File Title
1 The Paradox of Familiarity: Uncovering the Secrets of Visual Recognition Memory
2 Advancing Material Science: New "Gold Standard" for Computational Codes
3 UCLA Cholesterol Absorption Breakthrough Could Lead to Innovative Treatments
4 Sweet Science: Eating Strawberries Could Help Prevent Dementia and Depression
5 Twisting Reality: Atomic Sheets Unlocking the Doors of Advanced Technology
6 The Genetic Edge: Unmasking the Secret of COVID-19 "Super Dodgers"
7 Unlocking Childhood Memories: The Role of Autism Brain States
8 Muscle Mat Magic: MIT Engineers a Hydrogel Gym for Cellular Fitness
9 The Truth About Saturn's Rings: Are They Really Disappearing by 2025?
10 Heart PET Scans: A Breakthrough Predictor of Parkinson's and Lewy Body Dementia Years Before Symptoms
11 Webb Telescope Unveils the Hidden Wonders of the Crab Nebula
12 Any Activity--Even Sleeping--Is Better for Your Heart than Sitting, New Research Shows
13 Rising Tides and Troubled Waters: NASA Forecasts El Nino-Driven Flood Fury this Winter
14 Ancient Arsenal Unearthed: 31,000-Year-Old Long-Distance Weapons Found in Belgium
15 Dragon's Arrival Spurs Robotics and Science Frenzy Aboard ISS
16 Korean Scientists Develop New Technology to Replace SF6, a Major Cause of Global Warming
17 Cosmic Billiards: How "Bouncing" Comets Might Seed Life Across the Galaxy
18 Decoding Cancer's Hidden Language: Groundbreaking Research Maps 1.7 Million Cell Pathways
19 SmartDope: The "Self-Driving Lab" that Unlocks Quantum Dot Secrets in Hours--Instead of Years
20 2íC Rise 8 Years Sooner: Arctic's Role in Rapid Global Warming
21 Time-Traveling Tremors: Some of Today's Earthquakes May Be Aftershocks from the 1800s
22 Alien Atmosphere: Webb Detects Water Vapor, Sulfur Dioxide and Sand Clouds in Nearby Exoplanet
23 MIT's Autonomous Vision: Innovative 3D Printer Can Watch Itself Fabricate Complex Objects
24 Unlocking Futuristic Materials: The Laser Key to Advanced Metamaterial Structures
25 Mind-Bending Medicine: The Psychedelic Depression Breakthrough
26 Mapping the Cosmos: NASA's Latest Space Telescope to Survey 450 Million Galaxies
27 Back Pain Breakthrough: Existing Drug that Kills Off Sleeping Bone Cells Could Provide Relief
28 ISS Expedition 70: A Fusion of Robotics, Aging Research, and Atmospheric Studies
29 Alarming Diabetes Danger: Insufficient Sleep Raises Insulin Resistance in Women
30 AI Cracks the Cancer Code: A New Era of Epigenetic Insights
31 Cosmic Clarity: Gravitational Lensing Reveals the Fine Fabric of Dark Matter
32 Christchurch Mutation--How Good Can Overpower Evil in Alzheimer's Disease Genetics
33 Cosmic Flash: Earth Struck by Historic Gamma-Ray Burst from Exploding Star
34 Wearable Warnings: Devices Detect Early Signs of Frailty
35 Songbird Nesting Under Threat: Climate-Driven Temperature Extremes
36 Ancient Cycads: The Dinosaur-Era Plants that "Breathed" Nitrogen to Survive Extinction
37 A Golden Future for Thermoelectrics--Scientists Discover Record-Breaking Material
38 ACL Surgery Delays: Risky for Children, Safer for Adults, Johns Hopkins Study Reveals
39 Mount Etna's Fiery Fury: Lava and Ash Eruption Towers Over Sicily
40 Exploring the Reality of Time Travel: Science Fact vs. Science Fiction
41 Simple New Technique Transforms "Forever Chemicals" into Valuable Compounds
42 Mysterious Aurora-Like Radio Emissions Uncovered Above a Sunspot
43 Eating in a 10-Hour Window Linked to Increased Mood and Energy
44 Vaccination Vacation: Measles Makes a Menacing Comeback
45 The Cooking Advantage: Nine Vegetables that Offer More Nutrition When Cooked
46 Veins in Space: How ISS Research Unravels Weightlessness Wonders
47 10 Million Miles Away: NASA Achieves Historic Data Exchange with Deep Space Optical Communications Experiment
48 Sun's Curtain Call: Mars Missions Go Rogue During Solar Conjunction
49 Meltdown in Greenland: Ice Shelves Lose Over a Third of Their Volume
50 Groundbreaking Discovery: Inhibiting Key Enzyme May Halt Parkinson's Disease Progression
51 Hearts on the Line: Anxiety and Depression as Silent Accelerators of Cardiovascular Disease
52 Unraveling Brain Secrets: Scientists Probe the True Role of Key Cognitive Regions
53 Mind Tricks of Ancient Times: New Study Decodes Pareidolia in 40,000-Year-Old Cave Paintings
54 Scientists Shed New Light on the "Dark Matter" of Cellular Biology
55 Robotic Grasp of Language: Unlocking an Open-Ended World for Automation
56 Einstein's Puzzle: Unraveling the Mystery of the Universe's Accelerating Expansion
57 Unraveling Quantum Mysteries--Scientists Have Discovered a New Type of Magnetism
58 Special Vegan Diet Found to Decrease Hot Flashes by 95%
59 Stress Strikes Harder than Head Injury: The Surprising Genetic Impact of Early-Life Challenges
60 Scientists Discover that Worms May Have "Emotions"
61 Shark Scares vs. Safety: Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Get Back in the Water...
62 Mars Unveils Its Nighttime Secret: Mesmerizing Green Glow Discovered
63 Cosmic Forges: Exploring a Heavy-Metal Factory 900 Million Light Years Away
64 Microgravity Mysteries: Bacteria, Brain Aging, and Gravity-Sensing Cells in Space
65 Rapid Relief: Ketamine's Surprisingly Swift Treatment of PTSD and Depression
66 The Next Leap in Battery Tech: Lithium-Ion Batteries Are No Longer the Gold Standard
67 Global Reassessment: The Untapped Carbon Storage Potential of Healthy Forests
68 Fewer Side Effects--a New Treatment Method for Pancreatic Cancer
69 The Battle of Tongues: When Languages Collide, Which Survives?
70 Cosmic Vanishing Acts: NASA Unraveling the Mystery of Shrinking Exoplanets
71 Alarming Link Discovered: Concussions and Suicide Risk in High School Students
72 NASA's X-59: A Supersonic Aircraft's Patriotic Paint Transformation
73 Prehistoric Predators Reborn: Australia's Giant Birds of Prey Rise Again from Limestone Caves
74 Lake Superior's Enigmatic Sulfur Cycle: A Window into Earth's Past
75 Unveiling Galactic Mysteries: Scientists Uncover Strongest Evidence Yet for Local Sources of Cosmic Ray Electrons
76 Scientists Uncover 14 Evolutionary Traps Threatening Humanity's Future
77 Groundbreaking Study Debunks E-Cigarettes as Smoking Gateway
78 Feathered Paradox: The Unexpected Social Habits of Sick House Finches
79 Expanding Horizons: NASA's Cold Atom Lab Pioneers Quantum Chemistry in Space
80 Scientists Have Developed an Engineered Protein that Improves Memory
81 When Telescopes Fall: The Daring Recovery of NASA's Dark Matter Data
82 The Story Behind Apollo 8's Famous Earthrise Photo [Video]
83 Global Tree Crisis: The Alarming Rise of New Tree Diseases
84 Science Made Simple: What Is Quantum Mechanics?
85 E Prime Enigma Resolved: How Scientists Unraveled Earth's Deep Water Secrets
86 Uncovering the Genetic Mystery: Why Some Never Show COVID-19 Symptoms
87 NISAR's Odyssey: Pioneering Earth-Observing Satellite Clears Crucial Test
88 Ocean's Genetic Messengers: Tiny Vesicles Redefine Cell Communication
89 Giant Telescope--8x the Size of Earth--Reveals Unprecedented View of Colossal Cosmic Jet
90 The Healing Power of Chicken Soup: Unveiling the Science Behind the Ultimate Comfort Food
91 Rising Against the Odds: Remarkable Resurgence of America's Second Largest Reservoir Amid Persistent Drought
92 Microglia's Key Function in Brain Development Uncovered
93 EMIT: NASA's Unexpected Hero in the Climate Crisis
94 Beyond Sitting: Any Activity Boosts Heart Health, Even Sleep
95 Triangular Triumph: Unraveling the Mystery of Quantum Spin Liquids After 50 Years
96 Warning: Cannabis Use During Pregnancy Linked to Increased Risk of Adverse Birth Outcomes
97 80-Year-Old Mystery Solved: Forensic Scientists Locate Missing WWII Pilot
98 Solar Conjunction: Spacecraft Fall Silent as Mars Disappears Behind the Sun
99 New Research: Children's Brains Are Shaped by Their Time on Tech Devices
100 Galactic Misconceptions Unveiled: The Truth Behind "Late-Type" Galaxies in Hubble's Latest Snapshot
101 Emerald Intruder: The Mysterious Green Iceberg of East Antarctica
102 Unexpected Twist Discovered in Polymer-Based Semiconductors--"Goldilocks Effect"
103 Neon Mysteries in the Cosmos: Webb Telescope Rewrites Planet Formation Playbook
104 Hydration Innovation: Scientists Unveil Groundbreaking Dry Mouth Remedy
105 Rethinking the "Little Brain"--The Surprising Learning Power of Cerebellar Nuclei
106 Sea Level Secrets Revealed: How Ancient Corals Illuminate Future Threats
107 First-Ever Solar Energetic Particle Event Detected on the Surfaces of Earth, Moon, and Mars
108 Nighty-Night or Not Quite Right? Unpacking the Melatonin Craze Among the Young
109 A Profound Change in Paradigm--Scientists Uncover New Origin Story for Key Regulatory Gene
110 From Apollo to Artemis: Advancing Moon Landings with NASA Supercomputers