File Title
1 Pliosaur discovery: Huge sea monster emerges from Dorset cliffs
2 Fossil fuels: Can humanity really kick its addiction?
3 COP28: Five reasons for optimism on climate
4 Coral reef: How divers are using antibiotics to save sick corals
5 Tyrannosaur's last meal was two baby dinosaurs
6 COP28: Tuvalu negotiator travelled 8,000 miles to save her home. Can she?
7 Taiwan: The 'God Flower' vanishing because of climate change
8 Five climate change solutions under the spotlight at COP28
9 Climate change: The young activists changing the sceptics' minds
10 Host country of COP28, UAE, to ramp up oil production, BBC learns
11 COP28 president denies using summit for oil deals
12 Climate summit in an oil state: can COP28 change anything?
13 Europe finally sets date for Ariane-6 rocket debut
14 NASA delivers 'teaspoonful of asteroid' Bennu to UK
15 Welsh technology to join search for life on Mars
16 Euclid telescope: First images revealed from 'dark Universe' mission
17 James Webb telescope: Baby star launches giant jets and shocks
18 Manx marine life education programme extended after 45,000 pounds grant
19 Tennessee: At least six dead as tornadoes rip through state
20 Solar panels at Guernsey charity HQ to 'power 40 homes'
21 Plans for great crested newt ponds submitted
22 Bluetongue: Restrictions after virus found in cattle on Norfolk farm
23 Northumberland's dark sky park celebrates 10th anniversary
24 Part of sea wall removed to help Northey Island saltmarsh
25 Marapi eruption: Hikers recount escape from 'Mountain of Fire'
26 Super rare leucistic alligator born at Florida theme park
27 Chinese garlic is a national security risk, says US senator
28 Kent campaigners call for new route of planned electricity line
29 New 2.5 million pounds scheme aims to tackle skills shortages
30 Surrey: Homes get free hot water from computer heat
31 Blood test shows if organs are aging fast or slowly
32 Infected Blood Scandal: PM risks ending on 'wrong side of history'
33 Migration rules: What impact might the changes have on the care sector?
34 HIV and forced sterilisations: How four Kenyan women found justice
35 PrEP: Preventative HIV drug highly effective, study says
36 Thalidomide: Australia gives national apology to survivors and families
37 Untreated diseases could kill more than bombings in Gaza, WHO warns
38 Parkinson's disease: 'You can have a career after diagnosis'
39 Can writing a diary protect your mental health?
40 Giving birth in Gaza amid shelling and power cuts
41 How the fentanyl crisis' fourth wave has hit every corner of the US
42 Red-wine headache explained--and it is not about volume
43 Malmesbury boxing group for Parkinson's patients sees surge in members
44 Leicester ambulance patients wait over an hour for admission
45 Supporting those with dementia over Christmas
46 RUH first in West to use non-invasive cancer treatment
47 Brighton & Hove: Ban on fast food adverts to be introduced
48 Help Musicians charity sees huge rise in requests for help
49 Dorset: student died after allergic reaction at family pub lunch
50 Starbucks: Toddler with milk allergy has allergic reaction at Rugby branch
51 AI: EU agrees landmark deal on regulation of artificial intelligence
52 Google admits AI viral video was edited to look better
53 The people creating digital clones of themselves
54 ChatGPT tool could be abused by scammers and hackers
55 Google claims new Gemini AI 'thinks more carefully'
56 The weird materials behind sustainable furniture
57 Facebook and Messenger to automatically encrypt messages
58 GTA 6: Streams soar for 70s rocker Tom Petty thanks to trailer
59 How China's buses shaped the world's EV revolution
60 Lego Fortnite: Gaming giant launches Minecraft rival
61 Meta is child abuse 'breeding ground,' lawsuit claims
62 Bitcoin rally: Is El Salvador's Bitcoin bet paying off?
63 Sony debuts first PS5 controller for disabled gamers
64 Gelatine: The ingredient with the wonder wobble
65 Hunter Biden's tax indictment: Drugs, escorts and girlfriends
66 How ancient civilisations dealt with trauma
67 Climate change: How is my country doing on tackling it?
68 Human intelligence: it's how your brain is wired rather than size that matters
69 Can AI find the children at risk of mental health conditions?
70 Nvidia boss Jensen Huang confident about AI safety
71 South west hospital admissions could be reduced using AI
72 What do employers expect staff to know about AI?
73 23andMe: Profiles of 6.9 million people hacked
74 GTA 6: Trailer for new game revealed after online leak
75 UK porn watchers could have faces scanned
76 Ex-Tesla employee casts doubt on car safety
77 users angry at firm's response to hacks
78 Could X go bankrupt under Elon Musk?
79 Digital pound plans should proceed with caution, say MPs
80 Three network down for tens of thousands across UK
81 Israel-Hamas war: Ceasefire in Gaza chances shrinking, Qatar says
82 Israel-Gaza war: Video shows Gaza detainees allegedly 'surrendering guns'--what we know
83 Ohtani: How 'Shotime' became Japan's biggest baseball export
84 Grand Theft Auto 6: Car-top twerking, flamingos in a crazy Miami
85 Teenage children of jailed Narges Mohammadi accept her Nobel Peace Prize
86 'We can't stop'--the Israeli woman still helping sick Palestinians
87 McDonald's security guard soaks homeless man's sleeping bag
88 Alex Jones: Conspiracy theorist returns to X with Andrew Tate repost
89 South China Sea: Philippine and Chinese vessels collide in contested waters
90 Israel-Gaza: The status quo is smashed. The future is messy and dangerous
91 Bowen: US uses veto but pressure for Gaza ceasefire is building
92 Al-Mawasi: Gaza humanitarian zone not humane, evacuees say
93 Palestinian recounts being stripped and driven away by Israeli army
94 Hunter Biden criminal tax charges rare, say experts
95 UPenn students grapple with free speech and antisemitism
96 Why do people always wait until January to get fit?
97 K-drama: The women pushing boundaries on TV
98 World War Two: When 600 US planes crashed in Himalayas
99 Royal Family members reveal family Christmas card images
100 DR Congo President Tshisekedi compares Rwanda counterpart Kagame to Hitler
101 Laura Kuenssberg: Tory party splits and spats put Sunak under serious pressure
102 Wonka's Timothee Chalamet 'warned' over 'sexy Hull accent' comment
103 The coloured stripes that explain climate change
104 How Bangladesh is supporting climate refugees
105 Why US drivers may be thinking about EVs all wrong
106 How the war changed Russia's climate agenda
107 The houses built to survive floods
108 A stylish, sustainable guide to festive party wear
109 Elizabeth Magill: UPenn president quits in antisemitism row
110 Shohei Ohtani: Baseball star joins LA Dodgers in record $700 million deal
111 Hunter Biden says Republicans 'trying to kill me' to hurt president
112 White House race heats up with cries of dictatorship
113 Ryan O'Neal, Oscar-nominated star of Love Story, dead at 82
114 Taylor Swift's Eras tour brings in 'staggering' $1.04bn
115 Michigan school shooter sentenced to life in prison without parole
116 Ryan O'Neal obituary: Heartthrob stuntman with a turbulent personal life
117 When a child commits a mass shooting, are parents to blame?