File Title
1 Scientists Uncover Potential Treatment for Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
2 No Lasers Needed: Optical Cavity's Quantum Trick Alters Material Magnetism
3 Ghost Particle Unmasked: Project 8's Neutrino Mass Breakthrough
4 Revolutionizing Cancer Care with Bendable X-Ray Detectors
5 A Day in Microgravity: Immunity Research and 3D Printing on the ISS
6 The High Stakes of Cannabis: Marijuana Use May Damage Heart and Brain Health
7 Researchers Identify an Unexpected Predictor of Lung Cancer's Return
8 Packing Perfection: MIT Uses Generative AI to Reshape Robotic Precision
9 NASA's AWE Mission Launching to Space Station to Study Atmospheric Gravity Waves via Airglow
10 Perplexing the World for Decades--Mathematicians Unlock the Secret to Ramsey Numbers
11 Cracking the Quantum Black Box: A New Benchmarking Tool from Mathematical Physics
12 Unlocking the Secrets of Friction: Groundbreaking Study Reveals New Insights
13 Farthest Ever: Galaxy's Magnetic Field Detected from 11 Billion Light-Years Away
14 Warm-Blooded Surprise: How Stranded Sharks and Megalodon Mysteries Reveal Climate Perils
15 Researchers Uncover Surprising Way to Disrupt Sleep
16 Revising History: Spanish Skeletons Point to a Forgotten European War 1,000 Years Earlier than Thought
17 Diving into the Painful Truth: Brown University's Surprising Belly Flop Study
18 Bridging a Century-Old Gap: Harvard Scientists Shed New Light on the Molecular Link Between Exercise and the Immune System
19 Revolutionary Gene Therapy Tackles Parkinson's at Its Source: Promising Results in Primates
20 NASA Discovers Record-Breaking Supermassive Black Hole Over 13 Billion Light-Years Away
21 Rewinding Nature: Revolutionary DNA "Time Machine" Reveals a Century of Biodiversity Loss
22 Expedition 70: Visionary Research and Earth Observations Precede Dragon's Arrival
23 Another Surprise from NASA's Lucy Asteroid Encounter: "We Never Suspected Anything So Bizarre!"
24 A New Frontier in Pediatric Care: AI-Driven Growth Charts for Muscle Mass
25 Breathing Life into Medicine: "Living Pharmacy" Implant Gets Oxygenating Boost
26 Zero Debris 2030: A Global Call to Action Against Space Clutter
27 Klyuchevskoy Erupts: Eurasia's Tallest Active Volcano Spews Ash 40,000 Feet into the Air
28 Revolutionary Find--"Yanliao Sucker Killer" Fossil Challenges Lamprey Evolution Timeline
29 Beyond Human: MIT Experts Explain Generative AI and the ChatGPT Phenomenon
30 Genetic Treasure Trove: 451 Keys to Unlocking Prostate Cancer Mysteries
31 Severed Cables, Altered Seafloors: Massive Hunga-Tonga Eruption Triggered Destructive Submarine Volcanic Flows
32 Neuronal Nightmare: The Troubling Connection Between Sugar, Obesity, and Brain Degeneration
33 Mapping Cosmic Evolution: Euclid's Insightful Infrared Snapshot of NGC 6822
34 Advancing Nuclear Clock Technology: New Generation of Timepieces with Record-Shattering Precision
35 Turn Back Your Biological Clock: "Life's Essential 8" May Make You 6 Years Younger
36 Scientists Develop "Impossible" Millimeter Wave Sensor with Vast Potential
37 Bloodlines and Bloodsuckers: Tracing Human Migration and Colonization in the Americas Through Lice
38 Unlocking Superconductivity: MIT Physicists Trap Electrons in a 3D Crystal for the First Time
39 Green Genius: MIT and Harvard Engineers Transform CO2 into Formate Fuel
40 Liftoff! Dragon Safely on Its Way to Space Station for NASA's SpaceX Mission
41 Galactic Collision Captured in Stunning Detail: NASA's Webb & Hubble Unite to Create Most Colorful View of Universe
42 Iceberg Mapping at Lightning Speed: AI Is 10,000x Faster than Humans
43 Blood Test Predicts Multiple Sclerosis Worsening up to Two Years in Advance
44 Cosmic Fossils Unearthed: Euclid Unravels the Ancient NGC 6397 Cluster
45 Neuronal Death Protein: New Research Shows How Sleep Deprivation Can Damage the Brain
46 AI Enhanced Quantum Computing: Machine Learning Powers Robust Qubit Error Correction
47 Peering into the Future: Eye Scans Unveil Parkinson's Disease Markers 7 Years Early
48 Chilling Effects: How Cold Weather Alters Kale's Nutrient Profile
49 Auroral Mysteries Unveiled: NASA's Sounding Rocket Rises into Alaskan Skies
50 Squeezing the Universe: LIGO Breaks the Quantum Limit
51 Earth Through a 2-mm Lens from a 6,000 km Orbit
52 MIT Coronavirus Ion Channel Discovery Could Yield New COVID-19 Drugs
53 SONATE-2's Space Odyssey: Testing AI's Limits in Space
54 Boosting Brain Connectivity: Cannabis May Enhance Empathy and Emotional Perception
55 Breathtaking Discovery: Unearthing Microfossils that Redefine Life's Evolution
56 Warning: MIT Research Shows Germicidal UV Lights May Generate Indoor Air Pollutants
57 From the Universe's Dawn: NASA's Discovery Sheds New Light on Supermassive Black Hole Origins
58 Quantum Wonders: Atomic Dance Transforms Crystal into a Magnet
59 Cosmic Surprise: Webb Spots Milky Way's Twin in Early Universe
60 Osteoarthritis Breakthrough: New Research Shows that the Condition May Be Treatable and Reversible
61 Increased Lightning Fires Threaten Boreal Forest Carbon Storage
62 Revolutionizing CRISPR: Quantum Biology and AI Merge to Enhance Genome Editing
63 NASA Astronaut Frank Borman, Commander of Apollo 8's Historic Moon Mission, Dies at 95
64 Ice in Crisis: Greenland Glaciers Melting 5x Faster than 20 Years Ago
65 Scientists Discover Promising New Approach for Treating Pancreatic Cancer
66 Lone Survivor of a Forgotten Era: The Enigmatic Tale of Ekgmowechashala
67 Euclid's Cosmic Lens Magnifies the Majestic Horsehead Nebula
68 Move Over, CRISPR: Algae and Snails Are Hiding Gene Editing Superpowers
69 NASA's Juno Spacecraft Discovers Jupiter's Winds Penetrate the Planet in Cylindrical Layers
70 Mind-Body Link Exposed: Unraveling the Physical Costs of Mental Disorders
71 Reviving History: 450-Million-Year-Old Organism Finds New Life in Softbotics
72 Cognitive Cliff: Navigating the Perils of Dementia and Isolation in America
73 The Illusion of Understanding: MIT Unmasks the Myth of AI's Formal Specifications
74 Webb's Window into Cosmic Birth: Ice Pebble Drift Sparks Planetary Life
75 Brain's Recycling System: Researchers Unlock the Secret to Neuron Renewal
76 NASA+: The New No-Cost, Ad-Free Streaming Service from NASA
77 SpaceX Dragon Docks to Station with Crucial Supplies and Science Cargo
78 Unveiling the Mysteries: New Insights on Why Marine Predators Dive into the Dark, Deep Sea
79 Not Sci-Fi Anymore: World's First Live-Birth Chimeric Monkey Glows Green
80 From Gut to Brain: New Findings Link Microbiota to Alzheimer's Memory Loss
81 70% More Effective: The Carbon-Sinking Superpower of Multi-Species Forests
82 The New Building Blocks of Quantum Tech: Quantum Dots and Twisted Light
83 The Ammonia Trail: Unlocking Cosmic Mysteries of Distant Worlds with Webb
84 This Week @NASA: Celebrating the Worm, Record-Breaking Black Hole, First Euclid Images
85 Researchers Find New Potential Anti-Diabetic Drug Target
86 Transient Treasures: Scientists Unearth Gold's Remarkable Origin Story
87 New Techniques from MIT and NVIDIA Revolutionize Sparse Tensor Acceleration for AI
88 Lose 14 Years: How a Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis Cuts Life Short
89 Gaia's Galactic Cartography: Building the Most Detailed 3D Map of the Milky Way
90 Prehistoric Puzzle Solved: "Dino" Detective Techniques Reveal Mosasaur Dining Secrets
91 Mind Mapping: A Human Brain Cell Atlas Ushering in "A New Era in Brain Science"
92 Twice as Powerful: Next-Gen. AI Chip Mimics Human Brain for Power Savings
93 The Universe's Hidden Backbone: ALMA Unveils Dark Matter's Fine-Scale Fingerprint
94 Cosmic Chameleon: Galaxy's Stunning Transformation by Hubble Filters
95 NASA's SLS Moon Rocket: Early Production Success on Advanced Upper Stage
96 Rapid Brain Transformation: Neurological Insights into Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy
97 New Study Reveals Universal Blood Pressure Reduction Strategy, Effective Even with Medication
98 Rising Tide of Dementia: Cases Could Be 42% Higher than Predicted in England and Wales by 2040
99 Dark Universe Detective: Euclid's Wide-Eyed Look at the Cosmos
100 Carbon Removal Technology: MIT Startup's LEGO-Like Direct Air Capture System
101 Scientists Shocked by First-Ever Observation of a Virus Latching onto Another--"I Can't Believe this"
102 AI's Leap in Ovarian Cancer: Predicting Therapy Success with IRON
103 Rethink Raking: The Lazy--Yet Eco-Friendly--Approach for a Healthier Lawn
104 Climate Change and the Brain: A Catastrophic Storm Brewing in Our Minds
105 Powering the Future of Clean Energy: Scientists Unlock Zirconium Nitride Secrets
106 Unlocking Fundamental Mysteries: Using Near-Miss Particle Physics to Peer into Quantum World
107 Ring Laser Precision: Unprecedented Daily Measurements Charting Earth's Rotation
108 Saving Greenland's Ice Sheet: Avoiding Catastrophe, Even Beyond Critical Tipping Points
109 Secrets that Spark Joy: The Unexpected Benefits of Withholding Good News
110 From the Distant Past: JWST Unveils Secrets of 12-Billion-Year-Old Star-Forming Galaxies
111 Brain's "Salience Network"--Key Player Identified in Drug Injection's Addictive Power
112 From Crisis to Cure: Innovative Tactics to Counter Global Deforestation
113 33 Billion Light Years Away: Webb Space Telescope Finds Galaxies that Challenge Astronomical Theories
114 Solar Storm Spectacle: Colorful Auroras Light Up Earth's Atmosphere
115 NASA's Atmospheric Waves Experiment (AWE) Launches to Space Station
116 Dodging Danger, Embracing Discovery: ISS Crew Unpacks SpaceX Dragon After Debris Evasion
117 Generating Green Energy from Wastewater with AI-Enhanced Micromotors
118 Rediscovered After 60 Years: The Bizarre Egg-Laying Mammal of the Cyclops Mountains
119 Hidden Danger: Researchers Uncover the Invisible Enemy in Naval Veterans' High Lung Cancer Rates
120 Unveiling Saturn's Secrets: Eclipses Reveal Ring Transparency
121 Autumn Splendor from Space: Japan's Majestic Landscape