File Title
1 Galactic winds discovered in ancient star-forming galaxies
2 Unlocking neutron star rotation anomalies: Insights from quantum simulation
3 Understanding charged particles helps physicists simulate element creation in stars
4 Dwarf galaxies use 10-million-year quiet period to churn out stars
5 University of Helsinki researchers solve cosmic conundrum
6 Astronomers determine the age of three mysterious baby stars at the heart of the Milky Way
7 Dark galactic region nicknamed "The Brick" explained with Webb telescope findings
8 Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration probe passes key milestone
9 NASA clears Hubble Space Telescope to go back to work after gyroscope issue
10 STS-61, the First Hubble Servicing Mission
11 AI-Powered Satellite Analysis Unveils Economic Realities in Underdeveloped Nations
12 Exolaunch USA and Capella Space Partner for Launch of Advanced SAR Satellite, Acadia-5"
13 China's commercial CERES-1 Y9 rocket launches new satellites
14 SpaceX Falcon 9 Deploys PlanetiQ's High-Precision Weather Satellite, GNOMES-4
15 ESA and UNEP collaborate for a greener future
16 Scientist hails accuracy of satellite data
17 NASA maps minerals and ecosystem function across US southwest
18 Satellogic and Uzma Join Forces to Revolutionize Geospatial Services in Southeast Asia
19 Molecular fossils shed light on ancient life
20 Study suggests micrometeorites as key nitrogen source for primordial Earth
21 Plants that survived dinosaur extinction pulled nitrogen from air
22 Mysteries of Earth's ancient mass extinction event revealed
23 Study reshapes understanding of mass extinction in Late Devonian era
24 Molecular fossils shed light on ancient life
25 Study reshapes understanding of mass extinction in Late Devonian era
26 Cultivate Space Launches Tianyan 16, First in Meteorological Satellite Fleet
27 Eutelsat OneWeb partners with Imperial College London for space weather monitoring
28 Spire Global Unveils Novel High-Resolution Weather Forecast Model for Energy and Commodity Sectors
29 Exolaunch USA and Capella Space Partner for Launch of Advanced SAR Satellite, Acadia-5"
30 Harnessing solar power for atmospheric water harvesting
31 Minding the gap on tropical forest carbon
32 'It destroys everything': Amazon community fights carbon credit project
33 France pays Congo, Papua New Guinea $150 million to save forests
34 Tekniam and Rivada Collaborate to Enhance Emergency Communications and Disaster Recovery
35 Aging societies more vulnerable to collapse
36 Climate and Gaza crises share spotlight as world leaders attend COP28
37 COP28 opens with 'historic' launch of loss and damage fund
38 Climate crises drove 27 mn. children into hunger in 2022: charity
39 COP28 host UAE ready for rising heat risk, says minister
40 India tunnel collapse 'wake-up call' for Modi's infrastructure drive
41 A new 66 million-year history of carbon dioxide offers little comfort for today
42 Understanding climate tipping points
43 COP28 head presses nations to reach climate 'compromise'
44 Contract secures next step for TRUTHS climate mission
45 World could breach 1.5íC warming threshold in 7 years: study
46 Tens of thousands march for climate in Brussels
47 World Bank chief says donors, recipients to control new climate fund's resources
48 Iraqis displaced by climate change fall into poverty
49 Developing world needs 'radical' surge in climate investment: UN experts
50 The 'rarely unified' blocs behind climate talks
51 Pope's moral force aims to 'tip' UN climate talks
52 'Repressive state': climate activists fear COP28 clampdown in UAE
53 Four key people to watch at COP28
54 Ice cores from Earth's highest tropical peak provide insight into climate variability
55 UK anti-terror police probe London vehicle pollution camera 'bombing'
56 The environment: another victim of Russia's invasion
57 To greenwash or do the right thing? Corporate dilemmas at COP28
58 'I feel safe': the school for environmental defenders
59 Poland takes Germany to EU court over illegal waste
60 India hopes cloud seeding can wash away deadly smog
61 Experts trash Hong Kong's 'throwaway culture' ahead of plastic ban
62 Air pollution behind over 250,000 deaths in Europe in 2021: agency
63 Kentucky train derailment spills molten sulfur, prompts evacuations
64 Load of rubbish: litter-hunters vie for unusual world title in Tokyo
65 UN climate talks chief pushes for rapid draft deal
66 A new 66 million-year history of carbon dioxide offers little comfort for today
67 How climate change threatens global agriculture
68 Livestock produces 12% of human greenhouse gases: FAO
69 'We need information' plead Peru farmers battling drought, climate change
70 Heavier rains in East Africa due to human activity: study
71 Two dead, 10 missing after Indonesia floods and landslide
72 Horn of Africa floods displace more than two million
73 More than a million displaced in Somalia floods
74 Death toll from Kenya floods almost doubles to 120
75 Kenya's Ruto pledges action to tackle deadly flood emergency
76 Magnitude 7.1 quake hits off Vanuatu, tsunami warning lifted
77 Magnitude 5.7 quake shakes Philippine capital
78 Death toll from Philippine quake rises to three
79 Magnitude 6.5 quake strikes north of Papua New Guinea
80 Dozens injured in Seychelles blast at explosives depot
81 Tanzania president visits northern region hit by deadly landslides
82 Toll from Tanzania landslides revised down to 65
83 Storm death toll jumps to 10 across Ukraine
84 Lightning strikes kill 18 people in India
85 Wild birds analyze grunts, whistles made by human honey-hunters
86 Languages are louder in the tropics
87 New Archaeological Discoveries Shed Light on Austronesian Migration
88 Britain's Thames Water plans 'radical' turnaround
89 Google's 'A Passage of Water' Brings NASA's Water Data to Life
90 US to replace all lead water lines within 10 years
91 Extreme rainfall increases exponentially with global warming: study
92 Ukraine war responsible for 150m tons of CO2 emissions: experts
93 Carbon dioxide becomes more potent as climate changes
94 UAE to pump CO2 into rock as carbon capture debate rages
95 First cross-border transport of CO2 expected in 2025: Yara
96 World's richest 1% emit as much carbon as bottom two-thirds: report
97 COP28 host UAE choking from its own 'toxic' air pollution: HRW
98 Insured disaster losses to again top $100bn.: Swiss Re
99 'National circumstances' key to COP28 fossil fuel deal: S. Africa minister
100 Guinea-Bissau army displays weapons haul after coup attempt
101 World Bank unveils $5 billion renewable energy plan for Africa
102 UN deplores deadly Nigeria drone strike on civilians
103 Libya dismantles illegal gold mining network
104 NGOs call for release of Burkinabe rights defender
105 Benin launches medals for troops as jihadists step up attacks
106 Working at giant snail's pace a boon for Ivorian farmers
107 At least 40 civilians killed in Burkina jihadist attack: UN
108 Disease stalks Somali district ravaged by floods
109 UK anti-terror police probe London vehicle pollution camera 'bombing'
110 Norway to allow deep-sea mining