File Title
1 Russia's Putin says world conflicts 'strengthen' ties with China
2 France says talking to Saudi about Rafale fighter sale
3 Drones shot down in attack on US troops in Syria: Iraq condemns attacks on US forces
4 US-led troops in Iraq reportedly targeted by suicide drone
5 Enhancing the safety and efficacy of drone flights in polar regions
6 Amazon to expand drone delivery into Britain and Italy
7 France announces sale of defensive weapons to Armenia
8 Brazil probes theft of heavy machine guns from army base
9 Russia 'highly values' N. Korean support against Ukraine
10 N. Korea has sent arms to Russia for use in Ukraine: White House
11 U.S. think tank: Railcar buildup could be N. Korea weapons shipments to Russia
12 Palestinian officials: Deaths surpass 5,000; IDF strikes 320 targets in Gaza
13 Israel expands evacuation of northern border towns amid fighting with Hezbollah
14 Israel defense minister says Hamas war could last months
15 Myanmar junta orders airstrikes to recover lost outposts
16 Terran Orbital opens new printed circuit board assembly facility
17 Keysight to Provide Payload Testing Solution for First SWISSto12 HummingSat Mission
18 Launch of Ovzon 3 targeted for as soon as December 2023
19 Azerbaijan hosts joint drills with Turkey near Armenia
20 Two killed in clashes between Iraqi, Kurdish forces: security sources
21 China FM tells Israel civilians must be protected; Beijing envoy arrives in UAE
22 Finland suspects Chinese ship linked to gas pipe damage
23 Iraq sentences Saddam Hussein's daughter for promoting political party
24 US troops targeted Iraq in rocket attacks escape unharmed
25 Iraq airfield hit by Turkey hosts regular forces: Kurd official
26 Iraq sentences IS member to death over pilgrim bombing
27 Millions of Shiite pilgrims flock to Iraq's Karbala
28 U.S. urges against travel to Iraq amid increase in attacks on U.S. personnel
29 The Israel-Hamas military balance
30 Israeli forces prepare for grinding urban war in Gaza
31 Britain, European allies unveil $122 million security package for Ukraine
32 UK, northern European allies unveil new Ukraine military package
33 Germany steps up Ukraine weapons deliveries ahead of winter
34 Sweden pledges 190 million euros of military aid to Ukraine
35 US amps up military posture in Mideast, warns against 'escalation'
36 Philippines, China lodge protests over maritime collisions
37 NATO ups Baltic Sea patrols after underwater damage
38 French navy carrier patrols Gulf of Guinea
39 US sends 2nd carrier 'to deter hostile actions against Israel'; UK deploys Royal Navy
40 Pentagon report details China's fast-growing nuclear arsenal
41 US says China building up nuclear capacity faster than expected
42 Lockheed Martin and US Navy demonstrate submarine-launched ballistic missile
43 South Korea, US, Japan hold first joint air drills
44 China readies Shenzhou 17 for imminent journey to Tiangong Space Station
45 China tightens curbs on graphite exports citing 'national security'
46 Bacteria found in desert pave the way for paint that produces oxygen whilst capturing carbon
47 French troops to leave Niger by year's end: French general
48 UN says peacekeepers' 'lives in danger' in Mali
49 China says force 'not way' to resolve Israeli-Palestinian conflict
50 Cow manure to synthetic gas: How can we optimize the process?
51 Aston University research pioneers making renewable hydrogen and propane fuel gases from glycerol
52 US Space Force to Leverage Danti's AI-Powered Data Search with AFWERX deal
53 Satnav test on remote island lab
54 Do we need a new approach to prevent bird window strikes?
55 Climate is increasing risk of high toxin concentrations in Northern US lakes
56 Drought in the Amazon: Understanding the causes and the need for an immediate action plan to save the biome
57 Astronomers carry out largest ever cosmological computer simulation
58 How to slow the spread of deadly 'superbugs'
59 Moon is 40 million years older than we thought, tiny crystals from Apollo mission confirm
60 Itinerant magnetism and superconductivity in exotic 2D metals for next-generation quantum devices
61 Cathode active materials for lithium-ion batteries could be produced at low temperatures
62 Caterpillars evolved their weird chubby little 'prolegs' from ancient crustaceans
63 Are retrospective adjustments to sustainability reports helping CEOs score a bonus?
64 Researchers capture first images of a radio 'ring of fire' solar eclipse
65 New methods for effective transport of large genes in gene therapy
66 Superdeep diamonds provide a window on supercontinent growth
67 College students in minoritized groups feel less confident about peer support in event of sexual assault, study finds
68 Climate report: 'Uncharted territory' imperils life on Earth
69 Collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet is 'unavoidable,' study finds
70 Destruction of forests gathered pace in 2022, despite global promises
71 Scientists develop new method to create stable, efficient next-gen solar cells
72 Scientists detect fastest-ever fast radio bursts, lasting just 10 millionths of a second
73 Research finds global precipitation patterns a driver for animal diversity
74 Solar farms in space are possible
75 Perilous expedition to uninhabited island in South Atlantic confirms existence of world's 8th lava lake
76 Colorado prisons vulnerable to natural disasters but may be ill-prepared
77 Finding the genes that help kingfishers dive without hurting their brains
78 Humans and Neanderthals mated 250,000 years ago, much earlier than thought
79 Washington trapped a big number of these invasive, tree-eating moths in 2023
80 Children as young as four eat more when bored
81 Ancient skeletons of largest-ever marsupial unearthed in Australia
82 Analysis supports demarcation of new epoch characterized by human impact on planet
83 Astrophysicists scan the Galaxy for signs of life
84 Europe's 1st permanent residents settled in Crimea 37,000 years ago, DNA reveals
85 New US rocket Vulcan Centaur set to launch on December 24
86 New clues to early development of schizophrenia
87 Scientists decode 'LEGO protein' that makes sperm swim
88 Time to treat the climate and nature crisis as one indivisible global health emergency, says widely published editorial
89 Can AI grasp related concepts after learning only one?
90 In a 1st, AI neural network captures 'critical aspect of human intelligence'
91 Unlocking pathways to break down problem proteins presents new treatment opportunities
92 Massive space explosion observed creating elements needed for life
93 NASA is locked out of its OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample because of 2 faulty fasteners
94 A research team's 'Robin Hood' approach for tracking biodiversity
95 Scientists discover molten layer covering Martian core
96 5,000-year-old tomb holding hugging skeletons in Scotland is Neolithic 'feat of engineering'
97 New study suggests cyclones in the Arctic are forming more often and getting stronger
98 Vision via sound for the blind
99 Mystery of volcanic tsunami solved after 373 years
100 New article argues that human right to the environment must be recognized in order to restore our planet
101 Cold War satellite images reveal nearly 400 Roman forts in the Middle East
102 Moving video shows the horror of osteoporosis to mark World Osteoporosis Day
103 Australia's Lynas to upgrade Malaysian rare earth refinery amid dispute over operating license
104 Advancements in Treating Atopic Dermatitis
105 In Israel, volunteers fill in supply gaps for the military: NPR
106 Bone marrow test: We saved two strangers' lives for the love of Mum
107 Police locate vehicle last operated by suspect in Maryland judge murder case: NPR
108 Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham needed life-saving surgery that saw tour cancelled
109 Police investigate death of Detroit synagogue president as homicide: NPR
110 Stevie Nicks' battle with life-threatening virus and how she was 'saved' from addiction
111 Celebrities sign letter to Biden urging de-escalation and cease-fire in Gaza: NPR
112 Is it dementia or is it the menopause? Experts share how to distinguish symptoms
113 Move over semaglutide, new drug on the horizon promises to melt only fat, not muscle
114 Unstoppable Mom Uncovers Allergy Fix, Could It Help You?