File Title
1 A New Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing Tool is Created
2 Helping You Achieve Your Sustainability Targets?
3 As Carbon Dioxide Levels Rise, it Becomes More Potent
4 Genetic Variants Affect Whether Stress Causes Mental Health Issues
5 Advancing Power Resilience: UC Santa Cruz's AI Innovation in Microgrid Technology
6 Ocean Conservation Unveiled: The Scuba Diver's Perspective on MPAs in California
7 Moving away from fossil fuels could literally save millions of lives
8 Coronary Heart Disease Before Age 45 May Increase Dementia Risk
9 Real-World Effectiveness of an Immunotherapy Combination for Mesothelioma
10 Whole Grains Linked to Slower Cognitive Decline in African Americans
11 Ketamine's Restructuring of the Brain Exposed with High-Resolution Mapping
12 MRI Reveals Altered White Matter in Post-COVID-19 Patients
13 Bacterial Cells Can Store Memories
14 Massive Planet Challenges Current Planet Formation Theories
15 A New Method to Pinpoint the Cellular Causes of Immune Disorders
16 Unlocking the Secrets of Planet Formation: First Observations with the James Webb Space Telescope
17 Study Compares Use of Cannabis and Sleep Aids to Enhance Sleep
18 Bacteria Can Change the Behavior of Animals
19 First-in-class treatment for a type of non-metastatic tumor
20 AzTECC71: The Faint Galaxy that Defies Optical Detection
21 It's Electric! Eels Can Move Genetic Material to Other Animals
22 Cooling Functions of Forests: Investigating Microclimate Mechanisms
23 U.S. Air Force Grants $5 Million for Research on Space Object Detection
24 Lost in Translation: Ribosomal mistake contributes to COVID-19 side effects
25 Sleep Loss Affects Work Performance and Physical Health
26 Did Life Exist on Mars and Other Planets? We May Know Soon
27 Snowpocalypse Now: Anchorage Smashes Snowfall Records
28 Earthrise Revealed: Unearthing the True Story Behind the "Image of the Century"
29 Brain's Limitations Uncovered: Scientists Debunk Long-Held Beliefs About Neural Rewiring
30 This Protein Could Be the Key to Turning Back Your Brain's Aging Clock
31 A New Era in Laser Technology--Scientists Create Femtosecond Laser Entirely out of Glass
32 Science Made Simple: What Is the Theory of Relativity?
33 Astronomers Shocked by Mysterious Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Ray--"What the Heck Is Going On?"
34 The Fight Against Superbugs: Common Skin Bacteria Could Save Millions of Lives
35 The Search for Alien Life: Scientists Develop Method of Identifying Life on Other Worlds with 90% Accuracy
36 Troubling--England's Silent Scandal of Missing Lung Tests
37 The Great Green Wall: China's Fight Against Desertification
38 Ancient Echoes of Faith: Psalms 86 Inscription Discovered in Hyrcania's Ruins
39 Scientists Uncover Potentially Serious Side Effect of Common Cancer Drug
40 Unlocking Nature's Fastest Timescales: Ultrafast Lasers Shrunk to Fingertip Size
41 Telecom's Quantum Future: Unprecedented Longevity in Entanglement Storage
42 Scientists Use Machine Learning to Unravel Mysteries of Atomic Shapes
43 Christmas Tree Galaxy Cluster: NASA's Webb and Hubble Unite for Dazzling Masterpiece
44 Gluten-Free African Grain Found to Have Antioxidant Properties
45 Avoid this Common Mistake--Scientists Discover Simple Tip for Making Better Decisions
46 Boreal Forests at Risk: Lightning-Induced Wildfires Threaten Crucial Carbon Storage
47 The Silent Epidemic: 7 Million Americans Unaware of Their Mild Cognitive Impairment
48 New Findings Upend Traditional Views on Exercise: Scientists Uncover the Vagus Nerve's Hidden Influence
49 Invisible Hydrogen Halo: Revealing a Galaxy's Hidden Polar Ring
50 Scientists Have Discovered that Bacteria Have "Memories"
51 Accelerated Melting: Greenland's Glacier Retreat Doubled in 20 Years
52 New Discovery Could Make Organic Solar Cells Significantly More Efficient
53 The Scent of Hope: Innovative Treatment Restores Sense of Smell in Patients with Long COVID
54 From Star Trek to the Lab: The Real Challenge of Fungi in Hypergravity
55 Revolution in Organic Synthesis: Scientists Revive Century-Old Technique
56 NASA's Latest Climate Hero, PACE, Just Landed in Florida and It's Ready to Rocket
57 Ariane 6's Hot Fire Rocket Engine Test: Blazing the Trail for Space
58 Climbing Just 50 Steps a Day Can Cut Your Risk of Heart Disease by 20%
59 What Makes a Carrot Orange? New Findings Could Lead to Improved Health Benefits
60 Moonbound Majesty: Astronauts' Inside Look at SLS, the Engine of Artemis Dreams
61 Nature's Surprise: Plants Might Be Able to Absorb More CO2 than Expected
62 Revolutionizing Fuel Safety: Scientists Develop Liquid Fuel that Can't Start Fires
63 This Week @NASA: Artemis II Astronauts View SLS Core, SPHEREx Space Telescope Takes Shape
64 Unmasking Addiction: Scientists Discover Common Brain Network Among People with Substance Use Disorder
65 Volcanoes or Asteroid? AI Ends Debate Over Dinosaur Extinction Event
66 Hidden Depths: Uncovering Theia's Mysterious Remnants Inside Earth
67 Cosmic Deception: Unraveling the Secrets of Abell 3192
68 Ariane 6 Main Engine Ignition: Rocket Hot Fire Test Highlight Video
69 Strange Chemistry: Webb Reveals "Teenage Galaxies" Are Unusually Hot, Glowing with Unexpected Elements
70 HuGE AI Breakthrough: Using Crowdsourced Feedback in Robot Training
71 New Research Indicates that Atherosclerosis--Thought to Be Irreversible--Can Be Reversed
72 The Final Orbit: Unraveling a Satellite's Death Spiral
73 Pioneering AI Technology Diagnoses Autism in Children Under Two with 98.5% Accuracy
74 Ancient Time Capsule: Scientists Discover DNA in 6-Million-Year-Old Turtle Shell
75 Brain Imaging Redefined: NexGen 7T MRI Achieves 10x Better Resolution
76 New AI Tool Transforms Breast Cancer Prognosis and Treatment
77 Mummified Bees from the Time of the Pharaohs Discovered in Portugal
78 Metallic Mystery: The Puzzling Silence of a "Strange Metal" in Quantum Noise Experiment
79 Watch: How Hammerhead Sharks Get Their Hammer in Stunning Detail
80 Chronic Back Pain: Is Your Brain the Missing Piece of the Puzzle?
81 Science Made Simple: What Is Cosmology?
82 Salt and Spectacle: Satellite Reveals East Africa's Pink Lakes
83 CRISPR's Hidden Treasures: 188 New Systems Unveiled by Smart Algorithm
84 Cosmic Enigma Solved? Extreme Stars May Hold the Key to Mysterious Radio Bursts
85 Spike in Child Mental Health Emergencies During Second Year of COVID Pandemic
86 Webb Space Telescope Reveals Atmospheric Effects of CO2 on Earth and Exoplanets
87 New Research: Higher Education Linked to Increased Risk of Depression and Anxiety
88 Juggling Atom-Chilling Physics and Immunity Mysteries on the Space Station
89 Extraterrestrial Life: Alien Haze Reveals Secrets of Distant Watery Exoplanets
90 Brain Mimics in a Dish: The Dawn of Next-Gen. Organoids to Model Pediatric Brain Tumors
91 Diabetes and Weight Loss Wonder-Drug Semaglutide May Have an Incredible New Use
92 New Study: Lack of Financial Planning Linked to Higher Risk of Death
93 From Microbes to Artificial Life: Harnessing Bacterial Motors for Nanomachines
94 When Fiction Feels Real: Scientists Discover that Lonely Brains Can't Differentiate Between Fictional Characters and Real-Life Friends
95 Melting Majesty: Quelccaya's Ice Cap Shrinks in Climate's Grip
96 Do Air Purifiers Help Prevent Respiratory Infections like COVID-19? A Systematic Review of the Science
97 Dark Matter Detective Work: A Revolutionary Approach at the Large Hadron Collider
98 Killer Whale Conundrum: Why Are Orcas Harassing and Killing Porpoises Without Eating Them?
99 Innovative Method to Efficiently Harvest Low-Grade Heat for Energy
100 Unraveling the Secrets of Beer: New Study Debunks Age-Old Assumptions
101 Shattered Dreams: Scientists Debunk LK-99 Room Temperature Superconductivity Myth
102 6 Numbers Predict Life-Threatening COVID-19
103 Beyond Entertainment: Serious Play at MIT's Game Lab
104 NASA's Atmospheric Waves Experiment Successfully Installed on Space Station
105 Riot of Color: The Fiery Hues of Alaska's Malaspina Glacier
106 Impossible to Achieve on Earth: Unlocking Secrets of Aging and Immunity in Microgravity
107 Ancient Extinction Mirrors Today's Ocean Crisis: Deoxygenation's Role Unveiled
108 The Fast and the Luminous: First Visible Wavelength Femtosecond Fiber Laser Developed
109 Menopausal Hormone Changes Linked to Cognitive Deficits
110 The Pancreatic Puzzle: Cracking the Code of Cancer's Immune Secrets
111 Astronaut's Eye View: Breathtaking Mars Horizon Captured by NASA's Odyssey Orbiter