File Title
1 AFRL's Oracle Developing Nation's 1St Cislunar Space Situational Awareness Capabilities
2 Launch of secret Space Force orbital platform delayed again
3 Weather delays Falcon Heavy launch of secret Space Force orbital platform
4 Study on Asteroid Ryugu samples highlights differences from primitive meteorites
5 French 'Baguette One' rocket project gets funding
6 Neumann Space Achieves Milestone with First Molybdenum-Fueled Thruster Test in Space
7 HelioCloud Leads Heliophysics Research into the Cloud Computing Revolution
8 Unique CU Boulder, NSO collaboration allows journey into varied solar physics research paths
9 1872 Chapman-Silverman Storm: A window into solar impact on modern life
10 New theory explains how magnetic switchbacks form in the solar wind
11 Solar activity likely to peak next year, new study suggests
12 Long March rockets mark their 500th spaceflight
13 CAS Space expands into Guangdong with new rocket engine testing complex
14 ION Satellite Carrier by D-Orbit Marks Another Success in Spacelogistics with 'Beyond' Mission
15 Momentus updates on Transporter-9 with triumphs and challenges in satellite deployment
16 US, UK, Australia Collaborate on Deep Space Radar Initiative for Enhanced Space Domain Awareness
17 First hints of nuclear fission in cosmos revealed by models, observations
18 Ancient stars made extraordinarily heavy elements
19 Galactic winds discovered in ancient star-forming galaxies
20 NASA Teams Prepare Moon Rocket-to-Spacecraft Connector for Assembly
21 MAVEN observes the disappearing solar wind
22 Researchers Develop Advanced Algorithm Pandora for Exomoon Hunt
23 Ariel moves from drawing board to construction phase
24 HyperScout H Readies for ESA's Hera Mission
25 Mapping Mars: Deep Learning Could Help Identify Jezero Crater Landing Site
26 CubeSats deployer flight model now integrated to Hera
27 NASA Engineers Push Limits of Physics to Focus Light
28 Sea fireflies synchronize their sparkle to seek soulmates
29 Fleet Space Tech using Ambient Noise Tomography to explore for nickel deposits
30 China's commercial CERES-1 Y9 rocket launches new satellites
31 China's expertise elevates Egypt's space ambitions with MisrSat 2 launch
32 ESA and UNEP collaborate for a greener future
33 Next-generation methane rocket to be more powerful
34 Quectel's satellite communication module CC200A-LB secures broad regulatory approval
35 Psyche gamma-ray instrument hums to life, marking next generation for space exploration
36 Hypernebula linked to Fast Radio Burst 20190520B
37 NASA's Fermi Mission Nets 300 Gamma-Ray Pulsars...and Counting
38 Scholars say it's time to declare a new epoch on the moon, the 'lunar Anthropocene'
39 How Rocks Say Don't Touch: Sols 4032-4034
40 Amateur Astronomers Help Discover Cosmic Crash
41 Advanced Botany, Biology Promoting Health on Earth and in Space
42 Counteracting Bone and Muscle Loss in Microgravity
43 Lost tomato found aboard International Space Station after eight months
44 NASA Stennis Achieves Major Milestone for in-Flight Software Mission
45 Chandrayaan-3 Propulsion Module Successfully Transitions from Lunar to Earth Orbit
46 EUCOM, AFRICOM, Space Force activate new service component command
47 Pacific Defense Secures Phase II Contract for Advanced Cislunar Space Sensor
48 Strengthening Unity of Command: Integrated Mission Deltas Making Strides
49 SDA's Tranche 0 satellites enable first ever Link 16 space to ground transmission
50 US, UK, Australia defense chiefs tout deep space radar, AI in joint deal
51 OTV-7 Mission: X-37B to Embark on Pioneering SpaceX Falcon Heavy Flight
52 A Great Year for the Geminids
53 An incredible pace of SpaceX launch cadence continues with the launch of a Falcon 9 rocket
54 NASA Helps Study One of the World's Most Diverse Ecosystems
55 U.S. says Sudan's warring sides have committed war crimes
56 Guinea-Bissau army displays weapons haul after coup attempt
57 World Bank unveils $5 billion renewable energy plan for Africa
58 UN deplores deadly Nigeria drone strike on civilians
59 Libya dismantles illegal gold mining network
60 NGOs call for release of Burkinabe rights defender
61 Maritime Launch secures additional funding for Canada's first commercial spaceport
62 KAIST Partners with Rocket Lab for NeonSat-1 Launch
63 China's sea-based rocketry expands with Smart Dragon 3's success
64 Sidus Space and Bechtel join forces for Artemis Mobile Launcher 2
65 Southern Launch to host HyImpulse's Pioneering SR75 launch in South Australia
66 Ovzon 3 Satellite Launch with SpaceX Set for December 15, 2023
67 Sidus Space Incorporates NASA Stennis ASTRA Flight Software and Hardware on LizzieSat
68 NASA Laser Reflecting Instruments to Help Pinpoint Earth Measurements
69 Magnetization by laser pulse
70 Novel meat and dairy alternatives could help curb climate-harming emissions--UN
71 Vertically farmed greens taste as good as organic ones
72 Trimble to provide new positioning system to Sabanto for RoboTractors
73 Exposure to soft robots decreases human fears about working with them
74 Snail-inspired robot could scoop ocean microplastics
75 Brainstorming with a bot
76 A new optimization framework for robot motion planning
77 What does the future hold for generative AI?
78 Big Tech in charge as ChatGPT turns one
79 Amazon releases AI chatbot called 'Q'
80 Autonomous excavator creates 3D map of rocks to build 19-foot-tall wall
81 Sam Altman to return as OpenAI CEO after shock ouster
82 System mimics human muscles to prevent slippage on robotic rovers
83 SpaceDaily's AI Revolution: Shaping the Future of Knowledge-Based Workspaces
84 When is an aurora not an aurora
85 Northeastern Australia prepares for 'destructive' cyclone
86 AWE Project Achieves Milestone with First Light Images from Space
87 New project investigating how aerosols could affect climate change in near future
88 US announces tough new methane rules on oil and gas industry
89 Satellite data can help limit the dangers of windblown dust
90 Nations will exceed $200 million methane finance pledge at COP28
91 Building a better indoor herb garden
92 Evidence that ancient Tethys Ocean influenced Earth's past environments
93 Study suggests micrometeorites as key nitrogen source for primordial Earth
94 Australia, Papua New Guinea announce security deal
95 Shark net protects swimmers in French Pacific territory
96 U.S. announces plan to boost operations with AUKUS partners in Indo-Pacific region
97 Philippines, France to pursue key defense pact
98 Fiji PM says China may help develop ports
99 Climate change, human activity add nearly 2,000 species to threatened list
100 Wellington welcomes first wild-born kiwi chicks in a century
101 Green turtles fight to survive against Pakistan's urban sprawl
102 Electrosensitivity in Dolphins: A Novel Sensory Ability Unveiled
103 Bacteria Store Memories and Pass Them on for Generations
104 Fish and Wildlife Service designates North American wolverine as threatened species
105 Endangered Sumatran elephant born in Indonesia, second in weeks
106 Rare elephant twins born in Kenya
107 Ay Karumba: 'Smelly' rats plague Australian fishing towns
108 Freshwater fish swim into trouble as climate change increases threat: IUCN
109 Brazil caimans fight to survive in polluted Rio waters
110 Britain's Thames Water plans 'radical' turnaround