File Title
1 Physicists answer question of Supergalactic Plane's absent spiral galaxies
2 Instruments led by IRF selected for ESA potential future mission to either Mars or Earth's Orbit
3 Earth bacteria could make lunar soil more habitable for plants
4 Australians vote on name for home-made Moon rover
5 CAPSTONE marks one year in near rectilinear halo orbit
6 UN chief to observe 'impact of climate crisis' in Antarctica
7 Melting ice falling snow: Sea ice declines enhance snowfall over West Antarctica
8 AI model estimates state of economy in North Korea, other countries
9 Life beyond the leak for ESA's CryoSat
10 Frozen library of ancient ice tells tales of climate's past
11 1.5íC limit 'only option' for saving Earth's ice and snow
12 Ay Karumba: 'Smelly' rats plague Australian fishing towns
13 Vietnam jails ivory, rhino horn trafficker for 12 years
14 The mystery of phosphite--a scientific detective story
15 Switzerland backs CO2 storage under the sea
16 Study sheds light on how Earth cycles fossil carbon
17 CORRECTED: Load of rubbish: litter-hunters vie for unusual world title in Tokyo
18 Frustration as latest talks on global plastic treaty close
19 PepsiCo. sued by New York state over plastic pollution
20 'Forever chemicals' blood tests in Belgium over polluted water
21 Pupils, employees urged to stay home in smog-hit Tehran
22 Shear bliss for New Zealand's pampered sheep
23 Brussels extends use of controversial herbicide
24 French oyster farmers race to recover from storm
25 China's animal lovers fight illegal cat meat trade
26 Fly larvae: Costa Rica's sustainable protein for animal feed
27 EU lawmakers reject proposal to halve pesticide use
28 From drought to deluge: Kenyan villagers reel from floods
29 Torrential rains in Brazil leave at least six dead
30 Flash floods kill 100 in Horn of Africa: charity
31 Two dead, three missing in central Vietnam floods
32 250 flood-hit northern France communities in state of disaster
33 Predicting Mega-Floods: A New Approach Using Europe-Wide Hydrological Data
34 NASA Analysis Finds Strong El Nino Could Bring Extra Floods this Winter
35 Somalia floods kill 29, displace 300,000 people
36 'Exceptional' floods hit northern France: authorities
37 Madagascar heatwave rooted in human-caused climate change: study
38 Heat projected to kill nearly five times more people by 2050
39 Rio de Janeiro bakes in record heat
40 EU agrees to continue aid to Palestinians after 'careful' review of funds
41 Climate threatening UK historic heritage: charity
42 Israel army withdraws from inside Gaza hospital, journalist tells AFP
43 Israel strike destroys Al-Shifa hospital cardiac ward: Hamas; MSF warns of 'inhuman' conditions
44 Climate migration new diplomatic 'bargaining chip': expert
45 U.N. pleads for Gaza access; Netanyahu offers 'tactical little pauses' but no cease-fire
46 One dead, over 43,000 displaced in Philippine floods
47 Iceland may spray water on lava to save town
48 Iceland PM says no country more prepared for volcano threat
49 How much damage could possible Iceland volcano eruption cause?
50 Residents get brief return to volcano-risk Icelandic town
51 Icelandic volcano could destroy town of Grindavik: experts
52 WHO asks China for more data on respiratory illness
53 Disco, dogs help Hong Kong's elderly out of post-COVID isolation
54 Indian rescuers drill two-thirds of way to 41 trapped workers
55 Indigenous Brazilians gain political power, even as prejudice remains
56 President-elect Milei vows 'end of Argentina's decline'
57 UN expert accuses Vietnam of targeting human rights defenders
58 Iraq Supreme Court says dismissed powerful parliament speaker
59 Maldives Speaker quits ahead of new president
60 Meta to require political ads reveal AI altered images
61 Far-right, anti-Islam Wilders on course for Dutch landslide
62 Antarctic ozone hole getting deeper in mid-spring, research suggests
63 Massive 2022 eruption reduced ozone levels
64 Fishing chimpanzees found to enjoy termites as a seasonal treat
65 Good neighbors: Bonobo study offers clues into early human alliances
66 AI finds formula on how to predict monster waves
67 Over half of seabirds in UK and Ireland 'in decline': survey
68 Endangered sea turtles get second life at Tunisian centre
69 Clearing mangroves makes 'muddification' worse
70 Forests could absorb much more carbon, but does it matter?
71 In many major crop regions, workers plant and harvest in spiraling heat and humidity
72 Microbes could help reduce the need for chemical fertilizers
73 New research suggests plants might be able to absorb more CO2 from human activities than previously expected
74 Sand and dust storm frequency increasing in many world regions, UN warns
75 Threat from sand and dust storms spreading: UN
76 Study sheds light on how Earth cycles fossil carbon
77 China Enhances Ocean Observation Capabilities with Launch of HY-3A Satellite
78 Fiji PM says China may help develop ports
79 China retail sales surge in October but economy remains sluggish
80 Fishing nations pledge shark, ray protection
81 Maldives to battle rising seas by building fortress islands
82 Sand mining in Vietnam's Mekong Delta sinks homes, livelihoods
83 Uzbekistan to urge public to save water as crisis looms
84 Jordan nixes power for water deal with Israel over Gaza war
85 'King of Lake Ohrid': the fight to save a Balkan trout
86 South Asia worst in world for water scarcity: UN
87 Scientists unveil significant increase in short-duration extreme precipitation over mountainous areas under global warming
88 Vienna fountain decried for 'ugliness,' costs
89 Drought worsens in Spain's Catalonia, officials warn
90 Scientists blame climate change for 'extreme drought' in Iraq, Iran and Syria
91 Earth to warm up to 2.9íC even with current climate pledges: UN
92 Greenhouse gases hit record high in 2022: UN
93 EU negotiators reach deal on methane emission curbs
94 World severely off track to limit planet-heating emissions: UN
95 Global one-day temperature spikes above 2íC for first time: EU monitor
96 Plants that survived dinosaur extinction pulled nitrogen from air
97 Recreation of ancient seawater reveals which nutrients shaped the evolution of early life
98 The first dinosaur egg was leathery
99 New microfossils suggest earlier rise in complex life
100 German court blows 60-bn-euro hole in budget with debt ruling
101 Europe's largest nuclear reactor restarts after fault
102 Toyota ad rapped as 'irresponsible' to the environment
103 Deep decarbonization scenarios reveal importance of accelerating zero-emission vehicle adoption
104 Renault tries to lure investment for new electric car unit
105 Paris says to call vote on heavy SUV parking fee hike
106 Electric heavy lorries poised to overtake hydrogen trucks
107 Oil drops further after OPEC delay as Asian stocks struggle
108 Markets retreat but traders confident of Fed rate hikes ending