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1 Optician's warning coloured contact lenses could lead to 'possible blindness'
2 Philippines says Chinese vessels hit two of its boats near disputed shoal: NPR
3 The pretty corner of Britain constantly named among happiest and healthiest places to live
4 Israel intensifies bombing in the Gaza strip, with more strikes in the West Bank: NPR
5 Vitamin D supplements--should you take them every day?
6 Polls open in Argentina vote that could see right-wing populist win presidency: NPR
7 Vitamin B12 deficiency: Common symptoms that could be mistaken for dementia
8 Venezuelans top Mexicans for first time in illegal U.S. border crossings: NPR
9 Expert recommends anti-inflammatory diet to reduce arthritis pain
10 Norway's 86-year-old king tests positive for COVID-19 and has mild symptoms
11 His call for empathy has made this Jewish studies professor feel isolated: NPR
12 Caring dad dies after muscle pain diagnosis turned out to be incurable illness / UK / News
13 Arthritis symptoms: 'One of the earliest signs' when walking
14 Sudan's war kills over 9,000 in 6 months of 'humanitarian nightmare': NPR
15 Playing Tetris following difficult birth 'can prevent mums developing PTSD'
16 In a Palestinian enclave in New Jersey, grief pervades everything: NPR
17 New cervical cancer drugs breakthrough could boost survival rates
18 New genes that could trigger baldness in men identified
19 Dwindling fuel supplies for Gaza's hospital generators put premature babies in incubators at risk
20 Michigan State University apologizes for a Hitler question at a football game: NPR
21 Hull has been named one of the unhealthiest places to live in Britain
22 Over half of women don't realise bladder leaks are a menopause symptom, study finds
23 Brits have lost over four million teeth due to sporting injuries, study finds
24 Dementia linked to common health problem SIX Million Brits suffer from
25 A warmer North, wetter South because of El Nino, climate change: NPR
26 New COVID map shows which areas are spiking as hospital asks people to wear masks again
27 'I'm a doctor--these are nine best warming foods to reduce your blood sugar'
28 Court extends detention of Russian-American journalist, her employer says: NPR
29 Bed bugs expert Dr. Xand debunks common myths as cases begin to soar
30 This procedure is banned in the US. Why is it a hot topic in fight over Ohio's abortion amendment?
31 Skin cancer: Dad's warning as 'pink mark' on his back grew
32 College admissions counseling: NPR
33 Going to bed an hour later at night could raise your risk of killer disease
34 Vitamin C deficiency: Sign on your skin could be red flag warning of the illness
35 Exercise Just as Good as Viagra for ED: Study
36 Off-duty Alaska Airlines pilot tried to disable engines in-flight: NPR
37 Nine in ten parents worry about their baby's skin during the first year, study finds
38 10 predictors linked to opioid overdose in chronic pain patients
39 Doctor recommends eight 'best' foods to slash your risk of cancer
40 FDA Approves Pfizer's Vaccine for Meningococcal Disease
41 Risk of brain condition linked to dementia grows with every year of rugby play
42 Dr. Michael Mosley reveals how to cook pasta so it reduces blood sugar and cholesterol
43 We're not even allowed to grieve: NPR
44 COVID symptoms: Doctor shares six unusual symptoms
45 World Polio Day 2023: 5 Major Signs and Symptoms to Detect the Viral Disease in Kids
46 Few transplant surgeons are Black. Giving medical students a rare peek at organ donation may help
47 New Non-mRNA 'Emergency' Vaccine Authorized for COVID
48 Constipation Treatment: 6 Herbs and Spices from Your Kitchen to Provide Digestive Relief
49 Tennessee GOP is willing to reject millions in funding, if it avoids complying with federal strings
50 Bond markets are being hit hard--and it's likely to impact you: NPR
51 Clocks going back could trigger 'sundowning' symptoms in people with dementia
52 Doctors should normalize questions about drinking habits, guideline says--National
53 Constipation in Winter: 5 Unhealthy Habits that Lead to Irregular Bowel Movements
54 Georgia Supreme Court sends abortion law challenge back to lower court, leaving access unchanged
55 Doctor warns millions are eating foods that cause 'more deaths than tobacco'
56 COVID-19 passports did little to convince people to get vaccinated in Quebec, Ontario: study
57 Myanmar reinstates family visits to prisoners to end a ban started during the pandemic
58 FDA Warns of Hidden Ingredients in Arthritis, Pain Products
59 Israel Hamas attack survivors take refuge and mourn inside this hotel: NPR
60 Missed targets leave thousands without a dementia diagnosis
61 West Texas county bans travel on its roads to help someone seeking an abortion
62 This Malaysian island offers endless stories and inspiration. Ask Tan Twan Eng: NPR
63 Parkinson's disease symptoms could be curbed with tai chi, says study
64 Bagged, precut onions linked to salmonella outbreak that has sickened 73 people in 22 states
65 Women, nonbinary people in Iceland strike for 24 hours to fight gender pay gap: NPR
66 Four common houseplants could cause pain, breathing problems and vomiting
67 A new RSV shot for infants is in short supply
68 Rep. Mike Johnson, is the latest speaker contender: NPR
69 The 'most important' supplements every man and woman should be taking
70 Overwhelming majority of Americans see democracy at risk ahead of 2024 election: NPR
71 42 warning signs of cancer in children that parents need to know about
72 DASH Diet for Women: How Does THIS Meal Plan Lower the Risk of Cognitive Decline?
73 Carnival ruled negligent over cruise where 662 passengers got COVID-19 early in pandemic
74 This Disease [Cancer] Is Battering Us yet Nobody's Listening
75 Can taking ibuprofen or paracetamol prevent COVID symptoms?
76 Popular Skinny Pills Linked to Digestive Problems
77 The space for peace and Jewish-Arab solidarity is shrinking in wartime Israel: NPR
78 Millions of men won't talk about signs of aging--like incontinence, study finds
79 Concerns over Israel's war strategy; long COVID origins: NPR
80 Five red flags in a person's driving that could be signs for dementia
81 Ukrainian hackers, intel officers partner in apparent hack of Russia's Alfa-Bank: NPR
82 COVID expert shares likelihood of catching the virus on public transport
83 The Urgent Need for [Breast Cancer] Research
84 Bobi, the world's oldest dog ever, dies at 31 in Portugal: NPR
85 'Warning signs your brain is in trouble': Eight Alzheimer's symptoms that appear earlier
86 Are pig heart transplants a reality? Successful surgery shows it's possible--National
87 Advocacy group's report on Nanded deaths
88 Abortions in the US rose slightly overall after post-Roe restrictions were put in place, study finds
89 How Can I Take Care of My Kids if I'm a Parent with Rheumatoid Arthritis?
90 New Clarence Thomas ethics questions about forgiveness on luxury RV loan: NPR
91 Seasonal affective disorder symptoms--pharmacist shares the signs
92 Tennessee attorney general sues federal government over abortion rule blocking funding
93 Child-Care Centers Are Not Big COVID Spreaders, Research Says
94 UAW and Ford reach a tentative deal on a new contract: NPR
95 Viagra could lower the risk of Alzheimer's disease by 60 percent, study finds
96 Averted disaster on Horizon Air flight renews scrutiny on mental health of those in the cockpit
97 Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sex
98 U.S. Postal Service touts crackdown on postal crime with hundreds of arrests: NPR
99 Color of your teeth--orthodontist shares what it can say about your health
100 Heart Health to Joint Pain, 6 Common Winter Woes to Stay Away from and How?
101 Billions for life-saving AIDS program need to continue, George W. Bush Institute tells Congress
102 Doctors Strive for Quicker Diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis
103 Death toll in Gaza approaches 7,000 as aid groups raise alarm about fuel: NPR
104 'Five seconds of safety measures' could significantly reduce your COVID risk
105 Increased Screentime May Lead to THESE Mental Health Disorders
106 The number of military suicides dipped in 2022 as the Pentagon works on new prevention programs
107 The U.S. economy posted stunning growth in the third quarter: NPR
108 How to live longer--Dr. Karan Rajan shares small daily habits
109 Video of tiny spider found in woman's ear will make your skin crawl--National
110 2 workers at Fukushima plant hospitalized after accidentally getting sprayed with radioactive waste
111 Fighting the Stigma of MS
112 Millions of families in the U.S. experience food insecurity, report finds: Shots
113 Doctor recommends ginger to improve major COVID symptoms
114 Here's how you can offset health impacts of sitting all day, according to new research--National
115 US government says it plans to go after legal goods tied to illegal fentanyl trade in new strategy
116 Adjusting to Life with It [Idiopathic hypersomnia (IH)]
117 What is the Iran-backed 'axis of resistance' in the Middle East?: NPR
118 New drugs offer hope as dementia cases continue to rise
119 As 'sober curious' trend grows, major brands tap into non-alcoholic drinks--National
120 2% of kids and 7% of adults have gotten the new COVID shots, US data show
121 The Mystery Behind Idiopathic Hypersomnia
122 Robert E. Lee Confederate statue in Charlottesville melted down: NPR
123 Vitamin D deficiency symptoms--'weird' signs to spot, according to Dr. Eric Berg