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1 ESA is testing a modular multipurpose rover that could be a science lab or a tiny bulldozer
2 Researchers explore origins of lupus, find reason for condition's prevalence among women
3 'Bionic breast' could restore sensation for cancer survivors
4 Researchers confirm six unique strains of African swine fever virus
5 Wildfire, drought cause $11.2 billion in damage to private timberland in three Pacific states, study finds
6 The brain may interpret smells from each nostril differently
7 Faster Arctic warming hastens 2-degree-Celsius rise by eight years, finds modeling study
8 Ammonia for fertilizers without the giant carbon footprint
9 Many physicists think we live in a multiverse. But they're getting a simple math rule wrong.
10 Geese 'keep calm and carry on' after deaths in the flock, says study
11 Some of today's earthquakes may be aftershocks from quakes in the 1800s
12 Supermassive black hole at the heart of the Milky Way is approaching the cosmic speed limit, dragging space-time along with it
13 New study highlights need to address risk of continued global warming after net zero
14 Scientists discover key to a potential natural cancer treatment's potency
15 'It's really quite remarkable': An interview with elephant expert Ross MacPhee about the giant pachyderms
16 Fungi's secrets for surviving a hypersaline environment
17 Reducing systolic blood pressure to less than 120 mm Hg reduced cardiovascular event risk
18 Tiny, shape-shifting robot could one day be used to perform surgery from inside the body
19 Preventing pollen-mediated gene flow from transgenic camelina using engineered cleistogamy
20 Hormonal contraceptives in teens may alter risk assessment, rat study suggests
21 'Time's finally up': Impending Iceland eruption is part of centuries-long volcanic pulse
22 Quantifying the risk associated with rockfalls in the Andes
23 Non-native species likely to continue spreading in North America, Australia and Europe
24 Mysterious 'lunar swirls' that perplexed scientists for decades may be close to an explanation
25 Study challenges long-held belief on reproductive success
26 'Bouncing' comets may be delivering the seeds of life to alien planets, new study finds
27 New deep learning AI tool helps ecologists monitor rare birds through their songs
28 Researcher helps solve 60-year mystery inside heart
29 Heat projected to kill nearly five times more people by 2050
30 Melting ice falling snow: Sea ice declines enhance snowfall over West Antarctica
31 Yeast engineering leads to new frontiers in jasmonate biosynthesis
32 Previously unknown luminescence revealed in ten deep sea species and an order of sea cucumbers
33 Supervolcano 'megabeds' discovered at bottom of sea point to catastrophic events in Europe every 10,000 to 15,000 years
34 Exploring the history of gender and transnational state violence in the US-Mexican border region
35 Surveilling wetlands for infectious bird flu--and finding it
36 Einstein must be wrong: How general relativity fails to explain the universe
37 How social media is breathing new life into Bhutan's unwritten local languages
38 Microbes could help reduce the need for chemical fertilizers
39 Scientists piece together DNA repair pathway implicated in breast, ovarian, and prostate cancers
40 Building blocks of life may have formed on dust in the cold vacuum of space
41 Inequality hotspot map shows where women in agriculture are hit the hardest by the climate crisis
42 People with obesity burn less energy during day
43 Bear genes show circadian rhythms even during hibernation
44 Exposure to air pollution in utero may affect reproductive system development
45 Stone Age Europeans mastered spear-throwers 10,000 years earlier than we thought, study suggests
46 Study shows temperature variability reduces songbird nesting success
47 How bacteria recognize viral invasion and activate immune defenses
48 4,000-year-old tomb discovered in Norway may contain region's 1st farmers
49 Seconded employees provide more novel and innovative ideas, finds research
50 Can gene expression predict if a brain tumor is likely to grow back?
51 Kids' use of melatonin 'exceedingly common,' Colorado study finds
52 Heat-tolerant coral may trade fast growth for resilience
53 Hunger hormones impact decision-making brain area to drive behavior
54 'Alien' spherules dredged from the Pacific are probably just industrial pollution, new studies suggest
55 Solutions to a chemically complex problem
56 A small molecule blocks aversive memory formation, providing a potential treatment target for depression
57 2,800-year-old ivory carved with sphinx discovered in Turkey
58 Moderate earthquake shakes eastern Myanmar and is felt in northern Thailand
59 Breakthrough in bladder cancer research
60 Astronauts on Mars may see a green sky, eerie new study suggests
61 Research in Lake Superior reveals how sulfur might have cycled in Earth's ancient oceans
62 Life might be easiest to find on planets that match an earlier Earth
63 Division of cells in cell cultures and cancer
64 Prioritizing land to avoid species loss could reduce species extinction risk twice as efficiently
65 Environment and wallet benefit from redispensing cancer pills
66 Nearly 450 hospital patients in Massachusetts could have been exposed to hepatitis and HIV
67 Porous platinum matrix shows promise as a new actuator material
68 New study reveals the genetics of human head shape
69 More than 3,000 Roman coins and gems unearthed at 'magical place' in northern Italy
70 In the fight against malaria-carrying mosquitoes, just add soap
71 Putting an end to plastic separation anxiety
72 'No scientific evidence' that ancient human relative buried dead and carved art as portrayed in Netflix documentary, researchers argue
73 New research suggests plants might be able to absorb more CO2 from human activities than previously expected
74 Ingestible electronic device detects breathing depression in patients
75 Bronze-Age gender representation, gamma rays, nice bonobos in your neighborhood want to meet you
76 Benefits of adolescent fitness to future cardiovascular health possibly overestimated
77 Measles deaths jumped over 40% between 2021 and 2022, CDC reports
78 Fire is consuming more of the world's forests than ever before, threatening supplies of wood, paper
79 A deep-sea fish inspired researchers to develop supramolecular light-driven machinery
80 5 U.S. service members killed in helicopter crash in Mediterranean Sea: NPR
81 COVID-19 infects Grand Princess cruise ship bound for Australia / Cruise / Travel
82 The fruit that could help fight off dementia and depression
83 Why this time might be an exception to a key recession rule: NPR
84 Hero Rob Burrow hails MND therapy 'within 5 years'
85 Doctor names the five perfect warming foods for winter that will slash cholesterol levels
86 Millions of Indians set a world record celebrating Diwali: NPR
87 Diabetes and Heart Health: How Spike in Blood Sugar Increases the Risk of Cardiac Arrest? Expert Speaks
88 CRISPR for high cholesterol shows promise in first study: Shots
89 Mum, 31, reveals how she lost 35kg 'naturally' less than a year after having 3 children
90 Diabetes Management with Lady Finger / Can Okra Help Lower High Blood Sugar / Heres What We Know
91 New technology helps celebrities fight back against AI deepfakes: NPR
92 What to do to half your chance of getting COVID, according to expert
93 Iowa voters open to moving on from Trump: NPR
94 COVID tongue could indicate infection by new variants, warns doctor
95 Gaza hospitals can't function; Biden to meet with China's Xi: NPR
96 One symptom that led university student to get checked for testicular cancer
97 Ozempic maker says its Wegovy drug can cut risk of serious heart problems--National
98 In crowded field of psychedelic startups, Filament CEO makes case for 'natural' drugs
99 Exercising When You Have Pulmonary Hypertension
100 Lewiston boys' soccer wins Maine state title, weeks after mass shooting: NPR
101 Major cancer breakthrough as scientists discover 'kill switch' that hits cells
102 Drug-resistant salmonella outbreak spreads across Canada, affecting many kids--National
103 Jill Biden will lead new initiative to boost federal government research into women's health
104 Mediterranean 'Diet' Is Really a Lifestyle with Benefits
105 Trump's sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, Dies at 86: NPR
106 'I'm a gynaecologist--five reasons you should see someone like me'
107 Nearly two dozen toddlers sickened by lead linked to tainted applesauce pouches, CDC says
108 Signs Your PAH Treatment Isn't Working
109 UAW workers at major Ford and GM truck plants vote 'no' on record contract deals: NPR
110 Selfless stem cell donor flies 5,000 miles to meet Texan girl he saved