File Title
1 Google's 'A Passage of Water' Brings NASA's Water Data to Life
2 US to replace all lead water lines within 10 years
3 Extreme rainfall increases exponentially with global warming: study
4 Sand mining in Vietnam's Mekong Delta sinks homes, livelihoods
5 Azerbaijan, Brazil confirmed as hosts of next climate summits
6 US climate envoy says COP28 'last' chance to keep 1.5íC target alive
7 Freedom and dignity: Millennial Chinese leave China for Thailand
8 Minding the gap on tropical forest carbon
9 Changing Flight Altitudes Reduces Climate Impact of Aviation
10 Air New Zealand aims to fly battery-powered plane by 2026
11 At least 100 elephants dead in Zimbabwe drought: welfare group
12 Iraq's marshes are dying, and a civilisation with them
13 'Living dead': Tunisian villages suffer drought, climate change
14 Drought data shows "an unprecedented emergency on a planetary scale": UN
15 Some farmers in drought-hit Iraq forced to reduce crops: NGO
16 Jordan's mission to save its ancient olive trees
17 China lifts bar on Australian red meat exporters
18 At least 15 killed in landslides in DR Congo
19 Tornadoes kill six in southeastern US
20 UN mission in Mali officially ends after 10 years
21 Tornadoes kill six in southeastern US
22 'Ecocide': how war and climate change are often linked
23 COP28 head presses nations to reach climate 'compromise'
24 Contract secures next step for TRUTHS climate mission
25 World could breach 1.5íC warming threshold in 7 years: study
26 Tens of thousands march for climate in Brussels
27 World Bank chief says donors, recipients to control new climate fund's resources
28 Iraqis displaced by climate change fall into poverty
29 Developing world needs 'radical' surge in climate investment: UN experts
30 The 'rarely unified' blocs behind climate talks
31 Metamorphic evolution of the East Tethys tectonic domain and its tectonic implications
32 A mineral produced by plate tectonics has a global cooling effect, study finds
33 Dual hydration of oceanic lithosphere
34 Strange burn: new research identifies unique patterns in Utah wildfires
35 New project investigating how aerosols could affect climate change in near future
36 Pivotal moment for humanity as tipping point threats and opportunities accelerate
37 Harnessing solar power for atmospheric water harvesting
38 Innovative supercrystal material ushers new era in solar energy efficiency
39 Solar-Powered Economic Growth: Qihe County's Commitment to Sustainable Energy
40 Plankton's Vital Role in Carbon Sequestration Unveiled
41 'We felt it first': Climate-threatened islands battle fossil fuels at COP28
42 Volunteer divers guard Oman's 'unique' coral reefs
43 Study identifies key algae species helping soft corals survive warming oceans
44 Being prepared for storm surges on the Baltic sea coast
45 Mussel beach: Belgium's recipe to fight erosion
46 Climate change gets in the way of French oyster culture
47 Benin struggles in battle to halt coastal erosion
48 Cultivate Space Launches Tianyan 16, First in Meteorological Satellite Fleet
49 Eutelsat OneWeb partners with Imperial College London for space weather monitoring
50 China's commercial CERES-1 Y9 rocket launches new satellites
51 Researchers decode aqueous amino acid's potential for direct air capture of CO2
52 Controversial carbon credits flood COP28, yet still no rules
53 Ukraine war responsible for 150m tons of CO2 emissions: experts
54 Carbon dioxide becomes more potent as climate changes
55 UAE to pump CO2 into rock as carbon capture debate rages
56 First cross-border transport of CO2 expected in 2025: Yara
57 How climate change threatens global agriculture
58 Not all Arab states backing Saudi Arabia in COP28 talks
59 Big oil and gas producer Canada to cap sector's emissions
60 WVU helps recycle water using wastewater from oil and gas mining
61 Venezuela, Guyana tensions rise over disputed oil-rich region
62 Saudi Arabia says 'absolutely not' to oil phase down at COP28
63 COP28's under-fire UAE chair says 'we respect' climate science
64 At COP28, Al Gore takes aim at host UAE's emissions
65 50 oil and gas companies pledge to cut operational emissions
66 COP28 should seek total fossil fuel 'phaseout': UN chief
67 Particle physicists put forward research priorities for coming decade
68 Probing the Mysteries of Perovskite Crystals: Researchers Shed Light on Electron-Phonon Coupling
69 New theory unites Einstein's gravity with quantum mechanics
70 The secret life of an electromagnon
71 Compact accelerator technology achieves major energy milestone
72 NASA's Cold Atom Lab sets stage for quantum chemistry in space
73 Europe's quantum decade extends into space
74 Autonomous lab discovers best-in-class quantum dot in mere hours
75 Unlocking the secrets of spin with high-harmonic probes
76 AI-Powered Satellite Analysis Unveils Economic Realities in Underdeveloped Nations
77 Groundbreaking satellite study reveals local temperature impacts of land cover modifications
78 China Unveils World's Deepest Underground Lab for Dark Matter Research
79 Automated system teaches users when to collaborate with an AI assistant
80 The Rise of the Virtual Mission
81 Rice researcher scans tropical forest with mixed-reality device
82 New project will take a step towards answering whether gravity is quantum
83 Macao science satellites begin study of South Atlantic Anomaly
84 Detect gravitational waves with an interferometric seismometer array on lunar nearside
85 NASA and Moog advance quiet flight technology in air taxi noise tests
86 NASA Sensor Produces First Global Maps of Surface Minerals in Arid Regions
87 AI-Powered Satellite Analysis Unveils Economic Realities in Underdeveloped Nations
88 Tiny electromagnets made of ultra-thin carbon
89 UN climate summit runs overtime as fury mounts on fossil fuels
90 Are COPs useful? A defense from five participants
91 'Climate conscious' banks lend more to polluters; Denmark wants 90% cut by 2040
92 COP28 draft agreement includes option to do nothing on fossil fuels
93 'Unintended consequences': friction at COP28 over green trade
94 Vietnam lays out $15.5 billion energy transition roadmap
95 US pledges $3 billion to green climate fund at COP28
96 World Bank to operate 'loss and damage' climate fund
97 COP28: Why energy efficiency matters so much
98 Orano wraps up Crystal River 3 Reactor dismantling ahead of schedule
99 China launches world's first fourth-generation nuclear reactor
100 Russia unveils new icebreaker reactors for Arctic routes
101 World's first logical quantum processor
102 Self-Assembled Bowtie Resonators Achieve Atomic-Scale Miniaturization
103 Photonic chip that 'fits together like Lego' opens door to semiconductor industry
104 Chloride ions kill the stability of blue perovskite light emitting diodes
105 US chip curbs trip up China's AI-hungry tech giants
106 Asia tracks Wall St. rally ahead of run of data, Fed decision
107 CENTCOM: Norwegian-flagged tanker attacked in Red Sea
108 Saudi Arabia tells COP28 to take its 'perspectives' into account
109 Saudis, Iraq stand firm as COP28 targets fossil fuels
110 Scientists 3D print self-heating microfluidic devices