File Title
1 World may have crossed solar power 'tipping point'
2 Historic agreement unites diverse stakeholders to revolutionize large-scale U.S. solar development
3 Focus on perovskite emitters in blue light-emitting diodes
4 Cost effective perovskite cells with a structured anti-reflective layer
5 Sunny Albania turns to solar power to fuel development
6 India must rapidly scale solar to reach renewable targets: study
7 Toward high-efficiency thin crystalline silicon solar cells
8 China's top diplomat to pay rare US visit ahead of potential Xi trip
9 Sony says 'Spider-Man 2' videogame sales set record
10 RADARSAT+: over $1 billion for the future of satellite Earth observation
11 Climate 'loss and damage' talks end in failure
12 UK police charge Greta Thunberg after climate protest arrest
13 Around the globe, climate adaptation lacks coordination
14 Climate 'countdown clock' report launched ahead of key UN talks
15 UK govt.'s climate advisers issue warning over net-zero shift
16 Greta Thunberg fined again for Sweden port protest
17 French IT group Atos slides on nationalisation call
18 Musk's X starts charging new users for basic features in two countries
19 Australia fines Musk's X over child abuse content concerns
20 DICT transforms Northern Luzon with 438 satellite broadband sites
21 Bluesky, the X rival boosted by EU's tech enforcer
22 Taiwan defends Foxconn over China tax probe
23 Google plans to make flagship smartphones in India
24 Nokia to cut up to 14,000 jobs as 5G demand slows
25 Apple CEO Tim Cook makes surprise visit to China
26 Google's new phone to run AI on-device
27 Colombian president to visit China this week
28 Sweden battles oil spill after ferry runs aground
29 Choosing exoskeleton settings like a Pandora radio station
30 NASA makes it easier to find assistive technologies for licensing
31 Light-powered multi-level memory tech revolutionizes data processing
32 Do humans get lazier when robots help with tasks?
33 Dutch criminal probe against US firm DuPont over 'forever chemicals'
34 Music companies sue Anthropic AI over song lyrics
35 Do humans get lazier when robots help with tasks?
36 HUD to fund $100 million clean energy renovations for 1,500 low-income homes
37 Unmanned and unbothered: autonomous intelligent oceanic exploration is upon us
38 Revolutionary atomic sensor redefines radio wave antenna
39 Five Things to Know about NASA's Deep Space Optical Communications
40 Kymeta launches first multi-orbit, on-the-move flat-panel antenna for military users
41 Bluetooth inventors get OK to use Viking king's name
42 German tech factory reveals antenna prototype-ngVLA will open a new window into the Universe
43 Bacteria found in desert pave the way for paint that produces oxygen whilst capturing carbon
44 CO2 pollution expected to hit new record in 2023: researchers
45 Carbon capture method plucks CO2 straight from the air
46 Thai government pledges action as Bangkok pollution spikes
47 Pivotal breakthrough in adapting perovskite solar cells for renewable energy
48 Foxconn under tax and land use investigations in China
49 Suit charges crypto firms with billion-dollar fraud
50 Country Garden denies founder, chairwoman have fled China
51 Equities struggle, oil rallies on fears of broader Middle East war
52 China's economic growth slowed in third-quarter but beat forecasts
53 Asian markets drop as Middle East conflict worries grow
54 Green groups lose UK lawsuit over fossil fuel exploration
55 Electrons are quick-change artists in molten salts, chemists show
56 Fugro SpAARC's operations set to grow with new funding from Western Australian Govt.
57 AI models lack transparency: research
58 DARPA launches TIAMAT Program to transform autonomous systems training
59 Amazon to expand drone delivery into Britain and Italy
60 US shoots down drones in Iraq, allied forces wounded
61 IDF says drone strike kills four who attempted to place bomb at Lebanon border
62 Germany allows Israel to use two of its combat drones
63 Sustainable living technology
64 Superconductivity at room temperature remains elusive
65 Golden future for thermoelectrics
66 Unifying matter, energy and consciousness
67 Finger-shaped sensor enables more dexterous robots
68 MilliMobile is a tiny, self-driving robot powered only by light and radio waves
69 Is AI in the eye of the beholder?
70 Joe Biden expected to tout clean-energy jobs in D.C. 'Bidenomics' speech
71 Remaking an old Swedish oil depot into a giant underground 'thermos'
72 A cheaper, safer alternative to lithium-ion batteries: Aqueous rechargeable batteries
73 France taps nuclear know-how to recycle electric car batteries
74 Revolutionizing energy storage: Metal nanoclusters for stable lithium-sulfur batteries
75 URW to go solar to cut carbon at retail complexes
76 Cheap and efficient catalyst could boost renewable energy storage
77 Improving the properties of sweeteners for enhanced thermal energy storage
78 Flexible solar cell achieves major power conversion efficiency gains
79 Floating offshore wind could bring billions in value to the west coast, report shows
80 Samis block Norway govt. offices over illegal wind farms
81 EU climate chief says 'no official decision' on China wind subsidies probe
82 Sami activists protest illegal wind turbines in Norway
83 NREL analysis identifies drivers of offshore wind development
84 Greta Thunberg protests illegal wind turbines in Norway
85 Harvesting wind energy in small countries with low wind speed and limited
86 Electrons are quick-change artists in molten salts, chemists show
87 Ex-Fusion and Tokyo Tech establish collaborative research cluster for laser fusion
88 Warming up! 30 years of fusion-energy research at EPFL
89 Russia signals interest in building Mali nuclear power
90 Chinese scientists join Fukushima water review
91 Chi-Nu experiment ends with data to support nuclear security, energy reactors
92 China fosters new-generation nuclear power reactors
93 Indian skycraft's crew module recovered from sea
94 DARPA-funded team proposes "sweating" hypersonic missiles to beat heat
95 Boat carrying presumed N. Korean defectors reaches South
96 US soldier charged with desertion after N. Korea release
97 Russia's Lavrov meets North Korea's Kim, slams 'dangerous' US policy
98 Russia-N. Korea relations at 'new, strategic' level: Lavrov
99 South Korea, US, Japan to hold joint air drills: reports
100 North Korea likely supplying weapons, sharing tactics with Hamas, South Korea says
101 U.S. B-52 bomber makes first-ever landing in South Korea
102 US B-52 bomber lands at South Korean air base
103 North warns of 'catastrophic consequences' after U.S. aircraft carrier arrives off S. Korea
104 Canada: lawmakers targeted by China-linked 'Spamouflage' disinformation
105 What to know about the EU's landmark digital content act
106 As hostilities grow in Lebanon today, U.S. officials remember '83 Beirut attack
107 Germany arrests Iraqi Islamic State war crimes suspect
108 Russia loses bid to regain seat on UN rights body
109 NYPD tightens security at churches, synagogues after Hamas attacks in Israel
110 Erdogan submits Sweden's NATO bid to Turkish parliament