File Title
1 Ohio abortion vote: some misinformation is coming from a legislative website
2 Maine shooting survivor on ventilator, needing surgery: Sister
3 Israeli warplanes hit 150 'underground targets' in Gaza / Arab News Japan
4 A first look (and first taste) at Copita rooftop restaurant and bar
5 250,000 [Indian Descents] now live in Santa Clara, Alameda counties
6 Ground forces 'expanding activity' in Gaza
7 India Pushes for Explicit Condemnation of Hamas Terror at UNGA, Refuses to Back Resolution On Israel-Gaza War
8 Old-school East Bay burger joint robbed at gunpoint
9 Money Matters: Money matters creating wedge between Harry, Meghan
10 Tourist Dies After 30-Foot High Glass Bridge Shatters in Indonesia
11 Hamas tunnels raises risks for an Israeli ground offensive
12 Doctors find spider alive in Taiwanese woman's ear after she reports 'clicking sounds'
13 'No place for bigotry': B.C. Premier David Eby condemns recent rise in hate crimes
14 Police were alerted just last month about Maine shooter's threats: 'We couldn't locate him.'
15 Saudi, Jordanian foreign ministers discuss mobilizing UN support for Gaza / Arab News Japan
16 Police raid Japanese radical left newspaper after demonstration against Israel / Arab News Japan
17 Slow aid response leaves Gaza in critical condition despite opening of Rafah border, says UK charity Arab News Japan
18 Israeli ground forces inside Gaza as Palestinians take stock after intense overnight bombardment--The Mercury News
19 Protesters calling for ceasefire in Gaza shut down Central Freeway in San Francisco
20 Former vice president halts presidential campaign
21 Suspected gunman's body found; spot was searched twice
22 Abandoned California golf courses are being reclaimed by nature
23 Second Stage of War Begins, Says Israel PM Netanyahu Amid IDF's Ground Operations in Gaza
24 21 yrs. after attack, Aligarh Police arrest man accused of throwing acid on 14-yr.-old girl
25 Noah's Ark Found? Experts Discover 5000-Year-Old Boat-Shaped Mound in Turkey
26 Maine mass shooting: Authorities release details on suspect
27 Friends actor Matthew Perry dead aged 54
28 Matthew Perry, Emmy-nominated 'Friends' star, has died at 54, reports say--National
29 Netanyahu says the Gaza war has entered a new stage and will be 'long and difficult'
30 Saudi Arabia elected as vice president of UNESCO anti-doping convention / Arab News Japan
31 U.N. panel adopts Japan-proposed nuke abolition resolution / Arab News Japan
32 Iran's Raisi says Israeli actions 'may force everyone' to act / Arab News Japan
33 San Jose baby's fentanyl death scrutinized as neighbors decry missed warnings
34 South Bay judge tapped by Biden to be U.S. Attorney in Guam
35 Israeli ground forces inside Gaza as Palestinians take stock after intense overnight bombardment--The Mercury News
36 Shooting Kills 2 and Injures 18 Victims in Florida Street with Hundreds of People Nearby
37 How the first man in witness protection was hunted down in SF
38 At least 6 reported dead, 18 injured after two trains collide in Andhra Pradesh's Vizianagaram
39 Train crash in southern India, six dead and 40 injured
40 12 People Including an Infant Killed in Plane Crash in Brazil
41 Thousands break into U.N. aid warehouses in Gaza as Israel presses ground offensive--National
42 Hundreds of thousands rally in global cities to support Palestinians
43 Saudi authorities seize 3.8 million amphetamine tablets in Riyadh / Arab News Japan
44 Muslims in Japan denounce Israel against bombing of Gaza / Arab News Japan
45 Does Israel have a right to defend itself? / Arab News Japan
46 Shooting kills 2 and injures 18 in Tampa street
47 There's Going to Be A Terrorist Attack...Florida Gov. Warns Us Over Open Borders
48 Hundreds of Bay Area PG&E customers without power amid high winds
49 China's No. 2 military leader vows to develop military ties with US at forum
50 Matthew Perry Detailed How He Wanted to Be Remembered
51 King Charles III seeks to look ahead in a visit to Kenya
52 Hundreds storm Russian airport in anti-Semitic riot over arrival of plane from Israel
53 Israel says hit military infrastructure in Syria / Arab News Japan
54 Inmate suspected in prison attack on Kristin Smart's killer previously murdered 'I-5 Strangler'
55 Taiwanese grocery store 168 Market opens 2nd Bay Area location
56 Here's what Americans fear the most in 2023
57 Candy corn is polarizing. Here's how the candy's make is trying to keep it relevant
58 California shoppers get 4% less for their money after inflation's bite
59 What you need to know
60 General Motors reaches tentative agreement with UAW, potentially ending 6-week strike
61 American hockey player Adam Johnson dies after getting cut in the neck by a skate
62 Controlling waves in magnets with superconductors for the first time
63 Rare lake forms in Death Valley
64 Researchers report effect of hypoxia on periosteal stem cells
65 Breakthrough synthesis method improves solar cell stability
66 What does it look like when your sinuses are clogged?
67 Putin says first segment of ISS replacement to orbit by 2027
68 A superatomic semiconductor sets a speed record
69 Rare cross-shaped reliquary unearthed from medieval knight's home in Poland
70 Some birds may never return
71 Common chemotherapy drugs don't work like doctors thought, with big implications for drug discovery
72 Horrifying video reveals molting spider rustling in woman's ear
73 A novel sparse synthetic aperture radar unambiguous imaging method based on mixed-norm optimization
74 Youngest children in class with ADHD as likely to keep diagnosis in adulthood as older pupils, find scientists
75 22,000-foot volcano summit is home to Earth's highest-dwelling vertebrates, study confirms
76 Letting those leaves pile up? New research shows leaf litter contains persistent free radicals
77 Scientists find two ways that hurricanes rapidly intensify
78 Mammal cells use some viruses like vitamins, study hints
79 Tourists evacuated from Mexico's hurricane-hit Acapulco
80 Researcher finds proof of menopause in wild chimpanzees
81 Chimps go through menopause. That could shed light on how it evolved in humans.
82 Researchers reveal hidden sensory mechanism of hair follicles
83 Conduction electrons drive giant, nonlinear elastic response in Sr2RuO4
84 James Webb telescope spots ultra-rare cosmic explosion that could reveal the origin of the universe's heaviest elements
85 Why did Hurricane Otis 'explosively' intensify off Mexico?
86 AI can alert urban planners and policymakers to cities' decay
87 Wallace's sphinx moth: The moth predicted 30 years before it was described
88 1.6 million acres of Great Plains grasslands were destroyed in 2021 alone, World Wildlife Fund says
89 Novel device promotes efficient, real-time and secure wireless access
90 Menstrual cycle linked to structural changes across whole brain
91 One of California's riskiest volcanoes is very active. Is an eruption coming?
92 New battery technology could lead to safer, high-energy electric vehicles
93 Rare 2,100-year-old gold coin bears name of obscure ruler from pre-Roman Britain
94 Protesters delay start of Cal-USC football game in Berkeley
95 UN report warns of catastrophic climate tipping points: California is nearing several
96 Meltwater flowing beneath Antarctic glaciers may be accelerating their retreat
97 Depiction of Trojan War hero Ajax found in 1,800-year-old submerged building in Greece
98 Life on Earth under 'existential threat': climate scientists
99 Robot stand-in mimics movements in VR
100 Eerie 'face' haunts Jupiter in creepy photo from NASA's Juno probe
101 Scientists develop new method to create stable, efficient next-gen solar cells
102 Researchers solve protein mystery / ScienceDaily
103 Are dogs smarter than wolves?
104 What is a COP?
105 Tracking down environmental toxins / ScienceDaily
106 49ers legend Jerry Rice leaves signed drinks in Bay Area Costco
107 Grandma chimps offer clues for evolution of menopause in humans
108 The race of water droplets
109 Severe drought reveals more than 100 rock carvings in Amazonian tributary that may be up to 2,000 years old
110 Vast destruction, 39 dead in Mexico after Acapulco hurricane
111 Protein root discovery seals future of climate-proof plants
112 Sci-fi inspired tractor beams are real, and could solve a major space junk problem
113 Superdeep diamonds provide a window on supercontinent growth
114 Intermittent fasting is safe, effective for those with Type 2 diabetes, study suggests
115 Historic space photo: A monstrous 'Halloween storm' explodes from the sun
116 Can factory chicken really help save the climate?
117 Possible cause of male infertility
118 Study of 1,000 selfies helps explain how we use them to communicate
119 Hidden way for us to feel touch
120 Mechanics of breast cancer metastasis discovered, offering target for treatment
121 The 10 spookiest nebulas in the universe
122 New map of 20th-century land use in Britain helps researchers demystify biodiversity change
123 Want to achieve your goals? Get angry
124 Dust from the dino-killing impact ushered in years of global darkness