File Title
1 Joy and defiance as Israel frees Palestinian prisoners
2 Thousands expected to take part in pro-Palestinian rally in London
3 Joy mixed with pain: Hamas frees Israeli, Thai hostages as shaky Gaza truce overcomes brief dispute
4 South Korea's spy chief, top intelligence officials resign
5 'Protect your girls, educate your boys': Thousands across globe march against gender-based violence
6 Irish author Paul Lynch wins 2023 Booker Prize
7 Vermont police arrest suspect in 'hate-motivated' shooting of Palestinians
8 North Korea tells UN that satellite launch was self-defense
9 Israel-Hamas truce extended for two days as more hostages are freed
10 Up in smoke: Australia to ban disposable vape imports from 1 January
11 India celebrates as all 41 trapped workers rescued from Himalayan tunnel after 17 days
12 Mediators seek lasting truce between Israel and Hamas as more people are freed
13 Argentina's Milei meets top US officials, seeks IMF reset
14 WATCH: Henry Kissinger, American diplomat and controversial Nobel winner, dies at 100
15 Pakistani girl killed after photos with boy's arm around her go viral
16 When Cells Touch, Gene Expression Changes
17 When Fandom Goes Bad: New Model for Exploring the Neuroscience of Fanaticism
18 CD47 Marker Inhibits Anti-Tumor Response in More Ways than One
19 UK Approves CRISPR-Cas9 Technology for Disease Treatment
20 Melatonin Use Is on the Rise in Children
21 SETI Institute Receives $200 million Philanthropic Gift from Franklin Antonio's Estate
22 A Concerning Link Between Malnutrition & Antibiotic Resistance is Discovered
23 A Wireless Device IDs Alzheimer's & Parkinson's Biomarkers
24 Scientists Engineer a New, Safer Antifungal Drug
25 Dangerous Heat: World Exceeds 2íC Warming, May go to 2.9íC this Century
26 20-Minute Cycle Boosts Cognitive Performance After Sleep Deprivation
27 Study Finds a Genetic Link between Cannabis Use Disorder and Lung Cancer
28 Excess Belly Fat Linked to Alzheimer's Disease
29 NASA-Funded Mission Unveils Lunar Hydrogen Resource for Future Space Exploration
30 Why Red Wine Can Give You a Headache
31 Exploring the Heart of the Milky Way: Webb Telescope's Breakthrough Observations
32 Researchers Design a Mapping Tool that Measures Cannabinoid Potency
33 Illuminating the Complexity of the Human Hypothalamus
34 Exoplanet Haze Research: A Crucial Step in Understanding Alien Worlds
35 Staph Bacteria can Directly Affect Neurons to Cause Itch
36 Impact of Marijuana and Cigarette Smoking on Lung Health: A Prospective Study
37 CAR-T Revolution: Developing T Cells into Cancer Assassins
38 Semaglutide Cuts Cardiovascular Risk in Overweight Adults
39 Chlorine Disinfectant Is No Better at Destroying Superbug than Water
40 FDA Issues Warning on Antiseizure Medications
41 Musical Planets: Unraveling the Orbital Waltz of HD110067
42 Fighting Melanoma without T Cell Activation
43 Cannabis Use Disorder Increases in Veterans with Psychiatric Conditions
44 Relationship Between Childhood Fitness and Future Heart Disease
45 December 2023 Celestial Events
46 New Engineered Macrophages Improve Antitumor Efficacy
47 Scientists Map How Cells Display Antigens
48 Teaching Robots to Ask for Help: A Breakthrough in Enhancing Safety and Efficiency
49 Terrible choices and deep distrust: The path to the Israel-Hamas hostage deal
50 Dutch election winner Geert Wilders is an anti-Islam firebrand known as the Dutch Donald Trump
51 Ukrainian strike kills Russian actress performing in Ukraine, theatre says
52 Hezbollah fires rockets at north Israel after an airstrike kills 5 of the group's senior fighters
53 Indian doctoral student shot dead inside car in US
54 Police, pro-monarchy protestors clash in Nepal capital
55 Israel and Hamas to start four-day truce on Friday: Qatar mediators
56 Protesters take to streets in Dublin after knife attack injures three children, one seriously
57 Spike in respiratory illness in China: 'No unusual or novel pathogen,' says WHO / Top points
58 The woman beside Vivek Ramaswamy: Apoorva, the doctor who listens more and debates less
59 Irish police make 34 arrests after Dublin rioting
60 Japan military aid expands Southeast Asia footprint
61 No unusual or novel pathogens found in latest pneumonia outbreak, China informs WHO
62 China offers visa-free entry for citizens of France, Germany, Italy
63 On Day One of Gaza cease-fire, Hamas and Israel carry out first swap of hostages and prisoners
64 Nepal pro-monarchy movement leader under house arrest
65 Israel reviews list of hostages set to be freed by Hamas on Saturday
66 Ex-officer Derek Chauvin, convicted in George Floyd's killing, stabbed in prison
67 Avalanche in west Iran kills 5 mountain climbers and injures another 4
68 Russia launches largest drone attack on Ukraine since start of invasion
69 China says US destroyer entered its territorial waters without permission
70 Watch: 9-year-old freed by Hamas runs to hug his father in Israel
71 North Korea's Kim inspects spy satellite photos of 'target regions,' US bases
72 Suspect in young woman's killing is extradited as Italians plan to rally over violence against women
73 Israeli-managed vessel hit by suspected Iranian drone, US official says
74 Pro-Monarchy protests grind on for third day
75 Indian-origin student in coma after assault in Australia
76 'Can't find words,' Israeli families welcome second group of hostages
77 Red Cross bus carrying freed Palestinian prisoners arrives in West Bank town
78 US Rep. George Santos says he expects to be kicked out of Congress as expulsion vote looms
79 'You'll die in this pit': Takeaways from secret recordings of Russian soldiers in Ukraine
80 Israeli forces kill at least 8 Palestinians in surging West Bank violence, health officials say
81 One of world's largest icebergs drifting beyond Antarctic waters after it was grounded for 3 decades
82 Attackers seize Israel-linked tanker off Yemen in third such assault during Israel-Hamas war
83 China says surge in respiratory illnesses is caused by flu and other known pathogens
84 Hamas releases third group of hostages in Gaza as part of truce deal
85 US President Joe Biden to skip COP28, says White House official
86 4 Indians among 13 crew members missing after ship sinks off Greek island
87 Trump hints at expanded role for the military within US. A legacy law gives him few guardrails
88 6 teenagers go on trial for alleged role in 2020 beheading of French teacher
89 Elon Musk visits Israel to meet top leaders as accusations of antisemitism on X grow
90 Qatar is the go-to mediator in the Mideast war. Its unprecedented Tel Aviv trip saved a shaky truce
91 Israel and Hamas agree to extend truce for 2 more days, free more hostages and prisoners
92 Rishi Sunak cancels meeting with Greek PM in row over Parthenon sculptures
93 Unvaccinated and vulnerable: Children drive surge in deadly outbreaks
94 Gold bars and Tokyo apartments: How money is flowing out of China
95 Biden hopes to alter trajectory of Israel-Hamas war as hostages are released
96 Watch: China hospitals overflow with patients as respiratory illnesses surge; videos go viral
97 Joe Biden's absence at COP28 highlights his fossil fuel conundrum
98 North Korea says its new spy satellite photographed White House, Pentagon
99 Bangladesh news update: Russia, US spar over election interference as BNP renews calls for strike
100 Singapore PM's brother to pay damages to Indian-origin ministers in defamation case
101 'At what cost?' Ukraine strains to bolster its army as war fatigue weighs
102 Nepal PM, Opposition leader hold talks amid distrust within ruling coalition
103 US issued record number of visas to Indian students last year, says official
104 US to launch domestic work visa renewal programme in December, Indians to benefit most: Official
105 US military aircraft crashes in sea off Japan killing at least one
106 New Zealand's new Prime Minister plans to ban cellphone use in schools and end tobacco controls in first 100 days
107 Indian student charged with family members' triple murder in US
108 Pope says he is 'still not well' in first appearance after cancelling COP28 trip
109 Charlie Munger, who was Warren Buffett's right-hand man at Berkshire, dies at 99
110 UN calls for 'irreversible' move toward two-state solution to Israel crisis