File Title
1 A third of schools don't have a nurse. Here's why that's a problem
2 Tesla says DOJ Is probing personal benefits violations, advertised vehicle range
3 Antarctic ice shelf will fail no matter what we do
4 Olympic icon Mary Lou Retton released from hospital after health scare
5 Trump told club member about foreign leader calls
6 'Super fog' blamed for deadly crashes outside New Orleans
7 Trump slams Biden, compares himself to Nelson Mandela
8 Ukrainians prepare candles, firewood, brace for winter
9 Dust collected by Apollo 17 mission shows moon's true age
10 Hamas Frees Two Israeli Women in Latest Gaza Hostage Release After Egyptian-Qatari Diplomacy
11 Human remains found in Northern California forest near abandoned truck
12 Gaza: Hamas says over 140 killed in Israel night strikes on Gaza
13 World's oldest dog dead at 31
14 UK Parents of critically ill daughter fight to keep her alive after High Court rules to end life support
15 China's foreign minister to visit U.S. this week in latest bid to stabilize ties--National
16 'Like living in a slaughterhouse': Gaza crisis deepens
17 Freed Israeli hostage 'treated well' in Gaza / Arab News Japan
18 Rob Bonta won't walk the talk on tougher fentanyl approach
19 Alameda County considers changes to recall elections
20 Former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis takes plea deal in Georgia election subversion case
21 Big Tech said return to the office or else. She had another solution
22 Man charged after reporting child missing from supermarket parking lot that he forgot at home
23 Why you shouldn't postpone your flu vaccine
24 California and 32 other states sue Meta for harming young people's mental health, collecting data on children
25 8 children abducted from Arkansas foster homes rescued in Northern California
26 Why road trips can make you exhausted just by sitting still
27 Off-duty Bay Area pilot told cockpit crew "I'm not okay" before trying to shut off engines in flight
28 'World's safest asset' proves anything but amid wild Treasuries
29 Crews clear debris from 'superfog' pileup near New Orleans
30 Abortion coverage is limited or unavailable at a quarter of large workplaces
31 Feds boost care for homeless Americans
32 Mayor says West Maui to reopen to tourism on November 1
33 US developing plans to evacuate Americans from Mideast
34 Meadows reportedly received immunity to testify--The Mercury News
35 Israel's Increased Strikes Across Gaza Kill More than 700 People in the Past Day, Palestinians Say
36 North Bay ice cream vendor caught selling cocaine, police say
37 Bill Gates Flew Economy for Years, Reveals Netflix Co-Founder. Here's Why
38 Brazil: Helicopters deployed after gang torches 35 buses
39 Released Israeli hostage Yocheved Lifshitz says she 'went through hell' while being held captive by Hamas in Gaza Strip
40 'Her spirit is still there': B.C. woman reaches aunt in Israel, released from Hamas captivity
41 Saudi crown prince, Biden discuss ways to stop Israeli military operations in Gaza / Arab News Japan
42 Japan supports rehabilitation of school in Lebanon / Arab News Japan
43 'Shaft,' 'Roots' star Richard Roundtree has died
44 Police arrest East Bay brothers after Marin County drug bust
45 After the Maui fire, some Hawaiians rethink aloha spirit. Is it for tourists, family, everyone?
46 How safe are cockpits? Aviation experts weigh in after security scare on board Horizon Air flight
47 Gov. Newsom has surprise meeting with China's leader Xi amid warm welcome in Beijing
48 The 10 Senate seats most likely to flip in 2024
49 Apple announces 'scary fast' October event
50 DJ Dusty Street, radio pioneer with Bay Area history, dies at 77
51 Panera drink blamed for killing college student who avoided caffeine
52 Bagged, precut onions from California linked to salmonella outbreak that has sickened 73 people in 22 states
53 Mayo Clinic doctor accused of wife's fatal poisoning
54 This company envisions a future where humanoid robots are as ubiquitous as smartphones
55 Hurricane Otis batters Acapulco before weakening
56 He procured guns from the US, then sent them to Mexico to fight 'El Chapo' loyalists in cartel civil war
57 Many women can't access miscarriage drug because it's also used for abortions
58 Who is Mike Johnson, the new speaker of the House?
59 1st major snow storm of season drops 1 foot on Montana
60 New House speaker once argued for criminalizing gay sex
61 The last time US yields rose so much, it sank the economy twice
62 Rep. Bowman charged with misdemeanor over fire alarm
63 AI is causing panic for authors. Now the courts are involved
64 White House welcomes Australian leader for state dinner
65 Auto workers and Ford reach tentative labor agreement
66 Nashville PD chief's son, wanted in shootings, found dead
67 Biden condemns retaliatory attacks by Jewish settlers
68 Clarence Thomas' huge RV loan was forgiven by wealthy businessman, Senate investigation finds--The Mercury News
69 At least 16 dead in Maine shooting and dozens injured, law enforcement officials tell AP--The Mercury News
70 Richmond first U.S. city declaring support for Palestinians in Israel-Hamas war
71 22 Killed, Several Injured in Maine; Police Release Images
72 'Noticeably colder' weather enters Bay Area, some spots to dip to 30s
73 Landslides: Hurricane Otis unleashes massive flooding in Acapulco, triggers landslides before dissipating
74 U.S. President condemns Israeli attacks in the West Bank
75 At least 22 dead and up to 60 injured in mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine
76 The U.S. House has a speaker. What does that mean for Israel, Ukraine aid?--National
77 South Korean top court rules stolen statue belongs to Japanese temple / Arab News Japan
78 What is the Rafah crossing and why is it hard to get aid into Gaza? / Arab News Japan
79 Why this Bay Area couple swapped California for Spain
80 Wildfires, other ravages jeopardize California's prized forests
81 Bear attacks security guard in kitchen of Colorado hotel
82 Imprisoned Mexico-based megachurch leader indicted in California on child pornography charges
83 Trump's resistance to accountability is testing the system
84 New House speaker helped try to overturn 2020 election--The Mercury News
85 Harassment against Jews, Muslims rising since Hamas attacks
86 More working Californians slipped into poverty as pandemic aid expired
87 Why Daylight Saving Time may create a literal headache for you
88 Wife of ex-Alaska pilot is 'in shock' over averted disaster
89 Israeli Troops Briefly Raid Northern Gaza as Full-Scale Incursion Looms
90 Fire weather watch issued for large swath of California
91 Israel to pay compensation for ships damaged in Gaza war
92 US Strikes Two Syrian Facilities After Attacks by Iranian Forces
93 Al Jazeera journalist Wael Al-Dahdouh's finds out family killed in Israeli air strike on Gaza while on air
94 What was Maine shooting suspect's motive?
95 Hamas official says cease-fire needed before hostages can be freed--Russian newspaper / Arab News Japan
96 Bay Area Hells Angels members arrested on suspicion of attempted murder
97 Georgia ordered to redraw some 'unlawful' election districts
98 Gaza bombings debated at emotional UN meeting
99 How companies are helping employees stuck between work and caring for aging parents--The Mercury News
100 China's former Premier Li Keqiang has died at 68
101 Missile Misfires, Strikes Egyptian Border Town of Taba, Many Injured
102 'Regularly used' East Bay road to be closed for 2 more years
103 Gun Regulations: Gun ownership: What US can learn from the Swiss
104 UK Ex-PM Boris Johnson's New Job
105 Italian mother wins court to evict 40-year-old sons
106 Mudslides, fallen trees: Hurricane Otis survivors grapple with shock storm--National
107 'I didn't learn anything:' Burchett on classified UFO briefing
108 Israeli army says ground forces 'expanding' activities in Gaza, where Internet has collapsed / Arab News Japan
109 Bid by former Alameda County prosecutor to dismiss misdemeanor charge denied
110 Retailers overstating impact of shoplifting
111 FTX founder acknowledges customers, others got hurt
112 Biden talks with Chinese minister ahead of possible Xi chat
113 Trump, daughter Ivanka set to testify in civil fraud trial
114 Rep. Santos pleads not guilty to new theft, fraud charges
115 Using opioid settlement cash for police gear like squad cars and scanners sparks debate
116 What we know about the Maine mass shooting victims
117 Candy prices are up. Here's why, and how to save on Halloween
118 Medical exceptions to abortion bans often exclude mental health conditions
119 Frantic families hunt loved ones in storm-battered Acapulco
120 Suspect, Who Killed 18 People, Found Dead
121 Earthquake rattles Bay Area on Friday evening