASA's New Power Play: Plutonium-238 for Distant Space Journeys
91 Baldness Breakthrough--Scientists Uncover 5 Key Genes
92 Unraveling the Mysteries of Glassy Liquids--Scientists Propose New Theory
93 The Future of AI: Self-Learning Machines Could Replace Current Artificial Neural Networks
94 New Study: Ginger Supplementation Shows Promise in Autoimmune Disease Treatment
95 Unlocking the Secrets of Life: Scientists Solve Century-Old Biological Mysteries with Active Matter Theory
96 Quantum Riddle Solved: Purple Bronze Discovery Unveils "Perfect Switch" for Future Tech
97 Beyond Delicious: Unlocking the Nutritional Power of Thanksgiving Sides
98 Bilingual Minds, Sharper Focus: The Cognitive Benefits of Speaking Two Languages
99 Webb's Cosmic Coup: Sniffing Out Methane on a Distant World
100 Radar Revealed: The North Channel's Colorful Secrets from Space
101 An Unexpected Way to Time Travel--Citizen Scientist's Tip Unlocks 3,000 Years of Mammal Evolution
102 No Better than Water--Popular Hospital Disinfectant Ineffective Against Common Superbug
103 Revolutionizing Paleontology: The First Dinosaur Eggs Were Not What We Expected
104 Questioning the Narrative: The Overexaggerated Threat of Long COVID
105 Phototherapy--a Promising New Approach in Alzheimer's Treatment
106 From Pixels to Paradigms: MIT's Synthetic Leap in AI Training
107 Science Made Simple: What Is Antimatter?
108 Historic First: NASA Uses Two Worlds to Test Future Mars Helicopter Designs
109 Yale Scientists Shed Light on Mysteries of Long COVID
110 The Future of Biology: Decoding Cell and Tissue Mechanics in 3D with Active Matter Theory
111 Peering into the Past: How James Webb Is Rewriting Our Understanding of Early Galaxies
112 Beefing Up Immunity: Nutrient Found in Meat and Dairy Improves Cancer Defense
113 From Fields to Feasts: Illinois' Mastery in Pumpkin Production
114 Simulating the Cosmos: Is a Miniature Universe Possible?
115 Solar Panels vs. Planting Trees--Which Triumphs in the Fight Against Global Warming?
116 Silk Meets Silicon: The Dawn of Biological Hybrid Transistors