File Title
1 Biden, Lopez Obrador pledge solidarity in fentanyl fight
2 Judge orders teens held without bail in classmate's killing
3 Many Americans facing financial ruin as costs soar for elder care
4 UN stops deliveries of food and supplies to Gaza
5 How Climate Change Storytelling Is Shaping Our World
6 Rescue Ops Continue On Day 6 as Giant Drill Bores into Rubble; Backup Equipment Enroute
7 US labor board delays new employment rule after business groups sue
8 Dispute Over Powerful AI Tools Behind OpenAI Ousting Sam Altman: Report
9 Death toll from powerful Philippines earthquake rises
10 Nelson Mandela would be 'highly disappointed' in today's leaders, says great-grandson--National
11 Saudi envoy to Egypt lauds Kingdom's Gaza aid appeal response / Arab News Japan
12 Japan PM says the US has invited him for a state visit / Arab News Japan
13 Jordan minister doubts Israel can wipe out Hamas / Arab News Japan
14 Giant pandas may return to San Diego
15 Jordan's Foreign Minister Offers Blistering Criticism of Israel as Its War On Hamas Rages On
16 A Canadian security forum announces it will award the people of Israel for public service leadership
17 Significant Pause in Israel-Hamas War if Hostages Freed: Biden Official
18 Experts warn of political violence in U.S.
19 Ellie, 18, was on the holiday of a lifetime. Days later she was hiding in her friend's bomb shelter
20 Palestinian-Canadian doctor who previously lost 3 daughters now grieves 21 family members killed in Gaza
21 Patients and staff leave Gaza's biggest hospital as dozens are killed at a crowded refugee camp
22 Japanese and foreign youths denounce Israeli bombing of Gaza hospital / Arab News Japan
23 Hamas health ministry says more than 80 dead in strikes on refugee camp / Arab News Japan
24 California Democrats meet to consider endorsement in US Senate race
25 Century-overdue library book is finally returned in Minnesota
26 SpaceX loses rocket, spacecraft over Gulf of Mexico in 2nd test flight
27 What we know about what Israel has found at Al-Shifa hospital
28 Significant Pause in Gaza War if Hostages Freed: US Official
29 Iceland volcano will keep residents evacuated for months
30 Ceasefire hopes as Washington Post reports Israel, Hamas reach hostage deal
31 CPKC says it's unshaken by Mexican president's decree to host passenger rail service--Calgary
32 Tentative deal to pause Israel-Hamas conflict, free hostages: Report
33 Kishida focuses on diplomacy amid poor public support rates / Arab News Japan
34 Tentative Gaza deal reached to free some hostages, pause fighting--report / Arab News Japan
35 California gas prices likely to drop by end of the year
36 NASA uses two worlds to test future Mars helicopter designs
37 The Long Wait
38 California lawmakers ask NASA not to cut Mars budget
39 Spacecraft fall silent as Mars disappears behind the Sun
40 NASA's Mars Missions Persist Through Solar Conjunction
41 Deformable Mirrors in Space: Key Technology to Directly Image Earth Twins
42 NASA data reveals possible reason some exoplanets are shrinking
43 Extended habitability of exoplanets due to subglacial water
44 An ammonia trail to exoplanets
45 SpaceX launches more Starlink satellites from Cape Canaveral
46 Amazon's Project Kuiper completes successful tests of broadband connectivity
47 Spire Global launches innovative constellation management platform
48 SpaceX Launches Planet Lab's Pelican-1 and SuperDoves
49 Sam Altman's return ushers in new era at OpenAI
50 Pennsylvania Invests Millions in Astrobotic Technology
51 System mimics human muscles to prevent slippage on robotic rovers
52 YouTube takes aim at AI generated imposters in videos
53 Autonomous excavator creates 3D map of rocks to build 19-foot-tall wall
54 NASA awards $2.3 million to study growing food in lunar dust
55 GreenOnyx's Wanna Greens Makes Space Debut Aboard SpaceX CRS-29 Mission
56 Cosmic currents: Preserving water quality for astronauts during space exploration
57 Dwarf galaxies use 10-million-year quiet period to churn out stars
58 IXPE untangles theories surrounding historic supernova remnant
59 Deep learning speeds up galactic calculations
60 Hydrogen detected in lunar samples, points to resource availability for space exploration
61 CAPSTONE marks one year in near rectilinear halo orbit
62 Lunar Mysteries Unraveled: Topographic Connection to Swirls Discovered
63 N. Korea says spy satellite launch successful
64 UK Space Agency backs Orbit Fab's innovative refueling interface, GRASP
65 SUNY team finds alternative cosmic source of gold in published collaborative research
66 CubeSat launch platform by Vector Space Biosciences will boost space biotech
67 Mount Sinai bioengineers send cardiac muscle samples into space to study heart cell biology in microgravity
68 How to avoid getting disoriented in space
69 EU Council endorses new Space Strategy for Enhanced Security and Defence
70 SDI Announces New Tech Demo Competition for Government Modernization
71 US embarks on ambitious quantum technology endeavor
72 Intelsat's MOTT proves its mettle in US Army's annual NetModX
73 Intelsat Secures Pioneering SATCOM Managed Service Pilot Contract with US Army
74 Arctic Weather Satellite in shape
75 NASA's PACE arrives in Florida for final processing for 2024 launch
76 NASA maps minerals and ecosystem function across US southwest
77 Satellite data can help limit the dangers of windblown dust
78 Nations will exceed $200 million methane finance pledge at COP28
79 China releases methane control plan with no reduction target
80 UNFCCC report validates CO2 estimated cheaply and transparently using GOSAT data
81 World's richest 1% emit as much carbon as bottom two-thirds: report
82 Innovative Spray-in-Place Liner System Revolutionizes Nuclear Plant Maintenance
83 Sweden plans huge investment in nuclear power
84 Polarized world threatens open internet: ICANN
85 Baidu posts modest revenue growth in Q3
86 Chinese e-com giant and Tencent post Q3 sales growth but profits slide
87 China's Tencent posts Q3 income slide despite revenue growth
88 Musk's X fails to pay Australian watchdog fine
89 Starship Test Flies Higher: SpaceX Marks Progress Despite Late Test Incident
90 Rocket Exhaust on the Moon: NASA Supercomputers Reveal Surface Effects
91 Webb observes the glowing embers of colliding neutron stars
92 Blast from the past: Gamma-ray burst strikes Earth from distant exploding star
93 Brightest flash ever disturbed Earth's atmosphere last year
94 Cube Quest concludes: Wins an lessons learned from Centennial Challenge
95 Cosmic Wander Takes Flight: D-Orbit's 12th Mission Elevates Space Industry Standards
96 Maritime Launch reports non-brokered private placement of convertible debentures
97 NASA's Cold Atom Lab sets stage for quantum chemistry in space
98 Europe's quantum decade extends into space
99 Autonomous lab discovers best-in-class quantum dot in mere hours
100 Unlocking the secrets of spin with high-harmonic probes
101 Globalsat Group will provide IoT and broadband connectivity solutions over ARSAT's capacity
102 Over 3,000 Rural Base Stations launched in Africa via Intelsat and AMN collaboration
103 China's BeiDou and Fengyun Satellites Elevate Global Weather Forecasting Capabilities
104 Advanced Space's CAPSTONE operates one year at the Moon
105 Innovative antimicrobial coating by Boeing and Queensland University trialled on ISS
106 NASA Mission Excels at Spotting Greenhouse Gas Emission Sources
107 NGOs ask banks to pull out of TotalEnergies' gas project in Mozambique
108 US renews waiver allowing Iraq to buy Iranian gas
109 Report: Ukraine intelligence officer behind Nord Stream pipeline explosion
110 Heat Shield demo passes the test dubbed 'Just flawless'