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1 Arabian sand boa: The derpy snake that looks like it's got googly eyes glued to the top of its head
2 Why we're still struggling to realize it 30 years on
3 New research suggests plants might be able to absorb more CO2 from human activities than previously expected
4 Do lemmings actually jump off of cliffs?
5 Big cats eat more monkeys in a damaged tropical forest, which threatens survival of primate populations
6 In the fight against malaria-carrying mosquitoes, just add soap
7 James Webb telescope detects 'fluffy' alien planet that rains sand
8 Objects are more salient to smarter dogs
9 Lung cancer cells' 'memories' suggest new strategy for improving treatment
10 1st black hole to be imaged is spewing 'lightsaber' energy jets larger than the Milky Way, and scientists think they know why
11 Israel says Hamas is using Gaza's biggest hospital for cover. Hundreds of people are trapped inside
12 Keeping Track of Your Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
13 Lung cancer survival rates rise, including among people of color: Shots
14 GP with osteoporosis shares how she improved her symptoms
15 7 Night-time Mistakes that May Spike Your Blood Sugar
16 Documents show the WHO paid sexual abuse victims in Congo $250 each
17 Can this Ancient Soil-Dwelling Bacteria Kill Superbugs?
18 Living My Life to the Fullest with Pulmonary Hypertension
19 Tough housing market is luring buyers without kids and higher incomes: NPR
20 Over two billion people living with sight loss across UK--costing 36 billion pounds a year
21 UK experts recommend chickenpox shot for kids for the first time, decades after other countries
22 Five ways to prevent cancer, according to a surgeon
23 The Biden administration is slow to act as millions are booted off Medicaid, advocates say
24 Al-Shifa buries 170 people in a mass grave as conditions worsen: NPR
25 COVID expert shares 'key' thing to protect you against the virus
26 Nicotine pouches can be sold to kids in Canada. Experts sound the alarm--National
27 Flu Cases Climbing as We Return to a More 'Typical' Season
28 YouTube will label AI-generated videos that look real: NPR
29 Sugar tax saves more than 5,500 under-18s from teeth extractions
30 A Georgia county is fighting a ruling requiring it to pay for a transgender deputy's surgery
31 A man is arrested in connection with the death of hockey player Adam Johnson: NPR
32 Cervical cancer will be eliminated in England by 2040, NHS chief pledges
33 70% of antibiotic fixed-dose combination drugs sold in India unapproved or banned, finds study
34 Judge denies initial request to temporarily block North Dakota's ban on kids' gender-affirming care
35 Fulton DA wants to protect evidence after plea videos leak: NPR
36 Unusual 'cricketing' movement that will help you fall asleep faster
37 Can Diabetes Cause Infertility in Men? Expert Speaks
38 India planned reboot for the good old family doctor 40 years ago. Why they remain a shrinking tribe
39 A terminally ill baby at the center of a legal battle in Britain and Italy has died
40 How to tell if your runny nose is a symptom of COVID, according to a pharmacist
41 Senate hearing confrontation: NPR
42 GP shares easy tips on how to get an appointment at your surgery
43 U.S. presidential campaign ads focus on China: NPR
44 'Catch up' efforts push dementia diagnosis rates to three-year high
45 'It's here': COVID subvariant HV.1 growing in Canada. What to know so far--National
46 10 years ago, Batkid was fighting bad guys and cancer--now he's 15 and healthy: NPR
47 New Health Secretary promises to 'get around table' to finally end NHS strikes
48 8 Things You Didn't Know About Your Penis
49 When you're most contagious after catching COVID, according to doctors
50 Manning panel gives 90 recommendations on Alberta's COVID-19 pandemic response
51 Supplies alone won't save Gaza hospital patients and evacuation remains perilous, experts say
52 Quick-Acting Migraine Medication: What to Know
53 Senators ask VA to stop foreclosures on thousands of veterans: NPR
54 Prunella Scales to husband Timothy: Thanks for sticking with me so long
55 Pennsylvania House passes 'shield law' to protect providers, out-of-staters seeking abortions
56 Workplace Flexibility Lower Risk for Cardiovascular Disease
57 Biden announces new agreements with China on fentanyl and military communication: NPR
58 Stark warning that terminally ill face 'cost of dying crisis' at end of life
59 Edmonton pharmacies facing shortages of common drugs: 'It's frightening'
60 What is COPD and How is it Different from Asthma? Know Symptoms and Treatment
61 World's 1st vaccine against chikungunya primed for launch in India, says French drugmaker Valneva
62 Progress in childhood cancer has stalled for Blacks and Hispanics, report says
63 Adelle Davis: A Matriarch of Modern Nutrition
64 Why Am I Always So Tired? 10 Reasons You're Tired All the Time
65 Senate avoids shutdown with approval of a temporary spending bill: NPR
66 Man hit with 'shock' cancer diagnosis after doing 'simple' test
67 UK becomes 1st country to approve gene therapy treatment for sickle cell, thalassemia
68 7 Easy Snoring Remedies: How to Stop Snoring
69 Congress avoids government shutdown; Biden and Xi meeting takeaways: NPR
70 Time of day you exercise could be key in slashing arthritis risk
71 Nearly all-male health committee swapping in women for women's health study--National
72 Eating less meat would be good for the Earth. Small nudges can change behavior
73 George Santos won't seek reelection after ethics report: NPR
74 Three exercises that could help you 'lose lower belly fat'
75 Measles deaths up 40% in 2022 as vaccinations dropped during COVID pandemic--National
76 Barefoot workers and cracked floors were found at a factory that made recalled eyedrops, FDA says
77 Can a Toothpaste Help Protect Adults Allergic to Peanuts?
78 Dr. Michael Mosley recommends simple activity 'to benefit your memory'
79 Anti-vax reservist gets $4,000 fine, reprimand in B.C. court martial
80 India among 10 countries with most infants who missed 1st measles shot--report by WHO & US CDC
81 Measles deaths worldwide jumped 40% last year, health agencies say
82 MLB has unanimously voted to move the Oakland Athletics to Las Vegas: NPR
83 Seven simple tips to tackle eczema flare-ups this winter from skin-care experts
84 How to tackle India's snakebite problem--go beyond 'big 4,' overhaul 100-year-old protocol
85 Gang attack on Haitian hospital leads to a call for help
86 Ever Heard of Rucking? You Might Want to Try It
87 COVID and flu vaccines should be given on same day, new study finds
88 Is Pink Eye the Warning Sign of this Deadly Variant? Here's All You Need to Know
89 A health official in Michigan is taking her county to court over $4 million resignation offer
90 Sanders wants NIH to stand up to drugmakers on pricing: Shots
91 Tired of waiting, this woman took action and found her cancer diagnosis on her own
92 Kansas to appeal ruling blocking abortion rules, including a medication restriction
93 Dr. Eric Berg warns of vitamin B6 deficiency signs 'very few people know about'
94 RSV is straining some hospitals, and US officials are releasing more shots for newborns
95 Trump called his political opponents 'vermin' echoing language used by Hitler: NPR
96 Debbie Harry health--Blondie singer on past heroin use to cope with depression
97 President's Choice chocolate-covered raisins recalled for 'undeclared' nuts--National
98 In death, one cancer patient helps to erase millions in medical debt
99 What Daily Life [with Myasthenia Gravis] Looks Like
100 Open AI founder Sam Altman is out as CEO of the ChatGPT maker: NPR
101 James Martin's horrific 'heart attack' experience forced him to reassess his health
102 3 brands of cantaloupe recalled across Canada due to risk of salmonella
103 2 transgender boys sue after University of Missouri halts gender-affirming care to minors
104 How to Manage Myasthenia Gravis-Related Fatigue
105 VA stops foreclosures on veterans who have VA backed mortgages: NPR
106 Dr. Zoe warns against using calamine lotion as treatment for chickenpox
107 Canada's pharmacies grapple with shortages. These drugs are facing the pinch
108 Snoop Dogg says he's giving up 'smoke.' It caught some of his fans off guard
109 Therapy Born on the Battlefield May Help Ease Anyone's PTSD
110 Sean 'Diddy' Combs and singer Cassie settle lawsuit alleging abuse: NPR
111 Hair loss could be caused by shower habit during cold weather
112 Dogs are coming down with an unusual respiratory illness in several US states
113 Current Issues and Trends in Myasthenia Gravis
114 Colorado judge finds Trump engaged in insurrection, but keeps him on ballot: NPR
115 Salmonella in cantaloupes sickens dozens in 15 states, U.S. health officials say
116 Myasthenia Gravis Triggers to Avoid, and What to Do When You Can't