File Title
1 EU 'cannot accept' Israel illegally halting water to Gaza: Borrell
2 UN agency warns Gaza water shortage could spread disease
3 'If we bathe, we won't drink': Gazans struggle as water supplies dwindle
4 How an ancient society in the Sahara Desert rose and fell with groundwater
5 The river disappearing in drought-hit France
6 Wastewater beer aims to help quench US drought
7 UK water sector announces record infrastructure spend
8 Netflix and Spielberg combine for nature doc 'Life on Our Planet'
9 China 'welcomes' Australian PM upcoming visit as ties warm
10 Australia says no need to cancel Chinese lease of Darwin port
11 The mighty Mississippi, America's water highway, is dangerously low
12 World 'failing' on pledge to stop deforestation by 2030
13 Deforestation caused by rubber vastly underestimated: study
14 How Belize became a poster child for 'debt-for-nature' swaps
15 Kenya court blocks lifting of logging ban
16 Younger trees champion carbon capture
17 Panama police in standoff with protesters over Canadian-run mine
18 Hong Kong sticks a fork in disposable plastic products
19 'Licence to hide': Western plastic waste dumped in Myanmar
20 Senegal awash in plastic from popular water sachets
21 'Paradigm shift' needed on plastics health risk: researchers
22 Toxic storms blamed on climate change cloud Tajikistan
23 Drought-hit farmers in US heartland hope Mississippi 'comes back'
24 In US, invasive spotted lanternflies are devastating crops
25 Disasters cause $3.8 trillion in crop losses over 30 years: FAO
26 Beer faces unbitter future due to climate change: study
27 In pesticide-heavy Brazil, could crop dusting be killed off?
28 'Zero income' after storms ravage famed Greek apple harvest
29 'Super fog' leaves seven dead in massive US highway pileup
30 World leaders at Cairo Peace Summit call for civilian safety in Gaza
31 'Don't send us back,' scared Afghan quake survivors ask
32 Biden: Egypt agrees to allow aid into Gaza
33 Palestinian refugees remain cut off from pile of aid at Gaza's border crossing with Egypt
34 Egypt-Gaza border crossing to reopen as aid waits to enter enclave
35 Space set to keep people safer during emergencies
36 Brazil's Lula calls to protect children in Israel-Gaza war
37 US state senator granted bail in Hong Kong over gun possession
38 Xi says China to work with Egypt to help stabilise Middle East
39 U.S. and Iran seek to gain Vatican's favor amid Israel-Hamas war
40 Biden meets with EU leaders as key Western allies remain at war
41 Israel issues new warnings to Palestinians to evacuate northern Gaza
42 Five injured in Israeli strikes on Syria airport: monitor
43 US to provide new aid for Kyiv as future funding in doubt
44 Over 30 dead as Israel pounds Gaza overnight; Families of hostages make emotional plea
45 Around 1,500 bodies of Hamas militants found in Israel: army
46 Brazil president vetoes bill limiting Indigenous land claims
47 Race to save the Amazon leaves out Brazil's crucial savanna
48 Drought in Brazil's Amazon reveals ancient engravings
49 Brazil vows more aid as Amazon waters dry up
50 Drought drains Brazilian Amazon residents reliant on waterways
51 In US, invasive spotted lanternflies are devastating crops
52 'Embrace discomfort' to save planet says N Macedonia pioneer
53 Scores killed in Gaza strikes as new aid convoy arrives
54 Storm Babet triggers flooding, power cuts in northern Europe
55 An endangered whale species is speeding towards extinction
56 Speeding boats risk killing off North Atlantic right whales: study
57 10% of dolphins killed as Amazon drought hits lake: study
58 Gray whales experience major population swings as a result of Arctic conditions, research shows
59 Inuit hunters blame cruise ships as narwhal disappear
60 Led by Donkeys: UK political agitators reaching millions
61 Immigration, climate, cost of living swing Swiss elections
62 Thousands protest across Middle East in support of Palestinians
63 Five Nobel Peace laureates who won from jail
64 Iran women's activist Narges Mohammadi wins peace Nobel
65 Dust in the air worsened in 2022: UN
66 Signatures of the Space Age: Spacecraft metals left in the wake of humanity's path to the stars
67 Chinese satellite cluster utilizes InSAR technology for advanced terrain mapping
68 Retreating glaciers reveal new pastures for conservationists
69 EU 'cannot accept' Israel illegally halting water to Gaza: Borrell
70 IAEA tests fish near Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant amid water release
71 UN inspectors test Fukushima fish
72 EU adopts new law to track fishing vessels
73 After China, Russia suspends Japanese seafood imports
74 Tens of thousands of endangered sharks and rays caught off Congo
75 Hong Kong adds two shark families on controlled trade list
76 Island nations sign climate solidarity declaration in Indonesia
77 Climate change draws great white sharks north, threatening ecosystem
78 Countries pledge to raise $12 billion to help coral
79 'Til trash do us part: Taiwan couple embraces garbage wedding shoot
80 DLR and NASA Collaborate to Advance Aircraft Aerodynamics Research
81 Pentagon: China increasing harassment of U.S., ally aircraft in Indo-Pacific
82 China, US announce 'productive' economic meeting
83 Stellantis sells three factories as pursues China withdrawal
84 Xi tells Sri Lankan president China to boost 'trust' after debt deal
85 China, Serbia sign roadbuilding, train deals
86 China's Xi announces over $100 billion in new Belt and Road funding
87 Ports, railways, a naval base: China's Belt and Road in five projects
88 Key issues surrounding China's Belt and Road project
89 Xi, Putin to deepen decade-long friendship at Beijing summit
90 EU foreign policy chief arrives in China for pre-summit talks
91 China to hold Belt and Road celebration with Putin expected
92 China's Belt and Road generated over $2 trillion in contracts: Beijing
93 Environmentalists applaud as company pulls plug on 5-state pipeline project
94 Sweden battles oil spill after ferry runs aground
95 Putin praises 'unprecedented' energy ties with China
96 U.S. eases sanctions on Venezuela after election deal reached with opposition
97 MIT design would harness 40 percent of the sun's heat to produce clean hydrogen fuel
98 EU to seek virtual elimination of fossil fuels at COP28
99 NATO vows 'determined response' if Baltic pipeline sabotage confirmed
100 ExxonMobil to buy Texas shale producer Pioneer for about $60bn.
101 The world's first methanol-powered container ship moored at the Port of Gothenburg
102 First wind turbines reach Saudi green hydrogen plant: CEO
103 LIGO surpasses the quantum limit
104 NASA Tank Venting in Microgravity Challenge
105 Astronomers carry out largest ever cosmological computer simulation
106 Could a new law of physics support the idea we're living in a computer simulation?
107 Colliding neutron stars provide a new way to measure the expansion of the Universe
108 Joe Biden expected to tout clean-energy jobs in D.C. 'Bidenomics' speech
109 Pivotal breakthrough in adapting perovskite solar cells for renewable energy
110 HUD to fund $100 million clean energy renovations for 1,500 low-income homes