File Title
1 Exoplanet-informed research helps search for radio technosignatures
2 When ET calls, can we be sure we're not being spoofed?
3 Texas A and M joins multimillion-dollar moon orbit tracking project
4 TRIDENT drill integrated into VIPER lunar rover
5 India plans manned Moon mission, space station
6 Accelerating interoperability standards for commercial lunar infrastructure
7 Work starts on telescope to assist lunar missions
8 Removal of magnetic spacecraft contamination within extraterrestrial samples easily carried out
9 Wanted: bright ideas to develop the lunar economy
10 Firefly Aerospace completes Blue Ghost Lunar Lander Structure
11 Lunar ambitions boost space funding as investment set to reach $33 billion by 2032
12 Chang'e 6 scheduled for lunar landing next year
13 US Space Force to Leverage Danti's AI-Powered Data Search with AFWERX deal
14 Light-powered multi-level memory tech revolutionizes data processing
15 Spire Global selected by accelerate digitalization across the maritime industry
16 Data storage of tomorrow
17 Dragonfly tunnel visions
18 Saturn images show a change of seasons as polar vortex fades
19 French Space Days India 2023 celebrates Indo-French collaboration
20 Fugro SpAARC's operations set to grow with new funding from Western Australian Govt.
21 Berkeley Space Center at NASA Ames to become innovation hub for new aviation, space technology
22 Urban Sky announces $9.75 million Series A funding round
23 Shield Capital closes $186 million inaugural venture capital fund
24 Hera asteroid mission goes on trial
25 Lucy preparing for its first asteroid flyby
26 Psyche's 3.6 billion kilometre journey to the centre of the Earth via it's namesake
27 Lab instrument now on two-billion-mile journey to the metallic asteroid Psyche
28 NASA asteroid sample contains life-critical water and carbon
29 With Psyche, a journey to an ancient asteroid is set to begin
30 Bennu samples contain water, carbon and organic 'building blocks of life'
31 SwRI scientists use Webb, Sofia telescopes to observe metallic asteroid
32 The Moon is 40 million years older than previously thought
33 UArizona researchers probe how a piece of the moon became a near-Earth asteroid
34 Industry and Academia team up to accelerate Power-to-Liquid Aviation Fuels in Germany
35 Philippines orders three new military transport planes
36 EasyJet signs up to Airbus' pioneering carbon removal solution
37 LSA Alliance using NASA technology to develop personal eVTOL market
38 Airbus Helicopters pioneers user-friendly ways to fly eVTOLs
39 New technique helps robots pack objects into a tight space
40 China's Baidu says its upgraded AI bot rivals latest ChatGPT
41 Powering AI could use as much electricity as a small country
42 AI researchers expose critical vulnerabilities within major LLMs
43 With boom of generative AI, researcher warns of energy costs
44 Photonic Crystals imitate gravitational effects on light: Implications for 6G and Beyond
45 Researchers developing 'revolutionary' multi-material for light-based 3D printing
46 Iron in ancient deep magma ocean probed by ultra-fast femtosecond X-ray lasers
47 Ancient diamonds shine light on the evolution of Earth
48 Large swings in past ocean oxygen revealed
49 Dartmouth study removes human bias from debate over dinosaurs' demise
50 Framatome Space: A New Player in Space Exploration and Nuclear Power
51 France insists on nuclear for 'green' hydrogen
52 Russia to build nuclear power plant in Burkina Faso
53 France signs uranium mining deal with Mongolia
54 Scientific Systems wins SpaceWERX contract for space debris solutions
55 Chinese sci-fi fans over the moon at Chengdu Worldcon
56 Next-generation rocket for China's manned space missions on track
57 Experts advocate for greater international cooperation at China Space Science Assembly
58 China capable of protecting astronauts from effects of space weightlessness
59 SpaceX Achieves Back-to-Back Starlink Satellite Launches to Expand Global Internet Coverage
60 EU warns Musk's X spreading 'illegal' disinfo after Hamas attack
61 A simulation to visualize the evolution of Alpine ice cover over the last 120,000 years
62 Reversing warming may stop Greenland ice sheet collapse: study
63 Glacial lake floods: a growing, unpredictable climate risk
64 International ocean satellite monitors how El Nino is shaping up
65 Chinese sci-fi steps into the spotlight
66 NASA engineers innovate to keep Voyagers exploring interstellar space
67 India launches key test for manned orbital mission
68 Planetary Scientist Alan Stern Joins Virgin Galactic for Research Mission
69 India wants a space station by 2035, moon mission by 2040
70 China prepares to launch Shenzhou-17 crewed spaceship
71 NASA conducts 1st hot fire of new RS-25 Certification Test Series
72 New SwRI chamber simulates harsh acoustic environment of rocket launches
73 NASA prepares Artemis II rocket core stage for final assembly phase
74 'No prospects': Russians slowly leaving legendary spaceport city
75 NASA's Webb Discovers New Feature in Jupiter's Atmosphere
76 Year 2075: Martian rovers saved from cyber attack
77 Eclipse on Earth, Exploration on Mars
78 $30 million in funding helps scientists study universe's oldest light
79 Astronomers detect most distant fast radio burst to date
80 Grasping the three-dimensional morphology of kilonovae
81 Black holes could come in 'perfect pairs' in an ever expanding Universe
82 PKU astronomers shed light on evolutionary paths of supermassive black holes and their host galaxies
83 Monitoring of radio galaxy M87 confirms black hole spin
84 Heart Cells in Space Help Advance Treatments for Cardiovascular Disease
85 NASA's innovative rocket nozzle paves way for deep space missions
86 Record-breaking fast radio burst offers path to weigh the Universe
87 Patterns in Sun's layers has implications for longstanding solar mystery
88 Tracing the origin and energization of plasma in the heliosphere
89 Rocket Lab Moves into System Integration Phase for NASA's Mars Mission
90 UI professors build instruments for space mission set to launch with SpaceX in 2025
91 Chinese satellite cluster utilizes InSAR technology for advanced terrain mapping
92 Monitoring African copper and cobalt mining emissions from space
93 Planet's Pelican tech demonstration satellite ready for launch
94 THEOS-2 Airbus-built satellite for Thailand successfully launched
95 Mouse mummies point to mammalian life in "Mars-like" Andes
96 Did life exist on Mars? Other planets? With AI's help, we may know soon
97 QuickSounder Spacecraft contract awarded by NASA
98 Faster West Antarctic Ice Sheet melting unavoidable: study
99 Over 40 percent of Antarctica's ice shelves reduced in volume over 25 years
100 WWF urges end to deadlock on new Antarctic reserves
101 Keep or cull? Romania divided over its bear population
102 How to help save plants from extinction
103 To find out how wildlife is doing, scientists try listening
104 Kazakhstan authorises hunting of Saiga antelopes
105 Climate catastrophe produced instantaneous evolutionary change
106 'Cuter in real life': South Korea names its twin panda 'treasures'
107 Indigenous Australians denounce 'shameful' referendum result
108 Tech breathes new life into endangered Native American languages
109 New research helps date ancient art in Puerto Rico's karstic caves
110 In Louisiana, salt water in the Mississippi...and faucets