File Title
1 A Cosmic First: Astronomers Uncover a Planet-Forming Disc in Another Galaxy
2 Disconnected Discoveries: The Remote Work Innovation Paradox
3 Newborn Babies at Risk: The Hidden Dangers of Maternal Bacteria
4 Light-Speed Calculations: New Photonic Chips Are Changing Wireless Communication
5 The Towering Inferno: Mount Erebus' Dramatic Emergence from the Antarctic Clouds
6 Polarization or Paradox? MIT Study Unveils the True Tendencies of American News Consumption
7 Improved Physical Function--Scientists Discover New Potential Health Benefit of Drinking Coffee or Tea
8 Hunger Games: How Gut Hormones Hijack the Brain's Decision Desk
9 Green Chemistry Breakthrough: New Photocatalytic Borylation Method Transforms Chemical Synthesis
10 Scientists Unlock Kids' Secret Weapon Against COVID-19
11 Hubble's Big Reveal: Unearthing the Secrets of a Nearby Earth-Sized World
12 Photon Engineering: How Physicists Use Light to Build Complex Structures
13 Meet Selam: The Stellar New Discovery from NASA's Lucy Mission
14 Gravity of Aging: ISS Crew's Innovative Research Before Resupply Mission
15 Quantum Squeeze: MIT Unlocks New Dimensions in Precise Clocks
16 Awake Yet Dreaming--How Sleep's Brain Waves Guard Against Epilepsy
17 New Study: The Ocean Is Emitting Millions of Pounds of Plastic into the Atmosphere
18 The Data Storage of Tomorrow--Scientists Make Supramolecular Breakthrough
19 Scientists Have Discovered Connections Between Neuroinflammation and Alzheimer's Disease
20 Extragalactic Surprise: First-Ever Circumstellar Disc Discovered Beyond the Milky Way
21 Unmasking Nature's Dark Secret: Are Hosts Addicted to Their Microbiome?
22 Microscopic Arms Race: Solving the Mystery Behind Bacteria's Extensive Weaponry
23 Traumatic vs. Sad memories: How PTSD Alters Brain Function
24 Breaking the Atom's Secrets: Physicists Discover Molecular Structure of Nuclear Ground State
25 California's Hidden Climate History: A Remarkable 600-Year Tree Ring Analysis
26 NASA Announces Live Stream of International Space Station Resupply Mission
27 The Path to Prolonged Youth? Scientists Identify Key Protein for Healthy Aging
28 NASA's Antarctic Airships: Scientific Voyages Above the Ice
29 New Astrophysics Model Unveils the Secrets of Long Gamma-Ray Bursts
30 Scientists Tap into Flower "Superpower" for Groundbreaking New Drug Treatments
31 Tinnitus Linked to Hidden Undetected Auditory Nerve Damage--a Step Towards a Cure
32 Cosmic Choreography: Unraveling the 6-Planet Resonance Mystery
33 Ultrasound--a New Way to Get Rid of Toxic "Forever Chemicals"
34 ISS Astronauts Delve into Robotics, Physics, and Space Biology While Awaiting Cargo
35 Medical Marvel: Human Cells Transformed into Tiny Biological Robots
36 Rhythm Over Alphabet: Why Babies Need Nursery Rhymes for Language Mastery
37 New Research Links Smoking to Greatly Increased Risk of Mental Illness
38 Unlocking the Quantum Realm: A New Tool for Uncharted Phenomena
39 Webb's Galactic Surprise: Reveals Rocky Planet Secrets in Cosmic Extremes
40 Soccer Players Beware--New Research Links Heading to Significant Decline in Brain Function
41 Watch Live: Historic Launch of EIRSAT-1, Ireland's First Satellite
42 Baffling Experts for Years--Scientists Finally Solve Radioactive "Wild Boar Paradox"
43 Sophisticated Microbial Metropolis: Revealing Bacterial Teamwork Across Generations
44 Cosmic Cannonballs: Unraveling the Mystery of a Pulsar's Bizarre Brightness Shifts
45 Hubble's Hiccup: Gyro Issue Causes NASA to Suspend Telescope Operations
46 Invisible Danger in Your Bathroom: Alarming Chemical Emissions Found in Common Hair Products
47 Cryptocurrency's Thirst: A Single Bitcoin Transaction Consumes a Pool's Worth of Water
48 Mary Cleave, NASA's Pioneering Astronaut and Scientist, Dies at 76
49 Green Ancestors: Decoding the Secrets of 600 Million Years of Plant Life
50 Vectorial Adaptive Optics: A New Horizon in Phase and Polarization Correction
51 Impacting Even Medical Usage--Scientists Uncover Potential Health Hazard in Cannabis
52 Unveiling Earth's Hidden World: Scientists Map Vast Subsurface Microbial Universe
53 Progress 86 Launches to International Space Station with Essential Supplies
54 Revolutionizing Nerve Repair: Scientists Discover Key Protein in Mice
55 Space Freight and Genetic Feats: ISS Crew's Cosmic Countdown to Cargo Day
57 Catastrophic Floods Strike East Africa After Historic Drought
58 Unveiling Europe's Oldest Hippo: A Middle Pleistocene Mystery Solved
59 Does COVID-19 Vaccination Worsen Migraines?
60 Cosmic Cartography Mission: NASA's IMAP to Set Sail for Interstellar Mapping
61 Rethinking "Good" Cholesterol: Study Links High HDL-C Levels to Increased Dementia Risk
62 The Stone Age Revisited: Unearthing Neolithic Mysteries in the Arabian Desert
63 Turning Up the Heat: How Climate Change Supercharges CO2's Impact
64 Challenging the Current Paradigm--Scientists Develop New Approach to Stop Cancer Growth
65 Cosmic Rhythms: Strange Discovery of a Six-Planet System in Perfect Harmony
66 MIT Revolutionizes Cellular Imaging: A New Way to See the Activity Inside a Living Cell
67 The Stellar Forge: Charged Particles and Element Creation in Stars
68 Prehistoric Gourmet: Early Humans Hunted Beavers 400,000 Years Ago
69 Breakthrough Discovery Could Help Improve Fuel Production
70 Thought to Be Impossible--Scientists Uncover Hidden World Using Newly Found Properties of a Graphene-Like Material
71 Brain Not Required: Brittle Stars Showcase Surprising Learning Abilities
72 Can Type 2 Diabetes Be Reversed for Good? Experts Weigh In
73 Hubble's Spectacular Comeback: 30 Years of Stellar Clarity
74 Rewriting History: New Discoveries Challenge Assumptions About Pre-Agricultural Societies in Europe
75 Teenage Galaxies Unveiled: Webb Space Telescope's Remarkable Glimpse into the Early Universe
76 Twists of Nature: Spectacular Swirls in the Sky and Sea Around Norway's Remote Bear Island
77 Yogurt's Hidden Superpower Uncovered: A Natural Guard Against Depression and Anxiety
78 Scientists Discover Surprisingly Simple Potential Solution for Bone Marrow Transplant Complications
79 Tectonic Tales of Life: How Geology Has Influenced Evolution for the Past 500 Million Years
80 Scientists Uncover Unexpected Behavior in Active Particles
81 Crystal Clear AI: Revolutionizing the Future of Electronics Manufacturing
82 The Particle Accelerator Reinvented: Compact, Powerful, and Ready to Transform Science
83 Webb Captures Mysterious Reappearance of a Ghostly Object--"This Thing Is a Real Monster!"
84 High Flyers Go Green: NASA's Trailblazing Study on Aircraft Contrails and Sustainable Fuel
85 Silk Solutions: Unlocking the Secrets of Natural Materials to Weave a Better World
86 Navigating NASA's Waves: Google's Voyage Through Earth's Water Cycle
87 NanoVision Unleashed: PicoRulers Revolutionizing Cellular Imaging
88 Harmony and Ethics: Unraveling the Bond Between Musical Tastes and Morality
89 Scarier than Lions--Animals Around the World Fear this "Super Predator"
90 Global Drought Catastrophe: UN Uncovers "An Unprecedented Emergency on a Planetary Scale"
91 Shocking Revelation: Bottlenose Dolphins' Electric Sense Uncovered
92 Scientists Were Wrong--Tiny Crystals Reveal that the Moon Is Millions of Years Older than Previously Thought
93 Chill Factor--The Volcanic Plot Twist in Dinosaur Extinction
94 This Week @NASA: Cleaner Fuel for Aviation on Earth, Scientific Balloon Campaign, Artemis Moon Rocket
95 Penguins' Survival Secrets--Scientists Uncover Bizarre 4-Second Sleep Strategy
96 New Catalyst Completely Breaks Down Durable Plastic Pollution in Minutes
97 Space Rendezvous: Progress 86's Critical Cargo Arrives at the International Space Station
98 Cosmic Antiquity: The Ancient Stars of NGC 2210 Exposed by Hubble
99 1,000 Birds Perish in Chicago Collision Catastrophe: Light Pollution's Deadly Impact on Migrating Birds
100 Reimagining the Cosmos: New Theory Unites Einstein's Gravity with Quantum Mechanics
101 Cracking Earth's Deepest Secrets: Iron's Quantum Role in Planetary Formation
102 CRISPR's Hidden Universe: FLSHclust Algorithm Unlocks Secret Gene Modules
103 A Solar Superstorm Struck Earth 150 Years Ago--Now, New Research Reveals that They Are Much More Common that We Thought
104 Ancient Predators, Modern Mysteries: Mapping the Crocodile's Evolutionary Path
105 Is a Longer Reproductive Lifespan Good for Your Brain?
106 NASA's SunRISE Mission: Six Mini-Satellites Set to Illuminate Solar Mysteries
107 Unstable Ice: Antarctic Glacier's Sudden Collapse Rattles Scientists
108 Superconductors' Secret: Old Physics Law Stands the Test of Time in Quantum Material Conundrum
109 New Study Reveals Calcium's Crucial Role in Cleansing Dead Cells
110 Tiny Titans of the Sea: Scientists Discover Two New Species of Pygmy Squids
111 Eyes in Space: ISS Crew's Sci-Fi Week of Research and Unpacking
112 Reviving Minds: Implant Restores Cognitive Functions After Brain Injury
113 Brain's Reward Pathway Unlocked: Revealing the Secrets of the Dopaminergic System
114 3D Eye Scans Emerge as a Crucial Tool in Combating Kidney Disease
115 Magnetic Revolution: Diamonds and Rust Rewrite Physics Textbooks
116 Unraveling the Secret Behind California's Mysterious Anchovy Population Fluctuations
117 Space Solar Farms Edge Closer to Reality: Pioneering Study Shows Viability
118 Unusually Massive--Astronomers Discover a Planet that Shouldn't Exist
119 Nasal Spray Demonstrates Significant Success in Treating Depression
120 The Heat Is On: Thermal Anomalies Detected in Ethiopia's "Gateway to Hell"
121 Sunlight to Syngas: Revolutionizing Methane Reforming
122 Stretching the Limits: How Diamond Manipulation Enhances Quantum Bits
123 Opioid Alternative: Rutgers Research Reveals Cannabidiol (CBD) Effectively Treats Dental Pain
124 Laser Leap: Organic Breakthrough Lights Up the Tech World