File Title
1 French AI start-up Mistral AI raises 385 million euros
2 Researchers safely integrate fragile 2D materials into devices
3 Threads countdown teases app's potential EU launch
4 Twitch to shut down in SKorea over 'seriously' high fees
5 Musk regrets controversial post but won't bow to advertiser 'blackmail'
6 Viasat Advances Arctic Broadband Connectivity with ASBM Satellite Milestone
7 A nanosatellite and a hot air balloon for emergency broadband anywhere
8 Rail industry urged to consider safety risks of space weather
9 In Mexico, building a rail rival to the Panama Canal
10 Fortnite's Epic Games wins US court fight with Google
11 Microsoft, US labor group team up on AI
12 Observatory to unravel universe's mysteries
13 China's Xi looks to strengthen Vietnam ties after Biden visit
14 China's Xi to visit Vietnam next week
15 EU tells China 'differences' must be addressed
16 China slams 'smearing' of Belt and Road project after Italy withdraws
17 China says exports rise for first time in seven months
18 Ukrainian truckers stranded in Poland battle cold
19 EU chief warns China on trade gap ahead of summit
20 Crunch time for EU-Mercosur deal at Rio summit
21 Belarus, China hail deepening ties in Beijing talks
22 PwC to set up blocks preventing exam cheating after $7 million fine
23 US Commerce chief warns against China 'threat'
24 US audit inspectors unveil $7.9 million fines on China-based firms
25 'National circumstances' key to COP28 fossil fuel deal: S. Africa minister
26 AI accelerates problem-solving in complex scenarios
27 MIT engineers develop a way to determine how the surfaces of materials behave
28 EU approves ban on destruction of unsold clothing
29 Unlocking the secrets of natural materials
30 Developing a superbase-comparable BaTiO3-xNy oxynitride catalyst
31 Canadian firm starts arbitration over Panama mine closure
32 Google DeepMind adds nearly 400,000 new compounds to Berkeley Lab's Materials Project
33 Map highlights environmental and social costs of rare earths extraction
34 Six recycling innovations that could change fashion
35 'Dolomite Problem': 200-year-old geology mystery resolved
36 EU agrees plan to secure raw materials supply
37 UK anti-terror police probe London vehicle pollution camera 'bombing'
38 Toxic air divides Delhi between poverty and privilege
39 COP28 host UAE choking from its own 'toxic' air pollution: HRW
40 The environment: another victim of Russia's invasion
41 To greenwash or do the right thing? Corporate dilemmas at COP28
42 'I feel safe': the school for environmental defenders
43 Poland takes Germany to EU court over illegal waste
44 India hopes cloud seeding can wash away deadly smog
45 Fire-Ice Time Bomb Discovered: Climate Change's Deep Ocean Threat
46 Stanford Scientists Discover Common Genetic Factor that Fends Off Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
47 Webb Space Telescope Discovers Hidden "Green Monster" in Stunning HD View of Exploded Star
48 Stone Age Pioneers: Homo erectus' High-Altitude Life 2 Million Years Ago
49 Power Play: How Electrochemistry Is Winning the Green Game
50 The Intersection of Math and AI: A New Era in Problem-Solving
51 Serotonin Shortage: Tracing the Early Warning Signs of Alzheimer's
52 Coconut Oil's Dark Side: New Study Reveals Long-Term Health Risks
53 Galaxies on Parade: The Stunning Stellar Show from Hubble
54 Breakthrough in Treatment for Childhood Genetic Epilepsy
55 Unexpected Discovery About the Body's Temperature Sensors Could Lead to Better Pain Relievers
56 Battery Breakthrough: Scientists Reveal the Mechanics of Solid-State Energy
57 Red Hot China: Human Activity Ignites Record-Breaking Heatwave
58 IXPE's Stellar Birthday: X-Raying the Universe's Biggest Mysteries
59 Rewriting History: New Research Reveals that There Are Thousands of Undiscovered Pre-Columbian Sites in the Amazon Rainforest
60 Quantum Leap: Princeton Physicists Successfully Entangle Individual Molecules for the First Time
61 Mice in Matrix: How Tiny VR Goggles Are Transforming Brain Research
62 Pirola Panic? T Cells Might Be Our Secret Weapon Against the Latest COVID "Variant of Concern"
63 Viral Reservoirs Uncovered: COVID-19 Lurks in Lungs for up to 18 Months
64 The Cosmic Glow Hunt: Could Pulsar Light Reveal Dark Matter's Mysteries?
65 In the Shadow of Rome: Ancient DNA Recasts Balkan History
66 Live Close to Traffic? It Could Be Increasing Your Risk of Dementia and Changing Your Brain
67 Out of this World Optical Fibers: Expedition 70's Space Manufacturing Marvels
68 Nature's Genetic Bargain: More Kids, Fewer Years?
69 Melodic Muscles: The Impact of Daily Singing on Songbird Attractiveness
70 Unveiling the Link: Vitamin B12 Deficiency and Its Connection to Multiple Sclerosis
71 Plankton Power: Unlocking the Ocean's Hidden Carbon Storage Capacity
72 New Research Sheds Light on Eggs' Surprising Health Benefits
73 Very Concerning--New Study Uncovers Worrying Impacts of Bitcoin Mining on Land and Water
74 Quantum Networks Transformed: Nanometric Optomechanical Cavities Unlock New Realms
75 Cosmic Revelations: NASA's IXPE Untangles Theories Surrounding Historic Supernova Remnant
76 Invasive Mussels and the Future of Material Science: Uncovering a 12 Million-Year-Old Secret
77 Peptide Power Unleashed: Revolutionizing Inflammation Monitoring
78 Don't Miss: "Gorgeously Green" Geminid Meteor Shower Peaks this Week
79 Micro-Ring Resonators: Unlocking New Dimensions in Laser Technology
80 Epilepsy Surgery Reveals Brain's Secret Highways: The Role of Neural Hubs
81 Heat-Defying Marvels: Exploring Earth and Space for Ultimate Materials
82 Superconducting Nanowires: A Quantum Breakthrough in Protein Ion Detection
83 Revolutionizing the Cosmos: Deep Learning Supercharges Galactic Calculations
84 SpaceX Dragon Undocking from Space Station Delayed to Friday--Here's Why
85 The Starling Squadron: NASA's CubeSats Take Formation in Space
86 Scientists Uncover Mechanism for Treating Dangerous Liver Condition
87 Expedition 70: Loading Dragon for Departure and Advancing Space Research
88 A Simple Splash of Water: The Scientific Breakthrough for Superior Espresso
89 Cyclone Jasper's Fury: From Roaring Category-4 to Queensland's Doorstep
90 The Paradox of Growth: Cancer's Achilles' Heel
91 Voyager 1's Binary Breakdown: A Galactic Challenge for Engineers
92 Aging Brains Beware: Just 1% Less Deep Sleep Could Significantly Increase Seniors Risk of Dementia
93 The Great Solar Wind Disappearance: Groundbreaking Discovery by NASA's MAVEN Mission
94 Morning Sickness Mystery Solved: Researchers Identify Key Cause and Potential Treatment
95 Decoding Humanity: How Mapping the Mouse Brain Unveils Human Secrets
96 18 out of 19: How Behavioral Science Nailed It in COVID Policymaking
97 Puff of Protection: China's Major Leap in Inhalable Vaccine Technology
98 Unveiling COVID-19's Impact on the Brain: Advanced MRI Reveals Key Changes
99 Blinky Rejoins Pinky, Inky, and Clyde in NASA's Starling CubeSat Swarm Configuration
100 Momentus updates on Transporter-9 with triumphs and challenges in satellite deployment
101 NASA's Perseverance Rover Deciphers Ancient History of Martian Lake
102 France 2030 boosts HyPrSpace and Partners with 35M Euro for Micro-Launcher Development
103 Launch of secret Space Force orbital platform delayed again
104 Weather delays Falcon Heavy launch of secret Space Force orbital platform
105 Engineers Working to Resolve Issue with Voyager 1 Computer
106 USAGM enlists SES Space and Defense for advanced global satellite Broadcasting
107 Sidus Space enhances geospatial data processing with AI integration in LizzieSat
108 Investor Coalition demands leadership overhaul at Terran Orbital amid CEO controversy
109 Leidos completes successful Lonestar Tactical Space Support Vehicle demonstration
110 UK's Orbex secures funding for carbon-neutral spaceport development
111 NASA's Commercial Partners Continue Progress on New Space Stations
112 Unlocking Lunar Mysteries: Chang'e-5 Mission Sheds Light on Moon's Surface Weathering
113 Seeing and Believing: 15 Years of Exoplanet Images
114 14-inch spacecraft delivers new details about 'hot Jupiters'
115 Plasma instability study unveils cosmic ray dynamics, altering perceptions of galaxy evolution