File Title
1 A Rare Divergence in the Genetic Code is Discovered
2 Revealing New Details About the Coronavirus Infection Process
3 Caffeine May Lower Parkinson's Risk by 4-8 Times
4 Pelvic Radiotherapy Induces Long-Term Inflammation in Cancer Survivors
5 Understanding the Mechanisms of Umami Taste
6 Many Undiagnosed Found Among Relatives of Celiac Patients
7 Suction Patches Inspired by Octopi Unlock New Possibilities in Drug Discovery
8 Studies Indicate Gulf Stream is Weakening, Warming & Moving
9 Pregnancy Hormones May Induce Permanent Changes in the Brain
10 As Bedbugs Cause Problems in France, Researchers Ask if They're Disease Vectors
11 Unlocking the Potential of Exercise in a Pill: The New ERR Agonist "SLU-PP-332"
12 Preparing for Cosmic Discovery: Infrastructure Teams Gear Up for Roman Space Telescope Mission
13 Gene Editing Might Help Stop the Spread of Bird Flu
14 How Changes in Genetic Architecture are Related to Autism
15 Sturgeon--This AI Diagnoses Brain Tumors During an Operation
16 Implantable Bioreactor: A Step Towards Artificial Kidneys?
17 Massive Solar Storm Detected in Ancient Tree Rings: A Warning for Modern Technology
18 How Climate Change Could Impact Beer
19 Astronomers Discover Spectacular Collision Between Ice Giant Exoplanets
20 Lunar Magnetism Mystery: Stanford Study Dispels Contamination Concerns in Sample-Return Missions
21 US Cancer Centers Continue to Experience Drug Shortages
22 Champions of COVID-19 Vaccine Awarded Nobel Prize
23 Swapping Red Meat with Quorn Improves Heart Health & Weight
24 More Women Turning to Marijuana to Manage Menopause Symptoms
25 A Call for Action: Coordinating Climate Change Adaptation on a Global Scale
26 Deep Sleep Stimulation Improves Heart Health
27 Baseflow Droughts: The Overlooked Challenge in Water Management
28 Routine Vaccinations Can Help Fight Cancer
29 Snow, Wildfires, and the Outdoors / Ally Fitts, MS Student at the University of Nevada, Reno
30 Study Examines Access to Cannabis via Online Dispensaries by Minors
31 Using Metagenomics to Explore the Vast, Mysterious World of Microbial Dark Matter
32 Medical imaging that works, regardless of skin color
33 NASA Psyche Spacecraft Successfully Launches Towards All-Metal Asteroid
34 Revolutionizing Sepsis Treatment: The Vitamin C Breakthrough
35 Apoptosis--a Process with 1.8 Billion-Year-Old Origins
36 Infant Emotion Recognition Training May Reduce Postpartum Depression Risk
37 Arginine Facilitates Metabolic Reprograming to Promote Liver Cancer Growth
38 Glyphosate Associated with High Levels of Chronic Kidney Disease
39 New DNA-Cutting Enzymes are Widespread in Nature & Work on Human Cells
40 Unraveling Dwarf Planet Ceres' Organic Mysteries with Impact Studies
41 Virtual Reality Therapy for Relieving Symptoms of Hoarding Disorder
42 CAR-NK Therapy: An Effective Strategy for Cancer Treatment
43 NFX-179: A Promising Topical MEK Inhibitor for cSCC Prevention
44 Brain Fungal Infections Cause Alzheimer's Symptoms
45 A New Biomarker Can Predict Whether Neurons Will Regenerate
46 Evaluating the Changing Soundscape: Research Reveals Shifts in Glacier National Park's Acoustic Environment
47 Metallic Fingerprints: Spacecraft Residue Found Transforming Earth's Stratosphere
48 Investigating Sex-Specific Differences in Health and Metabolism: A Comprehensive Study
49 What caused the dinosaurs to go extinction? Don't ask scientists: ask AI
50 Salinity on the Rise: USGS Study Highlights Concerning Groundwater Changes
51 Insomnia Linked to High Blood Pressure in Women
52 Not Lazy, Just "Effort Sensitive": New insights in ADHD
53 Launching the Next Generation: The SilverSat Project
54 Different Flours Make Different Sourdough Flavors
55 Revealing More About the Mysteries of Aging
56 TikTok Videos Can Help Encourage Cervical Cancer Screening
57 Losing Sleep Damages Blood Vessel Cells
58 Lollipop for saliva collection
59 Purdue University Startup, ZS Instruments, Secures $1 Million Grant for Precision Optical Encoder Innovation
60 What Gives One of the Darkest Rivers in the World Its Color
61 A New Way to Assess Human Gut Microbiomes
62 Record-Breaking Fast Radio Burst Provides Insights into Missing Matter Between Galaxies
63 Novel Imaging Detects Immune Response to COVID-19
64 AI Can Screen for Diabetes
65 For the Love of Water / Hannah Lukasik, MS Student at the University of Nevada, Reno
66 Study Highlights Outcomes of Canadian Legal Cannabis Over the Past Five Years
67 Study Finds Association between Socioeconomic and Racial Disparities and Cannabis Dispensary Availability
68 Youth and Marijuana: A Comprehensive Analysis of School Discipline Post-Legalization in Oregon
69 Mom's Microbiome Impacts Gene Expression in the Fetus
70 NASA's Voyager Mission Engineers Take Steps to Prolong Interstellar Exploration
71 Genetic Factors that Could Extend the Life of Golden Retrievers
72 DASH Diet May Reduce Risk of Cognitive Decline in Women
73 Factors Associated with Cannabis Use Among High-Risk College Students
74 Eye Opening Human Brain Recordings Validate Huge Assumption in Neuroscience
75 AI for detecting schizophrenia
76 Moon's Birthdate Pushed Back: Apollo Mission Dust Crystals Hold Clues to Lunar Origins
77 Visualizing Skeletal Muscle Regeneration with Advanced Microscopy
78 The Earth's Core May be Leaking
79 Mediterranean Diet Linked to Gut Bacteria that May Mitigate PTSD
80 Repurposing Old Drugs: Low-Dose Amitriptyline Offers Hope for IBS Patients
81 Did you know you can get a prescription for clothing?
82 Fluctuating Blood Pressure Linked to Dementia and Heart Disease
83 AI identifies brain tumor type faster than ever before
84 Optimizing SETI Efficiency: New Drift Rate Recommendations for Exoplanet Signals
85 Mycena Fungi Have Evolved to Infect Live Hosts
86 Improving Cancer Detection with Digital 3D Images
87 Moon's Hidden Fragments: Unraveling the Mystery of Near-Earth Asteroid Kamo'oalewa
88 Shielding Europa Clipper: NASA's Armor Against Jupiter's Menacing Radiation
89 Women Living in "Walkable" Neighborhoods Have a Lower Risk of Obesity-Related Cancers
90 Survey Gauges Driving-related Behaviors Attitudes among Australian Medical Cannabis Users
91 New diabetes drug's success predicted by gut bacteria
92 Dietary Selenium May Fight Acute Myeloid Leukemia
93 HPV Vaccine Developed to Fight Throat Nodules
94 Deep Coral Reefs Face Unprecedented Bleaching in the Indian Ocean
95 Unveiling Earth's Ancient Supercontinent: Diamonds as Windows into the Past
96 Eating Habits Vary with Seasons
97 Mars' Hidden Layers: Seismic Data Reveals Molten Silicate Blanket
98 A Blood Test that Helps Identify Bipolar Disorder
99 Cell Death Switch Activates Cancer Death
100 New Compound Inhibits Inflammatory Response in Lupus
101 THC's Impact on Teenage Brains: Microglial Structural Changes and Schizophrenia Risk
102 New Combination Cervical Cancer Treatment Regimen Cuts Deaths by 10%
103 SARS-CoV-2 Infects & Moves Through Neurons in the Brain
104 A Genetic Cause for Some Brain Tumors is Revealed
105 Turning Plants Red: A Breakthrough in Environmental Sensing
106 Infrared Aurora Confirmed on Uranus: A Breakthrough in Planetary Magnetic Field Studies
107 Higher Triglyceride Levels Linked to Lower Dementia Risk
108 AI Can Help Predict Breast Cancer Diagnoses before Mammography
109 Understanding Why Some Hurricanes Intensify so Rapidly
110 Prenatal Fentanyl Exposure Leads to Certain Physical Features in Babies